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Hey friends! How’s everyone doing on this glorious hump day? It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated you guys on my meals and workouts, so let’s get back to it today!

First, workouts.

As usual, I’ve been dropping into my favorite Urban Athletic Club classes about once a week with my buddies Anne and Kathleen. These classes continue to challenge me week after week and they’re always such a blast. I’m really loving the instructor Romain’s classes lately, but tomorrow we are taking a class with Teisha who’s great too. I love using this time to not only get a great workout in, but also catch up with my friends! Having a standing weekly workout session with friends is the best.


I’ve also been trying out some classes in my new neighborhood via ClassPass! First, Anne and I hit up 9Round Kickboxing. Have you guys taken these classes before? They are located all over the country and offer 30-minute kickboxing classes that you can take at any time.


So for example, we arrived right when the studio opened at 6:30 am, but other people trickled in at various times throughout the morning. The class is broken up into 9 stations and the instructor sets a timer to guide you through each one, so you just jump into an open station and start the cycle whenever you show up.


It was a pretty good workout and I especially liked that it was only 30 minutes. I can definitely see myself going back!

I also tested out a Body Pump class at my local Gold’s Gym. It had been ages since I had taken a Body Pump class, and like usual I felt a little nervous about whether I had grabbed all the right weights.


Luckily I creepily watched all the ladies around me and it wound up working out just fine. 😉

I also want to mention that I couldn’t believe how crowded the Gold’s Gym in Ballston is at 6:00 am. Holy moly! That place was bumping. I forgot how fit Arlington is, and I love it.

Another new spot I checked out recently? Lava Barre in Rosslyn. Truthfully I haven’t been that interested in barre classes for the last few months, but Lava Barre also has cycling and TRX classes that I wanted to try.


I took the TRX class yesterday and man, it was tough! The hour-long class was divided into three blocks, each with a bunch of 60-second exercises featuring a mix of cardio and strength movements. I was pleasantly surprised by how challenging the class was, and I’m sure I’ll be back there too. (Plus it had free parking outside until 8:00 am, which is an hour later than DC parking! Woo!)

Lastly, I’ve found that I can take the metro directly to the 7:00 am class at the new CityCenter FlyWheel and then hop on the metro to work right after. Granted that means I have to brave the crazy shower line after class (seriously, why are the showers at FlyWheel always so ridiculous?) but it’s worth it to sleep in a little later and still take one of my favorite classes. Can’t get enough of those!

Oh, and I’ve also been getting in lots of short runs with Jack – just 3 miles or so – but it has been nice to have such pretty trails to run on again.

So that’s what’s been happening on the fitness front, so now let’s take a look at food!

Over here meals have been all about the produce, starting with this amazing delivery I received from Seasonal Roots!


How cute is that slogan by the way, dirt to doorstep?

Seasonal Roots is a personalized online farmer’s market, and unlike other CSA shares where you just get a box filled with whatever they decide to send you, with Seasonal Roots you can browse their products online first (the menu for the week is posted every Friday afternoon) and then personally select what you want to arrive in your basket.


The company is based out of Richmond, and all of the produce is locally grown by Virginia farmers. Baskets can be delivered to many regions of Virginia, including Northern Virginia where I live. Baskets come in three sizes, small ($24), medium ($36), and large ($42). Plus delivery is free. Not too bad at all, I’d say!


I’ve really been enjoying all the produce I received in my box, and can’t get over how fresh everything is! When I chopped up my golden apple for an afternoon snack, it started turning brown right away, which I actually liked because it showed how fresh it was.


Also I feel like most apples you buy in the grocery store can sit for weeks without going bad, which definitely freaks me out. What on earth is in/on those things? That was definitely not the case with these.

The nectarines were amazing too! I ate them all up in no time.


I also made some cashew chicken with zoodles one night with a giant zucchini, and some unpictured eggplant parmesan with all the eggplants. Yum!


Outside of my box from Seasonal Roots, I’ve also been enjoying some fresh fruit that I picked up at the grocery store.

Of course that means a giant bag of cherries! I can’t get enough of these right now.


I also think strawberries are really delicious this time of year. Fabio put together this dessert plate for us the other night with a little bit of plain sugar in the middle for dipping. Does anyone else like to dip their strawberries in a little sugar for dessert? I’m not sure where Fabio learned this trick but it sure is tasty when your sweet tooth is calling!


As for breakfast, it’s been so hot out and I’ve been really enjoying making smoothie bowls. As I mentioned last week, it’s really easy to make these; all I do is dump plain Greek yogurt, frozen mixed berries, and milk into the food processor and whip it up until it’s the texture of melted soft-serve ice cream. I usually top these bowls with chia seeds, sliced banana, and granola, and voila! It’s like having ice cream for breakfast. 🙂


Last but not least: sushi. Sigh. When it’s hot out and I haven’t meal planned or don’t feel like cooking whatever I’ve got on the menu, all I want to eat is sushi. (And wine.)


I recently discovered a small sushi store outside my metro stop called Sushi2Go where they make sushi fresh to order that you can take home. They have a pretty decent selection and I love that it’s made to order vs. having been sitting around in a container for a few hours. Since it’s right by the metro it’s always so darn tempting! I have to admit I’ve had it one or two times too many in the last few weeks. Ah well, YOLO as they say. 😉

And that’s it! Phew!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite summer produce?

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  1. I love all the summer fruit! I’m from California, and we definitely have the best peaches this time of year!

  2. I tried out a 9Round workout! I liked that there are no specific class times but otherwise, it wasn’t my favorite workout class.

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