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Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday to ya’!

Today I thought we’d talk about my workouts lately, since it’s been a while since I’ve given you a full update. Buckle your seatbelts – this is a long one!


As you probably know by now, I will be running the Trimara Sports Holiday Half Marathon in Brooklyn, NY one week from Saturday! Ah! I can’t believe it’s almost here.

To prepare, I’ve been following the training plan I set up a few months ago, and for the most part that has been going well. I’ve tried to stick to at least two runs per week (usually one short, speedy run and one long, slower one) and then use the rest of my workouts during the week for various strength/cross training exercises. I’ve gotten burned out from too much running during half marathon training in the past, and I really don’t want that to happen again. So far, so good!


Overall, I would say my running has been going pretty well. The long runs are still somewhat hard for me, but that is nothing new. I know that when it’s race time I will just have to power through and get my mental game straight, since physically I know I am perfectly capable of doing this.

I think having my friends cheering me on from the finish line will be a big help, and knowing that I get to wear these awesome holiday costumes during the race and after at during a super fun Santacon celebration will also help push me through.

photo (22)

As far as my goals go, I would really, really like to PR this thing. My current PR is 1:58, and I think I can probably do better this time around. That being said, here are my tentative goals:

  • A Goal: 1:53 (Average pace of 8:37)
  • B Goal: 1:55 (Average pace of 8:46)
  • C Goal: 1:57 (Average pace of 8:55)
  • D Goal: Under two hours (Average pace of 9:09)

P.S. I really like using the app “RunCalc” which helps me figure all these paces out!

This will be my first time running a half without Fabio, and I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to run as fast if I’m alone. He always pushes me through the tough portions of a race, and encourages me not to stop to walk when I’m tired. I’ve prepared a few mantras to say in my head during the race, and luckily it’s supposed to be a “pancake flat” course, so that should help. Cross your fingers for me!

Kayla Itsines

I think I may have mentioned this already, but I’m back to doing the Kayla Itsines workouts! I took a break for a month while I tried out ClassPass, but now I’m back at ’em. This week so far I’ve done the Legs & Cardio workout (Monday) and the Arms & Abs workout (Tuesday). I went ahead and started the workouts over, so I’m currently back on week two. It’s already so hard, and I can’t believe that just a few months ago I was doing the workouts for weeks 8 and 9. Yikes! How did I do that?

I love that these workouts continue to kick by butt in the best way, and I still find them fun and engaging even months after starting them. Plus I can do them all in my living room, which is great now that winter is coming (yes, that’s a GoT reference). I am planning to continue these workouts for a while, because they are just so great! If you’d like more information about my experience with these workouts, you can find my review posts here.

Studio Drop-ins

Now that I’m a regular contributor to the Fit Crasher blog, I’ve been popping into a lot more fitness studios in the DC area. Last week I went with Anne to Urban Athletic Club, and although I won’t be covering it on the Fit Crasher, I still wanted to share my experience with you all!


Urban Athletic Club is the gym that hosted those fun OutRuns I participated in over the Summer (formerly Roam Fitness) and they just opened a new location in Georgetown! They still have their original location in Glover Park, but Anne and I were really excited about the Georgetown studio since it’s a lot closer to us. To help promote their new studio, Urban Athletic Club is offering free classes at their Georgetown location until December 14. So awesome, right?

One day last week, Anne drove us over to Georgetown for the 6:30 am “Total Body” class. That is one bad thing about this location – there’s no metro nearby! Luckily there was street parking available, so it wasn’t too stressful.

The other annoying thing (at least for me) is that a 6:30 am workout is just a little too late for my morning schedule. I usually need to be leaving my apartment by 7:45 (ok fine, it’s usually more like 8:00), so finishing up a workout at 7:30 is a bit dicey. Last week I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning so it was fine, but I’m going back on Friday and am crossing my fingers that the timing works out. They do have a shower so I can get ready for work there, but I’m still going to be a bit rushed. Our instructor, Chris, mentioned they were thinking of moving the class up to 6:00, which would help me out tremendously! We will see what happens!


The gym is located inside the Kew Gardens apartments on Q street, but the entrance you want to use is on 27th street, between P and Q. Your GPS will probably take you to the main entrance, but you want to get in through the side. It looks like this. Just ring the bell and they will let you right in!


Once we got inside, I was super impressed with all the cool equipment they had available. The “Total Body” class was a really fun mix of body weight exercises, kettlebells, free weights, and TRX suspension work.

During the class we were matched with a random partner, and then split up into three stations: the turf, the TRX bars, and the mat.

The turf: At this station, a flat ladder was laid out on the ground and one partner had to go up and down the ladder while doing jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, and in-and-out quick feet. Meanwhile, the other partner had to do toe taps on a medicine ball, Russian twists, plank, or pushups until their partner returned from the ladder exercises. It was tough!


The TRX bars: At this station we did a variety of moves including one leg burpees, monkey bar knee raises, pistol squats, forward leans, and a bunch of other upper body exercises that I forget the name of. 😉 These smoked my shoulders, and I was really sore the next day!


The mat: Here we were given free weights and kettlebells and told to do another series of exercises including kettlebell swings, deadlifts, and tricep extensions. Phew!


Overall it was a fantastic  workout and I’m already looking forward to going back on Friday. Definitely check them out!

Question of the day: How have you been working out lately?

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  1. I just started ClassPass on the 1st and am loving it so far! I went to two classes and am taking a break today so I dont kill myself. I have that habit sometimes. I just moved to Chicago a month ago and we are in temporary housing so my workout routine is a little all over the place. It is nice to be able to get back into a workout groove again!

  2. I’ve only been running recently (which is actually pretty typical) but I need to get better at doing more strength training and cross training! Your class looks likes fun!

  3. i agree — 6:30 is too late for a morning workout! i always wonder who has time to go to the gym that late (and thus, start work that late). i prefer 5:30-6 am starts 🙂 good luck in your race next week!!!

  4. YO!!

    Just found you thru Anne–I assume that’s her in the pic? I love her! Glad I found you, looks like an awesome blog! Keep up the good work girl!!

  5. I am definitely going to have to check out these Kayla Itsines workouts! I never like to invest in new workout books because I get bored so easily, but the fact that they are still keeping you interested gives me confidence! Also, I’m SO jealous that you can go to morning classes!!! I have to be out the door for work by 6:50am, so even 5:30 classes are too early!! Bah!

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