Jun 272012

Hey people! I hope your Wednesday is going well. Mine has been pretty busy but not too crazy, just how I like it!  Plus the weather is beautiful, I got a good workout in this morning, and I have some yummy dinner plans for tonight 🙂 All together I’d have to say my Wednesday is going smoothly!

And, as part of a regular Wednesday tradition around here, it’s time for this weeks What I Ate Wednesday Post (WIAW). Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the link up, as always. It’s so fun to participate and I’m glad I can be a part of such a big phenomenon.

Also, for the month of June Jenn wanted us to focus on how we snack healthily (which I have sucked at recently since when I’m busy I don’t snack) but this week I managed to capture at least a couple of my healthy snacks. Progress? Anyway, without further ado, here’s what I ate yesterday!

1. For breakfast I had a failed attempt at overnight oats, although it actually turned out delicious. I wanted to make overnight oats (which usually involves oats, milk, yogurt, and chia seeds mixed up and refrigerated overnight) but I didn’t have any chia seeds on hand. Knowing that chia seeds absorb liquid and were probably essential to overnight oats, I did some research online to see if it would work without them and I found a few people who made overnight oats with just oatmeal, yogurt, and milk. I gave it a try but when I checked on it this morning it was still watery mush. Womp womp. I quickly nuked the “overnight oat-mush” in the microwave until it was cooked just like regular oatmeal (only with the added benefit of yogurt) and threw a few raisins and some peanut butter in for flavor. The oats were really delicious but I was sad that they weren’t the cold refreshing summer breakfast I had planned. Oh well, I will just have to break down and buy chia seeds! Oh, and I had a banana on the side :-p

2. For lunch I headed to Sweet Green, the new salad place near my office, with a coworker. I had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon (and I still have another coupon for a free salad) so it was perfect for a quick , cheap lunch date with my friend. I chose the “June Salad Special” which was made of spinach, goat cheese, peaches, toasted almonds, and grilled chicken. I enjoyed it with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing and it was amazing!!!!

3. When I got home from work  I was starving, so I munched on a few raw almonds to tide me over until dinner time. Raw almonds are my favorite and I could literally eat the whole bag in one sitting. Luckily I was careful of my portion size since I knew I’d be eating dinner soon.

4. For dinner I had some spinach ricotta raviolis that we brought back from New York and had in the freezer. They were so delicious! I had them along with some extra spinach, tomato sauce, and grilled chicken. Yum yum yum. Those Italian New Yorkers are geniuses.

5. For dessert I had two spoonfulls of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Banana Greek FRYO. O M G. This stuff is phenomenal. It’s a delicious banana-flavored Greek froyo with peanut butter swirled throughout. I was originally going to only have one spoonfull but somehow that morphed into two. Two, rather large, spoonfulls, I should add. Oh well, it was so worth it! Yum!!

And that’s all I had to eat yesterday! I had originally packed myself some strawberries to munch on at work, but I was too busy and forgot to eat them. Luckily they were still there this morning and I am devouring them right now. Strawberries are on sale and SO GOOD right now! Hooray!

So, what did you guys eat this week? Did you try anything new? The new-to-me Ben & Jerry’s was totally the highlight of my eats yesterday and I’m already looking forward to having more for dessert tonight. I’ve heard the other Greek FROYO flavors are good too but I haven’t tried them yet!

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  1. Oooo ben and jerrys! I’ve actually never had the greek yogurt kind. Is it good? I’ll have to stalk all the grocery stores for some.

  2. i love ben and jerrys fro yo its AMAZING

  3. I’ve not tried Ben & Jerry’s new Greek fro-yo. Does it have decent fro-yo stats? Is it worth it basically?

    • For half a cup the Greek froyo has 210 calories, 8g of fat, and 6g of protein. This is compared to B&J’s regular ice cream flavors (say Cherry Garcia, for example) which has 240 calories, 13g of fat, and only 4g of protein. It depends what your goals are but it’s definitely better for you than their regular flavors! for more info look here: http://www.benjerry.com/flavors/our-flavors/

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