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Hi friends! Welcome to another Wednesday! I hope you’re having a fantastic week! Mine is going pretty well so far and is actually moving along quite quickly, so with that, let’s jump into my favorite Wednesday tradition, What I Ate Wednesday!

As always, my thanks go out to Jenn for hosting this linkup! Here’s a look at my eats from Monday.


I know I usually post my workout after we talk about food, but after thinking about it the other day I thought it would make more sense to talk about it first, since that’s the way it actually happened.

On Monday morning I headed out for a solo run into Georgetown.


Usually I run with Fabio, or at least with Jack if Fabio is feeling too tired. On Monday, however, Fabio opted to sleep in and since Jack is recovering from his tail injury, I forced him to stay at home 🙁 Poor guy. At least he’s almost back to normal now!

Anyway, running solo wasn’t as much fun as running with one (or both) of my boys, but it was still a lovely morning and I really enjoyed the views. I always love seeing the crew teams hard at work so early in the morning! I wound up covering three sweaty miles.


After a quick shower it was time for breakfast! I inhaled one of my favorite two ingredient pancakes and it totally hit the spot.


For those of you who have been asking, here’s a detailed account of how I make these:

  • Set the stove to medium-low, and place a nonstick skillet on the burner.
  • Mash up a very ripe banana (the riper, the tastier) inside its peel (to save time) and then unpeel it and add it to a bowl.
  • Add 1 egg to the bowl, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a teeny tiny dash of salt.
  • Mix everything together with a fork until it resembles a batter. The mixture will be lumpy.
  • Spray the nonstick skillet with a little olive oil or nonstick spray.
  • Add the mixture to the pan, and wait about 5 minutes before flipping. Don’t rush this part! There should be little bubbles all over and the “pancake” should hold its shape when you go to flip it.
  • After flipping the pancake, wait another few minutes (I always get impatient at this part) and then remove the pancake to a plate.
  • Slather with nut butter or your favorite toppings, and enjoy!

Fabio is totally freaked out by the concept of this pancake (“it’s like a pancake omelet?!”) but even he agrees they are tasty! 😉


I’m still going strong on my salad kick! On Monday I had a spinach/”power greens” mix along with chicken, feta, carrots, strawberries, and avocado. Yum!!


I just love strawberries & avocado in my salads!


Instead of my usual apple, I “splurged” a bit on my snack with a homemade lemon biscotti that CC sent home with us after last weekend.


These babies are so delicious (especially dunked in coffee!!!) and I didn’t mind indulging one bit. So. Good.


Dinner was a quick throw-together stir fry of brown rice, chicken, broccoli, carrots, and red onion.


I used a premade stir fry sauce, which probably has a ton of nasty ingredients in it but it tasted quite delicious and saved me a lot of time. Sometimes convenience trumps principles.


This was of course enjoyed while watching the season finale of the Bachelorette! I won’t give away any spoilers in case some of you are planning to watch it, but I am so happy with how it ended! I do have to say that the “After the Rose” was even more interesting than the actual episode; I can’t believe some of the things that were said!! And yes, I also can’t believe I watched such crappy TV for three hours but alas, ABC has totally suckered me in.

Question of the day: What crappy TV shows do you watch?

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  15 Responses to “WIAW #83: A Nice Run & Crappy TV”

  1. Party Down South! Such an awful show but I can not stop watching it.

  2. What stir fry sauce did you use? I’m always interested in trying a tasty one. And I can definitely get down with convenience over scary, hard-to-name ingredients!

    • I use one from the brand Simply Enjoy (it’s part of the new Giant brand) and it’s called “sesame garlic Asian-style sauce.” To be honest I got it for free when Giant sent me a bunch of their brand-name products to try out, so I’m not sure I would have bought it normally, but it’s delicious and now I’m a big fan!

  3. I love banana pancakes like that too! I usually add just a dash of vanilla extract to mine too! And the bachelorette after the final rose was insane! My jaw dropped when he said that! Even if you think you know what happens in there, it is totally different to put it all out there on national television!!

  4. I need to try making these pancakes again. I did it once and they totally bombed, but I think that maybe wasn’t waiting long enough before I flipped them?

    • I think that’s probably where you went wrong. That’s what happened to me the first couple of times I tried making them too! The trick is to set the stove to low (I set it on 3/10) and then walk away and do something else for about 5 minutes while they cook. Usually I will finish getting ready/doing my makeup/etc and after about 5 minutes they’re good to flip. Let me know if you try it again!

  5. Sometimes you just need an easy meal that tastes damn good! I’m with you on that one. Stir fry sauces are usually always better tasting than anything I can put together – damn them with their magic chemicals hehe 😉 Gad you had a good solo run!

  6. Ohh thank you for the detailed instructions on your pancakes! I attempted to make protein pancakes this weekend and they were perfectly golden brown and then I went to eat them and they were cooked on both sides but completely raw through the entire middle. Ugh- hate that! Paleo pancakes can be such a challenge! And I totally agree about the Bach- Andi seems so happy and I really think that they are going to make it! I admit that I did feel bad for the other guy because even though I didn’t really like him, I think he was just so blind-sighted!

    • Let me know if you try the pancakes! Also do you think you’ll watch Bachelor in Paradise? I am going to try to steer clear of it, but they will probably suck me in in the end with the old cast.

  7. I love your blog!! I’m new the blogger world but I really like reading your posts 🙂 I too live in Arlington 🙂 Funny how small of a world this is

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