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Happy Wednesday, ‘yall! I don’t know what happened to that warm weather we had here over the weekend but I am NOT appreciating this cold snap. I wore a lighter jacket today and while I was walking to work I sincerely missed my winter coat and scarf. Pool on Sunday and winter scarf on Wednesday? What is this?? Let’s all hope it warms back up in the next couple of days!

Anyway it’s time for today’s What I Ate Wednesday post! As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the linkup!

Now here’s a peek at what I ate on Monday.


We were seriously lacking in groceries on Monday due to a little too much fun on Sunday, so for breakfast I had a blueberry Chobani with a packet of granola that we picked up the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Not the most exciting breakfast in the world, but it got the job done.



For lunch I had a giant salad packed with cabbage, cucumber, radishes, red onion, red beans, a bit of rice, and homemade sesame Asian dressing. The salad was left over from Sunday night’s dinner and I added the rice and beans for some staying power. You can’t really tell from this picture, but the salad was massive!! I wound up taking the other half home for leftovers.


Then I popped pieces of gum all afternoon to try to get rid of my onion breath! Hate that!


My afternoon snack included one sliced honey crisp apple and a mini babybel cheese.



By the way I still keep an apple slicer in my drawer at work and it makes snacking on an apple so much more appealing!


After work I headed straight to a barre class with some friends (more on that below!) and then I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some produce. By the time Fabio and I got to thinking about dinner it was already 8:15 and I wanted something quick and easy. Fabio suggested going to pick up a pizza and although I wasn’t really feeling pizza (I know, who am I?) it was easy so that’s what we did.

We wound up with chicken and tomato pizza from Ledo’s. It was delicious, as usual!



I had a few four or five of these small slices and then we packed up the rest for Fabio to take to lunch later in the week. ledopizzaslice

Evening Snack

The pizza did a good job of filling me up so I didn’t have an evening snack on Monday, but I did have a delicious evening snack yesterday that I wanted to share with you guys.



Even though Fabio and I keep some chopped mangoes in the freezer for smoothies, we always buy fresh mangoes when they go on sale at the grocery store because they are one of our favorite fruits. I like to slice them like you see above and then eat them with a spoon or inverted so all the little pieces stick up. So good!


As I mentioned above, I took my first barre class on Monday night!

If you’ve never heard of barre, it’s a type of exercise class that utilizes a ballet barre to strengthen your muscles. It’s low impact and focuses on small movements to isolate specific muscle groups. Four of my former coworkers and I recently bought Living Social deals for 5 barre classes at a studio in Georgetown called Barre3, and Monday was my first class!

The class started at 6:30 pm so I headed over straight from work to see what it was all about. When I arrived the staff was very friendly and took me on a little tour of the studio.

When you first walk in, there are two classrooms- one on the right and one on the left. They are set up like typical ballet studios with mirrors and barres along the walls. Once you walk past the classrooms there is a big open waiting area with couches, magazines, and even a small kids area.


The locker & shower room had a large changing area with thoughtful items like hair dryers, bobby pins, Q-tips, etc.


The bathroom had plenty of towels for guests to use as well.


Overall I was very impressed with the studio space!

After the tour I put my stuff down and met the class instructor. Her name was Meredith (I think…) and she took some time to talk to me about my goals for the day and asked if I had any injuries that she should know about. So thoughtful!

Soon my friends arrived and we all lined up at the barre. Then it was time to get started! The class was an hour long and featured lots of small squatting and pulsing movements that definitely worked my muscles. We would repeat lifts and dips over and over until all our muscles were shaking. Phew!

One thing I really liked about our instructor was that she remembered nearly everyone’s name, and she used it! I noticed that when she was praising someone she would say “Love that posture, Jessica!” right in her microphone, but if she ever needed to correct someone she would come over and quietly whisper, “Chelsea, try to close the distance between your feet a little bit.” I liked that she didn’t want to put anyone on the spot but felt comfortable praising them out loud to the class. Love that!

Overall I loved the class and liked that it was very challenging but not impossible. I can’t wait to go back!

Fabio was waiting for me after the class, and then we dropped off two of my friends at the metro. Jojo sat in the back with Jack, lucky gal. Haha!

jojoandjackGood thing she loves Jack almost as much as I do 😉

Question of the day: Have you ever heard of or tried a barre class?


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  1. That pizza looks seriously delicious! Like the salad combo too!

  2. That barre studio looks amazing! I did Physique 57 over the summer to gear up for my wedding, and while I loved the class, I wasn’t as impressed with the space. Barre 3 looks right out of a rustic Pottery Barn spread 🙂

    I also loove mangoes but always have the hardest time cutting them up. Once they’re sliced & ready, they are the best treat!

  3. Were you soooo sore after barre? When I first took a class I was absolutely amazed at how sore I was. To this day I don’t think I’ve ever been so sore. I’d love to do it more often, just adds up!!

  4. I’d love to try barre but it hasn’t really happened in the UK (I imagine it’s around in London but not little old Southampton). Sounds very tough!

  5. bad idea to read this over lunch — now i want pizza!! 🙂

  6. As a former dancer, I love barre classes! I really enjoy that they’re all about good form and technique, which is something that’s been drilled into my head since age 3. And because the teachers usually have a dance background, they’re always on count with the music which I love. It’s a total nerd dancer thing but it drives me BONKERS when I take an exercise class and they aren’t in time with the music! 🙂

  7. LOVE barre classes! I so wish there was a barre studio near me! I just love that they are so incredibly different from anything else I do. And they always leave me feeling so sore in muscles I didn’t even know I had!

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  9. I take barre classes at Barre Tech. in Arlington and Alexandria and I LOVE them! It’s less expensive and more convenient for me than Barre3, plus they have an AMAZING cardio class called Burn:60.

  10. You must have been there right after me! I was at the 5pm class!

  11. […] Chelsea from Chelsea Eats Treats and Erika from The Sweet Life shared their reviews of class at Barre 3 in Georgetown. […]

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