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Well everyone, remember that cough that I talked about last night? Unfortunately it got worse and I am currently sitting on my couch taking a good ol’ sick day from work. When I woke up this morning I felt achy and groggy, the way only a bad cold can make you feel, and I had some serious trouble breathing (there was a lot of gross coughing going on). I took some decongestive medicine and am feeling a little better, but I am far from feeling perfect. Oh well, I will take this opportunity to relax, catch up on some sleep, and hang out on the couch with Jack. Not a bad way to spend a sick day, if you ask me.

Anyway, even though I’m taking the day off from work, the blog world never rests, so I couldn’t miss a round of What I Ate Wednesday! If you are new around here and are unfamiliar with the phenomenon, Jenn over at Peas and Crayons posts a blog linkup each Wednesday where bloggers post about what they’ve eaten that week. This week I’m showing off all my food from yesterday, which included two new recipes!


1. For breakfast, I made a new fruity spinach smoothie which included mangoes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, a banana, yogurt, skim milk, honey, and spinach. It was delicious and incredibly thick (like eating ice cream for breakfast!). It. Was. Awesome. Now that it’s summer time I will definitely be enjoying a lot more smoothies!

2. For lunch I had the usual: turkey lunch meat on a whole wheat sandwich thin with low fat American cheese and mustard. On the side, I had almonds, pretzel twists, and three yogurt-covered pretzels for dessert. This is a very typical lunch for me, as you have probably seen from all my past What I Ate Wednesday posts, but it’s so simple and delicious! I never get tired of this combo.

3. About an hour after lunch, my sweet tooth started kickin’ in, so I munched on a small handful of Reese’s Pieces. They were a great treat and I enjoyed them immensely Smile. However, I had make sure to watch out for the portion size because a tiny handful of candy is perfectly fine, but it’s so easy to get off track. I had to be careful!

4. At around 4:00 p.m. I was feeling like another snack so I ate a banana and drank a big cup of green tea. I was hoping the tea would cure my cough, but since I am sitting here on the couch today, I guess it didn’t really work. Oh well, it was delicious and helped boost my metabolism!

5. For dinner I had a bruschetta turkey patty (recipe coming soon!), roasted potatoes with rosemary, and asparagus. YUM. This dinner was so flavorful and filling. I promise to post the recipe as soon as I can!

So that’s it! That’s everything I consumed yesterday (plus about 6 large cups of water). After looking back at everything I ate, I am realizing I still need more fruits and veggies. I had a lot of fruits in my breakfast, plus a serving of spinach. In my dinner I had asparagus, tomatoes (from the turkey patty), and broccoli (which is hidden in the patty). And at least my snack was a banana. But lunch? Ugh. I think I need to start revamping my lunch to start including more fruits and veggies. I guess I’ll have to break out of my comfort zone!

So, how do you break out of your comfort zone? How do you switch up meals that are easy and tasty so you can try something that you aren’t sure if you’ll like? I’d appreciate any tips you guys have!

Don’t forget, the slow cooker giveaway closes tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.!

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  1. Yum, I’m excited for this recipe! haha. I’m sorry that you are sick though! I hope you feel better soon!!

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