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What a busy week this is turning out to be! Since I am taking work off on Friday to head to the beach, my workload for five days has now been somehow crammed into four. How come no one tells you that in the real world when you take a vacation you still have to get the same amount of work done? What kind of deal is that?? Anyway, as I said, things have been busy around here!

Not too busy for another What I Ate Wednesday post though! Today’s eats are actually what I ate on Monday. I know my WIAW collection usually show my meals from Tuesday, but last night I had dinner with my dad and I knew Mexican food in a poorly-lit restaurant does not photograph well, so I decided to document what I ate on Monday instead. So, enjoy this WIAW!

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1. Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, Fabio decided to be the-best-boyfriend-in-the-world by making me breakfast. He made an omelet using 1 egg, 1 egg-white, onions, and chopped tomatoes. On the side he cut up an avocado because, as he says, he “didn’t know if you could cook avocados.” Ha! I would have liked a few veggies thrown in with my omelet, but he was being really sweet and I didn’t want to make any special requests. Beggars can’t be choosers right?

2. For lunch I had the usual: turkey, cheese, and mustard on a sandwich thin, eaten with a small handful of almonds and three pretzel twists (I know, I know, I eat this combo every week. I’m just not sick of it yet!). I did have some yogurt-covered pretzels for dessert, which are tastier than the prunes I usually have. Yum!

3. Later in the day I started getting hungry again, so I snacked on a few Kashi crackers from my snack drawer at work and slurped a huge cup of green tea. It definitely filled me up!

4. For dinner I had a small piece of grilled chicken, some asparagus roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and a sweet potato stuffed with feta, goat cheese, and basil. It was so good!

After reviewing my WIAW collection, I am noticing that Monday was sadly low on the fruits & veggies. Part of this is just because of the day I documented (for example, I have already eaten 3 bananas this week, although none of them were on Monday), but the other part is because when I get busy, fresh fruits & veggies seem to be the first thing to go. I tend to just gravitate towards what is easy, and sometimes reaching in my desk for some crackers is easier than remembering to pack a healthy snack the night before. Hmm…this is something to work on!

To see what else I have happily and hungrily consumed, take a look at the past WIAWs:




And come back later tonight for a new recipe involving one of my favorite summer ingredients…mangoes! Yum!

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  1. I get like this too most of the time – whenever I get busy or am planning meals quickly, fruits are ALWAYS the first to go! For some reason I seem to usually do ok with veggies, but I swear that I often have to force myself to remember to get in some fruits during the day, especially in the winter months! It got so bad that there were times I’d go a full week without a single piece of fruit! I just never think about it!

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