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Hey there people! Happy Wednesday 🙂 You know what I just love about Wednesdays?

  1. It’s almost Thursday, and Thursdays are great (hello, happy hours and the proximity to Friday!)
  2. Monday and Tuesday are over, thank GOD!
  3. I write a What I Ate Wednesday blog post! Duh!

Thank you Jenn for hosting the WIAW party as always.

This month Jenn wants us to love our veggies, which is usually pretty easy for me. I happen to enjoy eating veggies and I think the way they are prepared makes all the difference.

In college my sorority house had a chef who used to make the most disgusting broccoli. She steamed it for what seemed like hours and by the time she served it to us, it was so mushy and watery that you couldn’t even tell it was broccoli. Gross, right? No wonder some people don’t like veggies…if you cook them like that I don’t think anyone would want to eat them! I believe veggies can be delicious if they are prepared correctly, so loading up on them is not usually a problem for me 🙂

So without further ado, here’s what I had to eat yesterday. Let’s see how many veggies we can spot, shall we?


No veggies here! I’m more of a “sweet” breakfast person and I prefer things like cereal or oatmeal to eggs with veggies. Yesterday I had half a serving of Multigrain Cheerios and half a serving of Fiber One’s new 80 calorie chocolate cereal along with some fat free skim milk ( just typed skin milk- ew). This combo is delicious and I really liked the new Fiber One cereal. It totally reminded me of Cocoa Puffs, which I used to love as a kid. On the side I had a small dish of fresh blueberries and blackberries 🙂

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 4

Morning Snack

Yesterday wound up being a pretty busy morning at work, and I had a bunch of important assignments I needed to get crossed off my list. I was feeling a bit sluggish when I first got into the office, so I decided I needed to head downstairs to the little cafe in our office building that sells super strong coffee. Seriously, I have to order a small coffee because if I get the medium and I will get extremely jittery and freak out a bit (does that happen to anyone else?). This coffee makes Starbucks look like a joke! I ordered a small hazelnut coffee and added a splenda and some fat free milk. It got the job done and I was really productive after that. Phew!

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 1 (technically this came out to be zero on my calculator, but I am counting it as one)


Finally, I see some veggies! For lunch yesterday I had leftovers from Monday night’s dinner, which included half a sweet potato mixed up with some plain Greek yogurt, black beans, salsa, and Laughing cow cheese. This combination is so good and it really fills me up. I was expecting to eat the whole sweet potato for dinner on Monday but I could only manage to eat half! It’s seriously so filling and delicious. On the side I had some baby carrots (more veggies!) and hummus. I am just now noticing how orange this lunch was. Woah. At least those orange veggies are good for my eyesight or something, right?

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 6
Afternoon Snack

[Source– sorry I forgot to snap a picture]

I ate a Reese’s egg yesterday afternoon. Ugh. It was so delicious, but so unnecessary. My coworker gave it to me and I couldn’t resist! All that peanut butter. Yummm. What a waste of two points though, no? Definitely no veggies here, ha.

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 2

Afternoon Snack Part II

Obviously that Reese’s egg did nothing to keep hunger at bay, so when I got home from work I ate a quick snack of some turkey lunch meat and mustard. After taking this picture I rolled up the turkey so it was more of a turkey/mustard rollup. It was kind of weird, but it was a delicious snack to hold me over until dinner.

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 1 (technically this came out to be zero on my calculator, but I am counting it as one)


I see some more veggies! Man was this a good dinner. I cooked up a piece of tilapia and served it with 1/4 cup of homemade guacamole (is an avocado a veggie? I don’t think so. What about tomatoes? I’m going to count them, even though I’m pretty sure they are technically fruits). I also had some plantains (probably a vegetable but they are pretty starchy so I won’t count them) and some roasted asparagus (definitely a veggie). This meal came together very quickly and definitely hit the spot. So tasty!

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 8


After dinner my sweet tooth was calling to me, so I wound up cutting a small piece of the banana bread that I made on Sunday. I made it with bananas, unsweetened applesauce, and fat free Greek yogurt so this bread actually wasn’t too high in fat and was packed with protein. However it still has some chocolate in it so I’ve been saving it as a special dessert all week and actually gave a lot of it away to Fabio’s coworkers. It’s been pretty delicious, but I’ve been trying to get my sweet tooth under control (ha! that’s really working) at least a little bit.

Weight Watchers Points Plus:4

Total Weight Watchers Points Plus: 26 (on target – yay!)

Veggie Count: 4

Daily Activity: Yesterday was supposed to be a run day for my half marathon training, but when I got home from work, the wind and rain were ridiculous (seriously, my umbrella got flipped inside out like in the movies) and Fabio and I knew the gym would be packed, so we switched it up a little bit.

Instead of running, we completed a workout from my Jillian Michales DVD set (which are getting progressively harder as I move through the program- ouch!!) and we will be completing our run today. I don’t think switching things up is a big deal for now since it’s only 2 miles, a distance Fabio and I are both already comfortable with, but in the future I know it will be really important to keep those runs on the schedule and not mess around with the rest days. It should be fine for now though.

Daily Activity Points Earned:2

Question of the day: Have you ever eaten a meal that was so orange, or any other color?

Do you have a favorite candy that you can’t turn down?

Would you ever reschedule a run if the weather was really crappy? (BTW today it’s supposed to be around 55 degrees after work which should make our run much more enjoyable. Yay!)


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  6 Responses to “WIAW #39”

  1. Looks like a pretty healthful day–nice work! I enjoy reading about WW points–that’s how I started on my health lifestyle six years ago. I think it’s a great program!

  2. Sooooooo not a waste! Reese’s are the bomb(dot)com! Haha, turkey and mustard are one of my favorite snacks too 🙂

  3. What a great day of eats! I am so glad to hear that the new Fiber One cereal is good. I have been wondering, and now I will definitely have to try it! There is nothing wrong with some chocolate in the morning! And….in the afternoon ;). Those holiday Reese’s are the absolute best. SO much peanut butter!! 🙂

  4. At least you did something even though you didn’t run. I may need to try that turkey and spicy mustard wrap when I am craving something salty!

  5. I kep hearing about plantain but I’ve never tried it. It’s like banana but less sweet and more starchy isn’t it? I might have to have a look into it! Always keen to try new things.
    Sucks about rearranging your run. It really annoys me if I have to do that. Usually because I’ve planned my running around my hair washing days haha. I tend to run whatever the weather really (except if it’s really icy outside or stupidly windy). I have a really good thermal top that keeps me nice and toasty but and a very unattractive hat. I only wear the hat in the morning when no one can really see me haha. Usualyl the first mile is hell because I’m cold, but then afterwards I’m fine as I get going.
    Ben has orange meals when I’m having meals he won’t like – he loves potato waffles, breaded chicken and cheese. Haha not healthy at all!

  6. YAY for there only being one more day to the weekend! That chef ruining broccoli was such a shame! She should have roasted it which is basically my favorite way to eat any veggie haha. Looks like a delicious day of eats… especially that banana bread! YUM! My Grandma used to make me banana and zucchini bread all the time and add chocolate chips in just for me! So delish!

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