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Hi friends! A couple of weeks ago, I joined my good friend Jojo for a morning spin class at Flywheel. (<– affiliate link, FYI). I had a heard a lot of great things about Flywheel, but since they’re not on ClassPass¬†– my main source for workouts these days – I hadn’t checked them out.

(Speaking of ClassPass, they have a great deal right now where new users get $50 off their first month if they are referred by a friend! To sign up and get the discount, use my link here. I will also get a credit if you sign up. ūüôā ¬†Thanks for your support!)

Anyway, after doing some sleuth work I discovered that if you make an account with Flywheel your first class is free (woohoo!), so Jojo and I headed over there one morning before work to get our sweat on. I had a hard time deciding if I should take the barre or spin class, but Jojo had already taken barre and said she wanted to give spin a try. Sold!

Flywheel DC is located just north of Dupont Circle, and was one of the biggest boutique fitness studios I’ve ever seen in this city. Holy cow!


As soon as I entered this beautiful space I knew I was going to love it.


The inside of the studio is expansive and beautifully¬†decorated. It’s also very modern – from the iPads where you check in, to the lockers with outlets inside them¬†so you can charge your phone while your stuff is locked up. How cool is that?


I arrived a bit early so I could check out the rest of the facilities, and I was super impressed to see that Flywheel offers free bananas and apples to its customers. Considering I actually had brought a banana with me to munch on after class, I found this to be a terrific perk.


The bathroom area was also great, with lots of showers and every product you could imagine from makeup wipes to deodorant to Q-tips. Love this!


Soon enough it was time to head into the class. Jojo and I had no problems clipping into our bikes since one of the friendly instructors came right over to assist us. I love when instructors offer help without making you feel stupid, which has happened to me at other spin studios.


The class is set up in an amphitheater/tiered style so everyone has a good view of the instructor.



Right off the bat I knew our instructor, Stephanie, was going to be great. She was full of energy!


Once we got settled, I got a sense¬†of how this particular spin¬†class works. Each bike has a small computer on it showing how fast you’re pedaling and what your resistance is. The computers¬†send this information to the instructor, who then chooses when to show¬†it on two big monitors at the front of the room. The monitors show your ranking among the rest of the class, and really allow your competitive side to take over!


It was a lot of fun seeing my name on the board (I was around¬†fourth place for most of the class) but I’m also glad this information wasn’t displayed for the whole class or I don’t think I would have paid attention to anything else!¬†I also really liked knowing exactly what resistance level I was supposed to¬†be on, since it can be difficult to gauge on other spin bikes.


Stephanie’s playlist was awesome, and her music and energy really pumped me up! At one point in the class she yelled out the names of people who were really picking up speed, and I was thrilled when she called my name. This kind of motivation always works so well for me, and I was so happy about how these techniques pushed me to do my best in class.

At the end of class I was a sweaty, drippy mess, and Jojo and I agreed that it was a fantastic. I wound up showering and getting ready for work at Flywheel, and I loved all the amenities they had! Everything was great!

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Flywheel, and am planning to go back to try out their barre class very soon!

If you’re interested in trying a class at Flywheel, they have 35 locations in 13 states. Find the full list here, and read more about signing up here.

Question of the day: Have you ever tried a class at Flywheel? Are you competitive?

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  1. I really didn’t like Flywheel that much. I don’t normally like spinning classes in general, but when Soul Cycle opened here a little while ago I went and LOVED it. Idk what was different about that one, but I felt like I was dancing with the music the whole time. It was great. Glad you had a good Flywheel experience; a lot of my friends like it as well!

  2. I have actually never tried a studio spin experience (Flywheel, Soul Cycle, etc), but I’ve heard such amazing things about them! I’m hoping that once we move to Atlanta later this summer, I’ll actually get to try out some fun studio-type classes! Thanks for the head’s up about ClassPass too. We don’t have one here in Fredericksburg, but I know they have it in ATL, and I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. I did a free Flywheel class in Philly around New Years and I loved it! I definitely liked how the instructor would keep yelling out what resistance and such we should be at, because it was my first spinning experience and I was lost haha.

  4. I miss spin ūüôĀ Ever since my gym membership ended, I’ve missed the freedom of going whenever I wanted and spin class. I love it, but man, I’d get really competitive with that list in the class! Looks lovely and glad to learn about it. I’m still debating Class Pass, which recently came to my area. It would be nice to use to try out new studios in town. xoxo, ganeeban

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