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Hello there! How was your weekend? Mine was absolutely amazing and included not one but TWO very important life milestones. Crazy! Let’s take a look, shall we? Since so much happened, this recap is actually pretty long. Be prepared for lots of scrolling!


I actually wound up working from home on Thursday because….we closed on our town house!


Fabio and I are now the proud owners of a town house in the heart of Ballston (in Arlington, VA). We could NOT be more excited and spent some time on Thursday walking around the house in complete shock.

We’ve never had more than a one bedroom apartment together, so to be able to call “home” an actual town house with two bedrooms, a loft, and STAIRS is pretty unreal. Yay! We were totally on cloud nine.

Sadly on Thursday evening Fabio had to fly out to Miami for a bachelor party, so I was on my own after that. I wound up grabbing dinner with my dad, meeting with the air conditioning guy who needs to fix our HVAC unit, and then binge watching Parenthood while painting my nails. Not a bad evening at all!


Friday morning began with a sweaty workout at one of my favorite spots: Urban Athletic Club!


Photo via Anne

I was joined by my friends Anne and Kathleen, who is seven months pregnant and still going strong when it comes to workouts. Amazing! I hope I can stay as fit and look as adorable as Kathleen when I’m that pregnant. 🙂

After class, I headed home to shower and then drove over to my mom’s house, where I stayed for the majority of the weekend! (I had off from work due to summer flex scheduling 🙂 Awesome!)

We spent some time sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun while chatting about the new town house, work, the wedding, and other mother-daughter stuff. 🙂


For lunch my mom made us fried squash blossoms, pizza balls, and a fresh salad from the garden. Delish!


At around 3:45 pm, my Aunt CC arrived from New York! As I mentioned last week, we had plans to go wedding dress shopping this weekend, and on Friday afternoon CC and my mom joined me at Posh Bridal in Urbana, MD.

Although Posh Bridal had a lot of very nice dresses, I didn’t see anything that really called out to me. Regardless, it was really fun to try on dresses with CC and my mom, since those are the two people I definitely wanted to make sure were involved in this big decision. 🙂



After dress shopping, we headed back to my mom’s for a crab feast!


Crab feasts always remind me of Maryland in the summer, and it had been way too long since the last time I had them. Yummm!


My stepsister Maggie and her boyfriend Nick joined us for the feast, and we had a great evening picking crabs, sipping wine, and catching up. So fun!



Saturday was dress shopping day! We started the morning off with fresh squeezed orange juice and potato hash with poached eggs, courtesy of my stepdad.




After breakfast, my entourage of dress shopping helpers arrived! I was lucky enough to be joined by my half-sister Nicole, my best friend from middle school/high school Bianca (one Maid of Honor), my other high school best friend Hana, my stepsister Maggie (second Maid of Honor), my mom, and CC!


CC also bought everyone personalized tote bags and towels in case we wanted to go swimming after shopping, plus little champagne bottles to celebrate with.


Like usual, she totally outdid herself. Thank you, CC!!



Then we were off!

Since it was in the same general area, our first stop was the new town house!! Everyone seemed to really like it. 😀 Thank goodness!


Then we headed to Fabulous Frocks, a bridal boutique in Alexandria that offers designer dresses at a discounted price.


Fabulous Frocks only sells sample dresses, so what you see is what you get. Luckily I fit pretty well into sample size dresses, but I could definitely see this kind of store not working out for some people who need a bigger or smaller size.


There’s also a relatively small selection of dresses at Fabulous Frocks, and honestly when we first arrived I thought I was going to have a hard time even finding enough dresses to try on.


Because of the limited selection, I wound up trying on some dresses that I never would have tried at one of the other boutiques, and I wound up finding one that I LOVED! It was totally not what I expected to like for my wedding dress, but I felt so happy in it and after I took it off I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Eventually it was time for us to leave Fabulous Frocks and head off to our next appointment at Global Bridal, and the whole car ride over I kept thinking about the dress.

Global Bridal was also located in Alexandria, and I would absolutely recommend going there for dress shopping. We were helped by a super helpful consultant named Amanda, and after showing her pictures of what I wanted she pulled out about 7 dresses that were all exactly what I was looking for. Global Bridal was the first place where I found TONS of dresses in exactly the style I wanted.

The only problem was that I still couldn’t stop thinking about the other dress. Even though it wasn’t what I pictured myself wearing on my wedding day initially, the dresses that I thought I wanted just didn’t compare. Even when I found a dress that was exactly what I had been looking for, it didn’t give me butterflies like the other one had.

Luckily all the ladies with me agreed, and after saying sorry to Amanda we decided to head back to Fabulous Frocks so I could buy my dress!! 😀


This is when we made the decision to go back and get “my dress” 🙂

When we arrived back at Fabulous Frocks, the consultant was not at all surprised to see us since she could tell how much I liked the dress. She said she had to finish up her other appointment, but then I could get back in the dress one last time. While we waited, my awesome friends surprised me with a bottle of champagne!!


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to actually BUY a wedding dress on Saturday – I sort of thought we’d just be looking around and then I would go back to buy something with my mom later – but since Fabulous Frocks only has one of each dress, we couldn’t risk someone else snatching it up. Good thing my friends were prepared with champagne!


Before long I was back in the dress, and everyone toasted me with their champagne. Yay!! I said yes to the dress!!

Afterwords we had a celebratory lunch at Nick’s Riverside Grill on the Georgetown waterfront.


I cannot thank these lovely ladies enough for coming with me on this important day, especially the three that drove down from NYC! I couldn’t have made this decision without them!


All in all it was the most perfect day, and it ended with my mom, CC, and I going for a late night swim in my mom’s pool and lots of wine. SO FUN!


On Sunday it was back to business: I started the day with church and then picked up Fabio from the airport so we could get started with moving. And do you know what the first thing I moved into the new town house was? The wedding dress, of course!! 🙂


Now I just have to figure out how to keep Jack’s hair off of it and keep Fabio’s prying eyes away…haha!

Question of the day: For my married friends, how many dresses did you try on before you found “the one?”

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  1. Holy cow, what a weekend! Congrats on the new house AND on the dress! Such a fun experience! I am trying to remember how many dresses I tried on… probably at least 15. And then I found one I loved, texted a picture to my mom (since I was shopping with friends), and she didn’t like it! So I probably went to a half dozen other stores and tried on a ton of different dresses before I finally realized that it was THE ONE and went back for it. Ironically, when I texted a new picture of it to my mom she totally didn’t even realize it was the same dress she had previously vetoed! Definitely important to go with your gut feeling on what will make you feel most special on your wedding day!

  2. 🙂 Thanks Chelsea! You’re sure to be a super fit pregnant lady one day! Excited that you found a dress so quickly! Can’t wait to see some pictures!!!

  3. What a great weekend!!! And congrats on both the house purchase AND the dress purchase! So many exciting things! 🙂

  4. I think I went to about four different shops over two different days. You’re absolutely right, it’s always a dress you don’t think is your style that is the one that looks amazing on. Yay so happy for you 🙂 And how cool that you’ve got the town house now too.

  5. YAY! What an amazing weekend! Congrats on finding your dress. It’s such an exciting time.

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