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Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! I can definitely say I’m in a better mood than last Monday. It probably has something to do with my awesome weekend filled with lots of fun activities 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get to post anything new for you guys over the weekend; I was so busy! I’ll give you a recap now and then later today I’ll get back to you with a workout update and a new recipe. Yay!

So, I last posted on Friday evening when I mentioned my friends were coming into town. Well shortly after I gave you that update they arrived and we went out in D.C. We wound up going to a little hipster bar in U Street for a while and then switched over to U Street Music Hall. It was definitely a good time! We arrived home around 3 a.m. and I fell into bed. Literally. I was exhausted.

On Saturday morning Fabio, Jack, and I went for a nice walk. Fabio found a really pretty flower and gave it to me (cue the “awwwwww”).

Jack was more interested in the birds and the squirrels than my flower.

After our walk we had to run some errands around town. While this did include some not-so-fun stuff like taking my car to AutoZone to figure out why the check engine light was on, we made sure to squeeze in some fun by getting lunch at Shake Shack.

Shake Shack is a restaurant that makes delicious burgers and shakes. I’ve only ever had it twice in my life and for some reason I was really craving a burger for lunch. Since we were in D.C. anyway and I knew we would have to drive right past Shake Shack, I convinced Fabio we should get lunch there (it wasn’t very difficult to convince him haha). Clearly a burger was not a very healthy lunch option, but sometimes you gotta live a little!

While we were ordering we spotted this magical creation:

We happily ordered one Pooch-ini for Jack. It’s not often that we see treats for dogs on the menu so we had to indulge! We were surprised when it came out looking more like a human treat than one for our pooch.

When we got home I dumped Jack’s treat into his bowl. I started inspecting the Pooch-ini more closely and realized it was just vanilla frozen yogurt with peanut butter on top. While it did have a dog cookie on the side, it otherwise seemed pretty human-friendly. I started wondering why I didn’t order one of those for myself? It was pretty funny and Fabio caught me licking the spoon while Jack waited patiently.

 Anyway, I think it’s safe to say we both enjoyed Jack’s treat very much! Haha!

On Saturday night Fabio and I met up with his sister and her boyfriend to see a comedy show from Bill Cosby at the Kennedy Center! It was hilarious and we were all saying how our abs hurt from laughing so much. My pictures didn’t turn out great since the spotlight on Bill was so bright, but we were actually sitting in the fourth row! It was very cool to be so close.

After the comedy show I met up with my friends and we went out in D.C. again. Fabio’s sister and her boyfriend decided to come with us which was a nice surprise. I always have fun when they stay over!

Here’s a picture of all of my friends:

In case you couldn’t tell I’m in the lower left hand corner. The three that came from NY are near the middle and the rest of them live in D.C. or Arlington near me! I’m so lucky to have so many close friends nearby.

It started raining when we were getting ready to leave so the girls got creative about protecting their hair.

Luckily my hair stays pretty straight even when wet so I wasn’t concerned. You can see everyone was feeling pretty silly and we were all in a great mood despite the weather. We wound up going to one of our favorite bars, Midtown, and danced all night. We got home super late again and I went to bed exhausted.

On Sunday morning we had a long brunch at Madhatter’s (see a full brunch review here) and enjoyed bottomless mimosas until 3 p.m. Then we sat around on Dupont Circle for about an hour enjoying the sunshine and catching up on girl talk. Then my friends boarded their bus and headed home!

The rest of my evening on Sunday was spent relaxing on the couch and watching Game of Thrones (obsessed!) and getting some much-needed rest.

I will say that with all of the eating out & going to bars I’m quite excited to get back on track with my diet and workout schedule this morning. Eating and drinking all that garbage really makes me feel sluggish. It’s amazing how quickly your body tells you it doesn’t like what you’re doing.

Anyway, that’s a very FULL recap of my weekend. Now how did yours go? Did you watch Game of Thrones? Struggle with any weather-related issues?

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  1. so first, you are gorgeous.
    second, i once bought my pup cupcakes from the dog store.. and left them at home on the counter. I came home and they were gone.. i assumed my mother put them away. when she came home she said, “i hope you didnt pay much for those cupcakes.. or make them.. cause they were awful.”

    • HAHAHA that literally made me laugh out loud! Your poor mom! I’ll have to remember that for the next time I pick up some treats for my dog! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. That is hilarious that they had a menu for dogs! I’ve never seen that before! My fiance once bought these cheese cracker dog treats for our puppy and convinced his stepdad that they were off-brand cheese-its though. His stepdad ate about 10 of them before he asked to see the package. Apparently they tasted almost the same though!

    Also – I’ve heard SO many people talk about Game of Thrones recently… I may have to hop on that train!

    • Haha I would have loved to see that! You guys should have YouTubed it! And yes, Game of Thrones is amazing! Apparently the books are good too although I haven’t read them yet.

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