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This past weekend I joined 25 awesome friends for a ski adventure in the Poconos.

IMG_0138When Fabio and I first got the invitation to join some of his best college friends for a weekend at Camelback mountain in the Poconos, I knew we couldn’t say no even though I wouldn’t be able to join in on the skiing.

After work on Friday, Fabio and I made the four hour trek up to the house. We wound up driving through the middle of Pennsylvania, which was actually quite pretty with all the snow. We were treated to a nice sunset too. 🙂


So pretty!


Eventually we made it to the house, where our excitement over seeing all our friends overwhelmed us to the point where we didn’t take any more pictures. Whoops. We wound up having a fun night of catching up with old friends, and getting to know new faces. There were 26 of us total staying in one house, so there were a lot of people to chat with!


On Saturday morning the ski/snowboard bunnies left for the slopes, while the rest of us hung out at the house (I would estimate that about 12 of us didn’t go to the mountain). For those who stayed behind, we slept in a bit and then Fabio made us all bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. Yum.


At this point I was feeling pretty darn thankful for Fabio because not only did he not go skiing with his friends since I couldn’t go, but he also made a super tasty breakfast for all of us. What a guy. 🙂

After breakfast a few of us headed out to go snow tubing, so we bundled up in all our snow gear. You can’t tell from this picture, but I have a really cute pair of snow overalls on here. And by cute I mean horrendous. At least I was warm though!


Once we arrived at the mountain we found parking, and then took a shuttle over to the ski lodge to buy our tickets.


Unfortunately once we filled out the waivers for tubing and got in line to buy tickets, we discovered they had just sold out of the 1:00 tubing session, and the next session wouldn’t begin until 3:00 pm. We weren’t sure if we should wait around for a couple of hours, so we walked over to the tubing to see if it looked worth it. Although it looked like a fun time, we didn’t think it was worth waiting around for. We decided to leave the ski resort and get back on the parking lot shuttle to our car. I think the driver of the shuttle was surprised to see us back so soon, haha.



Instead our group stopped for lunch and then picked up some essentials for the house – mainly more beer. We wound up stopping at a beer distributor that had more beer than I had ever seen in my life.


Seriously, there was a whole back room filled with cases and cases of beer. It was kind of crazy.


Then we headed back to the house to hang out with rest of the non-skiers, and we even broke out the new selfie stick my dad got me for Valentine’s Day. It worked really well, and this became the first of many selfie stick pictures. 🙂


After this we all relaxed for a few hours playing cards, heads up, and just generally chatting with friends, which was so nice. Soon the skiers and snowboarders returned, which made the shoe pile by the door grow exponentially. Check out all these shoes!!


After playing a few more games we decided it was time to get dinner ready, and everyone pitched in to help. We wound up having salad, chicken, and pasta, with chips and guac on the side. De-lish.


One of my favorite parts of the weekend has to be our “family dinner” on Saturday night. We all piled into the dining room (some sitting at the table and others sitting on stools or the floor), and as we ate we went around and said our favorite moment of the weekend so far. It was a really nice way to recap the day and just appreciate each other. 🙂


After dinner we cleaned up, and then some silly shenanigans began. We started playing a bunch of games (pool, darts, beer pong, etc.) and us ladies wound up having a bit of a dance party in the dining room, haha. We also broke out the selfie stick again, and Fabio took over picture duty for a while. When I got my phone back after a couple of hours, there must have been 100 new selfie stick pictures on it, haha.

Here are some of my favorites…









Haha! So many amazing pictures. Anyway, the evening was a ton of fun and I had such a nice time hanging out with this group.



On Sunday morning Fabio and I headed back home, where we did the usual cleaning of the apartment and meal planning/prepping for the week ahead. The weather was also really nice, so we enjoyed having all the windows open and letting the breeze clear through the apartment. Ahh. Spring is almost here!

Question of the day: Do you ski, snowboard, or neither?

I’ve tried both a couple times, but I’m honestly not very good at either!

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  1. My friends from Jersey (I went to college up on the east coast) always used to tell me how fun the Poconos is! Glad you had a fun wknd!!


  3. I skiied a couple times as a kid, but I haven’t been in a long time. I know I always liked it so it’s something I would like to do again sometime 🙂

  4. self stick is amazing. i need one now.

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