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I spent this past weekend at my aunt CC and uncle Steve’s new lake/mountain house in a quaint town called Otis, Massachusetts, which is located in the Berkshire mountains. Otis is great because it’s near a lake, a state park, and a couple of different ski resorts, making it perfect for summer and winter.

It took us about 7 hours to drive up there from DC, so Fabio, Jack and I all hit the road after work on Thursday.


The ride wasn’t all that bad, especially since we are getting so used to driving up and down the East Coast this summer (we had to drive through NYC to get there, which now makes four trips in seven weeks, or something like that). Upon our arrival, CC had some snacks and drinks laid out for us (even though it was around 1:30 am) including this adorable welcome bag for Jack from her cats ūüôā


It was filled with a ton of treats and toys which was so thoughtful! Unfortunately Jack and the cats did not get along too well, and after a giant chase around the living room we had to keep them separated for the rest of the weekend. Does anyone have good tips for how to get your dog to stop chasing cats??

We woke up on Friday morning with a full day of fun ahead of us! It was so nice to see CC and Steve’s new lake house in the daylight- it was so gorgeous!


By the way this couch is absolutely gigantic, although it’s difficult to tell from the¬†picture above. Here’s another shot which shows Fabio, Steve, and I all laying down on it without touching. Haha!


Yep. That happened.

Anyway, back to the house tour. I just loved all the cute outdoor spots!




After enjoying a quick breakfast and running some errands (namely buying a baby gate to keep Jack away from the cats), the boys played about 100 games of competitive ping pong while CC and I headed down to the lake!


This lake is private for the community, meaning that on Friday we had it almost all to ourselves.


So beautiful!



After spending a few hours lounging in the sun and floating along the lake in some amazing floaties, we headed back to the house for some badminton and other fun outdoor games. Eventually it was time to eat! CC and Steve prepared an awesome feast.



After dinner it was time for some nutella s’mores!



We wound up sitting by the fire chatting and sipping wine until late in the evening.



The boys stayed up really late playing corn hole and challenging each other to absurd push up challenges, but CC and I called it a day around 12:30 am. It was such a fun day! Saturday was pretty much more of the same, only we had a really great hike through the Otis State Park in the morning. I’ll save that recap for another day!

Question of the day:¬†Do you like s’mores?

Weirdly enough, CC and I both have a huge sweet tooth, but we find s’mores to be a little¬†too sweet. However, Fabio and Steve don’t care for sweets at all, and they loved them! Strange, I know.

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  1. This looks like it was a perfect weekend and a gorgeous place to stay after a long drive! How fun that your Aunt has this new place! Those outdoor areas look so serene and lovely! And mmm I haven’t had a s’more in ages but I’ve always loved them as long as the marshmallow is only lightly toasted!

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