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Hello, and happy Monday! How’s everyone doing today? I had a fun little weekend up in New York!

As you may know, Fabio’s dad lives in Queens, NY, but he has recently made the decision to sell his house and downsize to a smaller space that better fits his needs. Fabio’s childhood home is pretty large and used to have a lot of people living in it, but now that the kids are grown up and out of the house his dad doesn’t need as much room. On Friday evening, Fabio, Jack, and I drove up to New York to help pack everything up!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but in case you didn’t know, Fabio used to be a ball boy and bat boy for the New York Yankees and Mets.


It was a pretty cool part time job, especially since Fabio LOVES baseball and played all throughout his childhood.


While he worked for these organizations, he spent a lot of time in the visiting clubhouse, meaning he had access to pretty much every player in the MLB at one point or another. Being the baseball fanatic that he is, he collected a ton of autographs during his time working there.


We spent most of the weekend sorting through boxes and boxes of autographed baseballs, jerseys, pictures, etc. Phew! He has a LOT of stuff!

I told him that one day when we have a house with a basement he’s free to go crazy and hang everything up, but until then we just don’t have room in our one-bedroom apartment for all his baseball gear (we already have two huge frames hanging in our bedroom and a few other baseballs/helmets on display. That’s definitely enough for now.). Looks like it’ll all be staying in storage for a while. (I hope…)

In the midst of packing, we took a break for lunch at Gyro World, our favorite Greek place near his house! I ordered a traditional gyro and was not disappointed. Everything we get there is always delicious!


Luckily Fabio’s dad is just moving right down the street from his current house, so we can still frequent Gyro World whenever we visit. 🙂

Later on in the evening, Fabio and I met up with his best friend from childhood, Jonathan! We went to Press 195 for dinner, which is another one of our favorites. This restaurant has a cute outdoor patio with great ambiance…


…as well as the most delicious paninis! I ordered a panini with turkey, brie, and a pear/cranberry compote. It was delicious!


Fabio and I also shared a basket of fries with three dipping sauces: pineapple/sriracha, roasted garlic, and chipotle mayo. The pineapple/sriracha was my favorite!

After dinner the three of us went out to two bars nearby: Bourbon Street and Sullivan’s. Both were a lot of fun and I had a nice time meeting some of Fabio’s friends from high school and middle school.

On Sunday we finished packing up boxes and then made the long trek home. We got back to DC around 7:30 pm and we were both pooped!

Luckily I had planned ahead and ordered groceries online using Relay Foods so we didn’t have to hit up the grocery store! Woohoo!


What is Relay Foods?

Relay Foods is a healthy online grocery store that delivers groceries right to your door for $15, or to a nearby pickup location for free. They are an innovative company with a mission to make eating quality, healthy, sustainable food simple. With simple online ordering, an integrated meal planning service, and convenient home delivery or free pick up, Relay Foods is changing the way people get their groceries, simplifying the process and raising the standards for local quality.

How does it work? 

Relay partners with more than 50 farms and 200 local artisan producers to bring customers the freshest sustainable produce, grassfed meats, and artisan foods. They actively add more local producers every month.

To use Relay, all you have to do is create an account on their website, and start shopping around! There are a ton of different ways to shop on Relay: you can browse the freshest seasonal produce…


…you can shop local products…


…and you can browse aisles just like in a grocery store! I personally love this feature because I think shopping online for groceries can be a little overwhelming otherwise. I like being able to click “produce” or “dairy” to find exactly what I need. You can also search for products right in the search bar.


There’s also a sale section you can browse, or take advantage of the meal planning and recipe feature! All you have to do for that is click on a recipe you like, and the ingredients will be added to your cart. So easy, right?

Here’s a peak at what I ordered – it’s a mix of staples I would usually buy plus a few items that were local or on sale that I think we’ll enjoy. For example, I usually buy kale for salads and fresh juice, but Swiss chard was on sale so I decided to try that instead. I love that this service pushes me out of my comfort zone a bit!


Another feature I loved? When ordering bananas I got to choose how many yellow ones I wanted and how many green ones I wanted. Yes! Such a great idea.

In addition to finding tons of local, fresh produce, Relay Foods also offers other staples like Bob’s Red Mill Oats and Avalon Organic Shampoo. Basically, pretty much anything you could find at Whole Foods you’ll be able to find here.

Once I had everything in my cart, I selected whether I wanted my groceries delivered to my house ($15) or wanted to pick them up for free at a nearby location. Since I knew we’d be traveling over the weekend I opted to have the groceries shipped right to my door, but it looked like there were a bunch of pick-up locations near me as well (there are more than 150 pick-up locations at schools, gyms, workplaces, and other partner locations) so I think I’ll give that a try in the future.

Once you place your order, your groceries will be delivered the next day. Awesome, right?

Where does Relay serve? 

Relay currently serves twelve markets: the Washington, D.C. metro area; eight Virginia cities and towns (Charlottesville, Richmond, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Stafford); Annapolis and Baltimore, MD; and North Carolina’s Research Triangle.

Discount Time!

Ok, you didn’t think I’d go through all of that without offering you guys a discount, right? CET readers can get $30 off their first order when they sign up for Relay Foods using this link. Woohoo!

My groceries should be at my door when I get home from work later today, and I’m so relieved. Hooray for no trips to the grocery store this week!

Question of the day: Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

I usually don’t mind it at all, but after a long weekend away from home I DREAD it!

*Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by anyone, I just really liked this service. I will also receive store credit for anyone who signs up using my link. Thank you, as always, for your support.*

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  1. Relay foods sounds really awesome! I am sad they aren’t near me. Hopefully one day they will be!

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