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Hi friends! Did everyone have a nice weekend? Mine was pretty fun, and included a good mix of productivity, fun, and relaxation. Here are the highlights!


Fabio and I had a date night on Friday evening! After work, we headed into Chinatown for dinner and a movie. I always love seeing the big archway that spans the street in Chinatown. It’s so pretty!


For dinner, we headed to a new-to-us fast casual spot called Beef ‘N Bread. The small restaurant features delicious sandwiches with fun sauces and toppings. Fabio and I each ordered a different roast beef sandwich – I got the Cali Beef and he got the Kansas City – and then we cut them both in half and shared.


Both were incredibly delicious, and we were really impressed with this cute little spot. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in Chinatown, definitely check out Beef ‘N Bread!

After dinner, we walked over to the movie theater to watch the new Star Wars movie. Fabio and I never watched Star Wars growing up, but we borrowed the DVDs from a neighbor of ours and over the last month or so we’ve managed to watch all of them. The newest one was my favorite yet, and I think even people who aren’t huge Star Wars fans would enjoy the movie. It was great!


Fabio headed out to play golf on Saturday with my dad and grandpa (the weather has been unseasonably warm this winter – who would have thought he could play golf in January?!) so I stayed home with Jack and got some things done around the house.

First up was breakfast, which was an omelet made with kale and sauteed onions. Plus bacon on the side. 🙂


The kale totally cancels out the calories from the bacon, right? 😉


While I was in the kitchen, I decided to whip up some egg cups to eat during the week.


All I did was saute a little extra kale and onions, and then whisk up a bunch of eggs along with some cheese, salt and pepper. Then I greased a muffin dish and poured some of the egg mixture along with the kale and onions into each muffin cup. Then I baked the tray at 350 degrees for about 25 mins. And voila! Breakfast for the week was done. 🙂


Soon enough Fabio was home from golf, and I made us a nice dinner of peanut crusted salmon, brown rice, and asparagus.


We even sat at the table like real humans, and listened to some nice music while we ate. It was like date night part two! 🙂


After dinner, we drove into Baltimore to celebrate Alex’s – Fabio’s brother-in-law’s – 30th birthday!


We spent the night bopping around Baltimore and checking out different bars with a bunch of Alex’s friends. Luckily we’ve met a lot of them before, so it was really fun! We also invited a few of our Baltimore friends to join us, so it was a really fun night with a good group.


When in Baltimore, drink Natty Bos. 

We even attempted to play Bear Pong – giant beer pong – but I was really bad at it. Phew! Throwing that big ball into the bucket was tough.


Later in the night we headed over to a bar called Bond Street, where we wound up running into a bunch of our friends from college who were in town for a wedding. What a nice coincidence!


Me with my friend Lauren

Sadly, we found out later that one of my very best friends, Kristen, was at the same bar as us but we didn’t see her. She was in town from Philly for the wedding, and unfortunately neither one of us knew the other person was in Baltimore. Wah!! Wish I could have seen her!

On the way home from the bar we got stuck in a rain storm, and we got really drenched. Sigh.


I have to admit it was kind of fun walking/running home in the rain though.

Overall, it was such a fun night!


Sunday was very relaxing, and included lots of TV watching (we watched Making a Murderer, the sad Redskins game, and the Golden Globes) as well as cleaning and some blog work.

It was a great way to end the weekend!

Question of the day: Did you watch the Golden Globes? Who did you think was best dressed?

I loved J. Lo’s ensemble! Those diamonds! *Swoon*

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  1. I didn`t see Golden Globe but I saw winners. And then I see that DiCaprio takes prize, I am like: Whatta hell, give him Oscar already! 😀

  2. Haha you’re a good sport about walking in the rain! I’d probably be whining by the end 😉 I didn’t watch the Golden Globes but I might have to google some of the outfits. I love seeing what people wore!

  3. Do you put the egg cups in the fridge or freezer to eat during the week? Giant beer pong!? Ha! That’s so funny.

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