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When I looked back at my phone to see what pictures I had to document this past weekend, I realized there were surprisingly few. Womp womp – blogger fail.

BUT, I did have some pictures from a fun night out on Wednesday last week, so I’m sharing those with you guys today as well! Let’s dive right into today’s weekend + random Wednesday recap. 🙂

As I mentioned, after work on Wednesday I had plans to meet up my old coworkers, Claire, Jojo, Shriya, and Brittany!

We haven’t all worked together since early 2013, but I love that we always make an effort to see each other for various dinners and happy hours throughout the year. I love having good friends that I can count on to stay in touch!

This time we decided to meet up for a cozy dinner at the festive Floriana, and of course, we couldn’t resist snapping a picture with the large Christmas tree outside the restaurant. I just love this spot during the holidays!

Once we sat down at our table and caught up over delicious bread and homemade pesto, we swapped Secret Santa gifts! I had Claire and got her a sweater from J. Crew, and Brittany had me and got me an eye mask and the most amazing smelling candle. Yay! Secret Santa is so fun. 🙂

For my meal, I got the braised lamb gnocchi with a big old dollop of house-made ricotta on top. Yummmm.

My meal was delicious, and I had plenty of leftovers the next day too!

Claire and Jojo are both somewhat recently engaged (and now after this past weekend, Brittany is too!) so we had a fun night catching up about wedding planning and work over lots of wine and laughter. What a fun night with friends!

As for my weekend, it was a good one! Friday night was spent hanging out at home watching The Crown. Anyone else watching?

I was so, so happy to be on the couch with the glow of the Christmas tree and the warmth of the fire. Is there anything better?

On Saturday, we were up bright and early for an early morning dentist appointment in Reisterstown, MD (outside of Baltimore) with our brother-in-law, Alex. Though we had to get up pretty early to make it to Alex’s office by 9, it was worth it since we got to stop by and see this little cutie on the way! (We dropped Jack off at Diane and Alex’s house so he could hang out there while we got our teeth cleaned).

Baby Michael turned four months old on Saturday and was looking even cuter than last time we saw him. What a little nugget!

He was also way more grabby this time – when I held him he was all about holding on to my nose, chin, and scarf. 🙂

After our dentist appointment (no cavities!), we ran some errands then scooped up Jack and headed over to our friends Jay and Meg’s place in Baltimore. Jay and Meg recently bought a house, and we were excited to see it and stay there for the remainder of the weekend.

Upon arriving, we wasted no time heading out for some fun! We first popped into Das Bier Haus for some lunch and drinks and were entertained by a crowd of folks participating in an ugly sweater bar crawl, complete with competitions to see which team of four people could finish off a boot of beer first. Yep, entertainment at its finest!

For my lunch, I enjoyed a tasty Reuben sandwich and fries. Yum!

After that, we headed to one other beer garden (I forget the name!) and then headed back to Jay and Meg’s to get ready for a holiday party at our friends Tom and Cait’s place. Tom and Cait also recently got engaged (next year is going to be #alltheweddings) so we were thrilled to be able to celebrate with them! Somehow I didn’t manage to get a single picture from the party – I was having too much fun catching up with everyone! – but it was really a lot of fun.

Fabio and I headed back home around noon on Sunday, and my afternoon was spent baking tons of cookies for our coworkers to enjoy this week.

I wound up making ginger snaps and chocolate chip M&M cookies from my Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook, and these “world peace cookies” that I heard about on the Bon Appetit podcast. All of the cookies came out great, but I was especially happy with the world peace cookies! BTW – apparently they have that name because if everyone ate them we’d have world peace. Ha! They’re THAT good!

And that’s about it for our weekend! It sure was a good one, and it’s hard to believe next weekend is Christmas! Where did 2017 go?!

Question of the day: What kind of treats do you like to make or eat during the holidays?

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