Nov 302017

**LOL – I first titled this post “Wednesday Musings” before realizing today is Thursday. Whoops!**

Greetings from the Amtrak train somewhere in Delaware!

I’m on my way up to New York City (Fabio is meeting me up there later today) for a super fun weekend — check out what’s on the agenda;

Tonight: A fancy black tie gala I got invited to through work. The cocktail hour is hosted by Facebook and the after party is hosted by Google (or maybe it’s the other way around – I forget!). Fabio is coming with me, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Tomorrow: Fabio and I both requested off from work, so we’ll be spending the day in the city! His best friend (also best man) Hayden has off from work too, so the three of us will be hanging out all day. I hope to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree (since it got lit last night!) and maybe pop into a museum. Then in the evening, Fabio and Hayden are having a guys night, and my best friend (also maid of honor) Bianca and I will be having dinner just us ladies! I can’t wait!

Saturday: My friend Catrina and her girlfriend Jacquelyn are coming into town from San Diego, and we’ll be getting together with all of our other college friends! (These are the ones I’ve called sloppytown and/or gurlays in past blog posts.) We have a full agenda of fun stuff planned, and I’m really excited about it!! Woohoo!!

Then we come home on Sunday – via Amtrak again, which is better than the bus we usually take – and I’m sure I’ll be exhausted.

Anyway, I’m technically supposed to be working right now, but the WiFi on this train is moving at a glacier pace and I’m having trouble getting much of anything done. I don’t even know if this blog post will publish. Ha! But I thought I would try to check in with you guys to let you know what I’m up to, and to say that I should have a nice weekend recap for you next week.

Until then, have a great weekend!


Question of the day: Have you ever been to a black tie event for work?

At first I was really struggling with what to wear – on the one hand, it’s black tie. But on the other hand, people I know through work (though none of my coworkers) will be there, so I was thinking I shouldn’t wear anything too revealing. I’m still not 100% sold on the outfit I settled on, but since it’s at 6 p.m. tonight there’s not much I can do about it now! *gulp*

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