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Hello, and happy FriYAY! With all these posts recapping the many weddings I’ve been to recently (and I still have two more to go to before the month is over!) I thought maybe you’d be wondering how my wedding planning is going. Since it’s Friday, I thought today would be a fun time to give you an update!

Ok so, when we last left off I had decided on my venue, asked my bridesmaids to be a part of my big day, and then I found my dress! A few more things have happened since then that I’m excited to tell you about today. 🙂

First, let’s jump back up to the venue for a second. In case you don’t remember, I’m getting married on June 10, 2017 at the Aspen Wye River Marriott in Queenstown, MD, which is a beautiful private hotel right on the Wye River.



It has a ton of amenities on the grounds including a pool, fitness center, volleyball court, and a dock where we can bring our boat around – YAY! – but the best part is we’ll have it all to ourselves. The entire hotel is used for group events, so our large group will be booking up all of the rooms. I can’t wait! We started sending out the link for the bridal party and family to book their rooms, and it makes me so happy whenever I get a report from the wedding coordinator at the hotel with the names of people who have booked.

The next step is well underway too – last week I put together our wedding website and sent out save the dates! It was a busy week for wedding planning, that’s for sure! Now that the save the dates are out (with the wedding website info on them) even more people are going to start booking their hotels. Eek! So fun.

I’m thinking you’re probably excited to see the picture we used on our save the dates, right? Maybe you’d even like to see our favorite pictures from the engagement photo session? Remember these are the ones that came from the engagement photo shoot we did back in December in Jamaica. I love these pictures because we’d only been engaged for about three days, and it makes me so happy whenever I look at them.

Without further ado, here are our engagement photos!

We used this one for the main picture on the website.


And this one was our save the date photo!


For the save the dates, we had this picture printed on magnets from Minted using this design. They came out really beautifully, and even came with free pre-addressed envelopes that matched the design! I can’t tell you how nice it was not to have to write out the addresses on the envelopes, and I loved that they looked the same as the save the date inside. It was really easy to upload my contacts too (once I finally had everyone’s address). Minted also gives you a discount on your first purchase, so the save the dates weren’t too expensive either. All in all I had a really wonderful experience with Minted, and I’m definitely planning to use their services again.

Here are the rest of our favorite photos from the day!






We used this one on the invitations to our engagement party back in April. 🙂


And I love this one! 🙂


As for other wedding updates, we’ve made pretty good progress on selecting our vendors! We’ve decided to go with Crow Entertainment for our DJ and Lauren Nievod for photography. I’m especially excited to work with Lauren since we met over Skype and clicked right away. The slogan on her website is “where every sparkly detail counts,” and if that doesn’t scream Chelsea then I don’t know what does. 🙂 Lauren usually includes an engagement session in her pricing but since we already had the photos from Jamaica we asked if she could do our engagement session on the day of the rehearsal dinner and sneak some photos of the rehearsal dinner in as well. She agreed to work with us on that and now I’m thrilled that I’ll have some professional photos of the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding! Both vendors have been great to work with so far.

As for what’s coming up, I have a couple of appointments with my bridesmaids to select options for bridesmaids dresses later in September. The color I’m going with is sage green, and I’d like to have a few different styles of dresses for the girls to choose from. Here are some inspiration photos!







And then flowers for me to match! 🙂



What do you guys think?

The next vendors I need to choose are my florist, hair, and makeup people. I have a couple of ideas in mind for these, but would love recommendations from any of you who have planned DC/MD/VA weddings recently!

We are also starting to loosely plan our honeymoon, and we are thinking of going to Thailand! I have a tentative itinerary outlined based on recommendations from friends and articles I’ve read online, but I’d also really appreciate any tips from those of you who have been to/around that region.

All in all I have been really enjoying wedding planning, and I’ve found that if I tackle one little piece at a time it’s not overwhelming at all (yet!). I’m a very Type A, organized (some might say OCD) person, so this has all been really fun for me so far! Also I know I’m pretty ahead of the game, but if you can think of anything I’m forgetting that you think I should do now please let me know!

Questions of the day: Do you have any advice for me? What do you think of our plans so far?

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  1. Hi Chelsea – The sage green is so pretty! It was my number one choice for dresses for my bridesmaids (I get married in 3 weeks – eek!). I ended up changing to a darker champagne in the end (my girls were too pale for champagne haha) – I couldn’t find the right sage green, and the guys are wearing dark navy blue, which would have looked great, but I wanted a bit more neutral look. The pictures you’ve used have the perfect colour! Bridesmaid dress shopping was fun – enjoy!

  2. For any and all Thailand information, check out Her blog is great, for one, but for two, she lives in Thailand (Koh Tao) for like 5-6mos out of the year and has been all over southeast Asia, Thailand in particular. Great place to find referrals on places to stay/eat/drink/see/do/hike/dive/etc.

  3. Pretty photos!! Love the sage green look 🙂

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