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Hello there! Happy Thursday! This week is crawling by like a snail for me. I talked about it with Fabio and he said the week feels slow for him too, and I also heard a lady in the elevator complaining because it’s only Thursday. Then in my last meeting everyone was saying how slow the week feels. Maybe it’s the change in the weather? We did have a cold front come through (causing me to break out a cute fall scarf! yay!) so maybe that’s it?

All I know is that this girl is ready for the weekend. Woop woop!


So I have another new workout to share with you all today! As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have a new exercise routine that I trying out that I hope will get me into better shape (because let’s be real, those couple of pounds that crept on while I was in Italy have GOT to go).

Every day I will be alternating between intense cardio (e.g., my two-mile run and Insanity DVD) with strength training (e.g., the workout I will be sharing with you today). I think that by alternating from day to day I will keep myself in good shape without getting bored with either type of workout. And I know they are both important to my health, so I am doing my best to incorporate both. I promise to keep you posted on my progress!

For now though, let me tell you about my strength training workout for this week. Can any of you guess what I did??

If you guessed Body Pump you’d be right!

I have always heard people talk about how great Body Pump is, but I have never actually had the opportunity to try it. Now that Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp is over, I have some free reign on my workouts and on Tuesday I decided to give Body Pump a try! My gym offers classes at 6 a.m. so I rolled my butt out of bed at 5:30, quickly got ready and ran to the gym in time for the 6 am class (in the dark mind you, and it was raining). Ugh.

Once I got to the gym I perked right up when I saw the energetic instructor. She had great music and a ton of spunk and did a great job explaining all of the tracks to me. It was so much fun!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Body Pump (like I was) here is a brief description:

“BodyPump is a weight-based group-fitness program that is 60 minutes long and contains eight separate muscle-group specific songs or “tracks” along with an opening warm up track and closing cooldown track. The classes are performed to music using free weights-plates, barbells and an aerobic step. Participants choose their weights based on the exercise and their personal goals. Major muscle groups are worked via series of compound and isolation-based exercises including squats, presses, dead lifts. The focus is towards muscle endurance using several repetitions.”Source

Basically it is just a fun full-body workout that focuses on all of your major muscle groups. It’s not much of a cardio class, although there were a few jumps during one track that had my heart rate pounding and my quads burning. It was great!

Also, I wore my heart rate monitor so I could compare Body Pump to Monday’s cardio workout.

As you can see, my heart rate wasn’t as high and I didn’t burn as many calories, but that’s pretty typical and I wasn’t surprised (especially since nothing gets my heart rate as high as Insanity anyway- oh Sean T I love you and I hate you).

Body Pump is designed to build your strength more than raise your heart rate, and I can definitely say it worked since all week I have been hobbling around with some sore muscles, especially in my back! Yowza!

So there you have it! Looks like Body Pump will be my new Tuesday strength training workout from now on :O)


Ok so I have a super simple recipe for you guys today 🙂 Like, so simple you can hardly even call it a recipe. Basically I just threw a bunch of stuff together and magicallygot food haha but it was delicious so I will share!

It all started the other night when it was dreary out and I made that delicious spicy jambalaya. It was so comforting to have something warm for dinner so I decided I wanted to make something similar for dinner the next night (especially since the forecast called for chilly rain all day. Yuck!) So I did a little Googling and found this yummy soup recipe from Shape.

I loved that it was so easy to make and I had all the ingredients on hand, so I planned on making it. The next morning before work I got all the ingredients ready, threw it all in a crock pot, and shut the lid. When I came home, I had soup! So easy!

Here’s how it came together.

First I chopped up one large potato and added it to my crock pot. I left the skins on for added nutrients (and because I am lazy haha) but you can definitely peel them if you want to.

Next it was time for the carrots. I just took a bunch of baby carrots that I had on hand and chopped them into little pieces. Then they got tossed right on top of the potatoes.

Next came two frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breasts straight from the freezer. I just plopped them down right on top of the carrots. That easy.

Next I chopped up one zucchini and added it in…

And then added 1 chopped onion.

Then I added three cups of fat-free low sodium chicken broth to the mix, or just enough to cover my veggies.

Make sure you use the low-sodium kind because those babies can be loaded with salt. Be careful!

Once you add the broth in, feel free to flavor the soup however you like. The recipe from Shape suggests adding nutmeg, so I sprinkled a little in, but I thought that was kind of weird. Mostly I stuck to salt, pepper, and a little old bay. I think I also tossed some garlic salt in there, but you can add any spices you want. Go crazy!

Once all my ingredients were in the pot I gave it a little stir, set the pot to low heat, and popped the lid on. Then I went work, get stressed out, came home cold and tired, changed into my PJs and opened the lid to inhale the smell of this tasty soup! Awesomeee.

Before serving it out all I had to two was take the chicken out, shred it with two forks, and stir it back into the soup. Then it was time to eat!

It was delicious and flavorful and soo comforting. Plus it’s not too bad for ya’ either!

I ate mine with a few saltine crackers 🙂


Ok so I am not going to write out the recipe since I basically followed it word for word (minus the nutmeg) from Shape. So if you want the recipe check it out over there, but I pretty much eyeballed the whole thing anyway 🙂

Alright so now I need to know, what are your favorite soup recipes? Do any of them involve the ease of the crockpot?? I have a feeling I am going to become a tad bit obsessed with comforting crock pot meals as the fall season continues. Feel free to share recipes!



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  1. As soon as I saw that step and the barbel, I knew it was Body Pump time! So glad you liked it, I do the class twice a week and I am definitely noticing a difference in muscle tone – love it!

  2. i loveeeee crockpot meals! they are the best and so easy! I’ll definitely be pinning this for a cold day!

  3. Oh this looks brilliant 🙂 has been bookmarked 🙂 as for soup, I’m pretty much a potato and pumpkin girl 🙂 I love body pump too! I only just started but my exercise is pretty similar to yours- alternating runs with body pump 🙂

  4. You always have such delicious recipes!! I hope your Friday flies by for you 🙂

  5. I’m really hoping to bust out my crockpot this weekend…only problem is there’s about 853211 recipes I want to try, no idea how I’m gonna pick just one! That’s awesome that you tried Body Pump for the first time! I need to talk to my gym and see if they plan on offering it anytime soon, I’m dying to try it!

  6. My friend from work has a NOM mexican-infused crock pot recipe:
    4 frozen chicken breasts
    1 can of corn
    1 can of black beans
    1 cup of salsa
    1 block of low-fat cream cheese
    Heat it up while at work then shred the chicken and stir it all up again. She put it over brown rice and it was soooo good. And then the next day it was less soupy so she ate it in a tortilla. I haven’t made it yet but I tried hers. I obviously have thought about putting onions in it.

    • Haha you?? Onions? No way! I made something similar once with:

      1 can black beans
      1 can corn, undrained
      1 can Rotel, undrained
      1 package ranch dressing mix
      1 tsp cumin
      1 Tbsp chili powder
      1 tsp onion powder
      1 8 oz package light cream cheese
      2 chicken breasts

      It was deliciousssss

  7. Yum!! And I LOVE Bodypump! I may have gotten a little too obsessed with it at one point and burnt myself out a little, but it is definitely an awesome all around workout. Especially when you’re not feeling enthusiastic enough to create one on your own.

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