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Hey guys! My brain is sort of all over the place today, so instead of trying to wrangle this into a cohesive post, let’s just chat about life. Sound good?

1. Did you hear that you can no longer bring bags into an NFL football game? The only bags that are allowed must be see-through and meet certain size restrictions (e.g., a Ziploc bag). This means that women who want to go to games can’t bring their purses, diaper bags, camera bags, etc.

I don’t know about you, but the last time I went to a game I took public transportation, and if I was told at the gate that I couldn’t bring my purse in I would probably turn around and go right back home. What are you supposed to do with your purse if you didn’t know about the rule? And who wants to go to a game carrying around a Ziploc bag? I understand the reasoning behind this (supposedly it’s to prevent Boston-marathon-type situations), but it seems a little extreme.

Oh, you can also buy one of these guys at the gate for $8, but I still don’t get what you’re supposed to do with the purse you came with.



2. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here yet, but Fabio got a new job! His first day is Monday. I won’t say too much about it on here, but he will be working with my dad! I think it will be kind of strange for him to be working under my dad, but ultimately it’s a great opportunity for him and he’ll be getting some great new experience (also a pay raise, which doesn’t hurt!). Tonight after work we are going to Mad Rose in Clarendon for his “going away” happy hour with his current coworkers (don’t worry he’s not actually “going” anywhere- in fact, his new job will be an 8ish minute walk from our apartment #jealous). I can’t wait! I’m so happy for him 🙂

3. I don’t know what I should do for Labor Day. Right now I’m torn between going to the beach and staying home. On the one hand, I haven’t been to the beach very much this year, and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE some time on the sand soaking up the rays. Right now Fabio and I are thinking about going to Dewey beach, which is always a blast (even if it was just the two of us, it would still be really fun). The downside to that plan is that it’s expensive and we would have to get someone to watch Jack (there is a Groupon available right now for  a pet sitter for $60, so maybe that will help).

The other option is to stay home and “play tourist” around DC, which might be fun. We would probably take one of those DC duck tours (they are buses that drive around DC but also go in the water) or do some kayaking/stand-up paddleboarding in Georgetown. We also could do some fun things like go out to a nice dinner with some of the money that we would have used at the beach.

What do you guys think? Beach? Or stay home?


4. The time has come- I need a new laptop. Right when I started this little bloggy here back in April of 2012, I bought a cheap laptop that would get me through things like writing blog posts, perusing facebook, and the like. At the time it was super on sale so I think I got it for a little less than $200. The laptop has been great, but I always had my 2007 MacBook on hand in case I needed to do anything more serious. Well, unfortunately when Fabio and I got new carpeting installed back in January, my Mac got stepped on/smushed/damaged and is pretty much unsalvageable (I emailed a computer repair guy and he pretty much told me to give up and replace it. Womp womp). I’ve been managing for a while with just my little cheapy laptop, but if I decide to go back to grad school or ever need to work from home (which happens on occasion) I need something more substantial. I am thinking about buying myself a new computer for my birthday in September, and can’t decide if it should be a PC or a Mac. I LOOOOOVED my Mac so much, but I don’t know if it makes sense financially. What do you guys think?

5. My TV-watching lately has been a little out of control. I am still loving Dexter (omg can you guys believe what happened at the end of Sunday’s episode??) and Breaking Bad has been taking up the rest of my spare TV time (I am halfway through Season 4). It is SO good. I also can’t wait for the new season of Homeland, and at some point when my TV watching schedule isn’t quite so busy (ha) I want to start watching Orange is the New Black. Somebody heeeeeelp!


6. I feel like I have a million little things to do and no time to do them in (methinks number five above is not helping?). I’ve started keeping a list of all the little chorsey things I need to take care of, and have been keeping them on a post-it stuck to my computer monitor at work. You would think this would help motivate me to get them done, but instead I just see them there every day and ignore them. I guess I have more pressing matters at hand? Some of them should be enjoyable (e.g., scheduling the two hour cleaning appointment that I bought a Groupon for) but I still haven’t done it. Whyyy?

7. I just paid for a Stitch Fix. Yep. I got suckered in by this, this, and this. It‘s coming next Wednesday and I CANNOT wait! Not sure what a Stitch Fix is? Go click the links. I dare ‘ya 😉

*Edited to add: If you do sign up for Stitch Fix, I’d love it if you used my code so I can get a discount on my next order! Just use this link:

Alright guys, I think that’s enough rambling for today 😉 Happy Tuesday!

Question of the day: What TV shows do you watch? What kind of computer should I buy? Should I go to the beach or stay home? Heeeeeelp!


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  1. Ah I refuse to click the link of StitchFix because I know I’ll get suckered in, ha. I’d heard about the NFL rule- I am all about safety of course but it’s weird that that this is the best solution all of the brainpower in NFL exec offies can come up with. Congrats to Fabio on the new job! I was same dilemma as you about Labor Day. I wanted to just stay in my city and hang out with friends, but I’m ultimately going to the beach with my parents if that helps 😉

  2. I heard that new NFL rule on the radio yesterday and was peeved!! I always take a Longchomp to hold all of my stuff and typically Chris’ too. I think you can still take small bags, but still not cool. They should just use some of those hefty ticket profits to install metal detectors.

    On the laptop front – I would totally get the Mac, especially if you’re going back to school and are going to be using it a ton. I can’t imagine going back to a PC after a Mac, and I am on my laptop everyday with school in addition to carrying it to class. If you wait to get one until you have a student ID, Apple gives you like a 20% discount, or at least that was the case in December when I replaced my MacBook Pro (after dumping coffee on my old, still semi-new one – tear).

    Chris and I are also obsessed with Breaking Bad, although I must admit I’m a little over the aggressive druggie scenes. The addiction is quite bad and I’m starting to feel lazy at night for not moving my bum off of the couch for multiple hours…. oh well!

  3. A. I have been watching lately: Pretty Little Liars – obvs obsessed, Suits – love me some patrick adams, The Newsroom – Ty got me in to it but I can’t say I’ve caught on very quickly, and my favorite show on TV right now is Graceland – looovee. I can’t wait for the fall shows to come back on! (Chicago Fire & Grimm!)

    B. Stay home 🙂 Kai will be home and we can spend a day in DC or do something fun like that 🙂

    C. If you’re in it for the long haul – go with a Mac. I’m actually mad I didn’t get one when I got my new computer but mine broke literally right before finals senior year so financially it just wasn’t there for me… I got an HP and have loved it but will probably go mac with my next one

  4. As far as shows go, my bf and I used to go over our friends’ apartment for Mad Men on Sundays; that ritual has since been replaced by Breaking Bad. I was really into Dexter for a while but Season 5 sucked so hard I couldn’t get past it. I just can’t stand Julia Stiles in anything. Are you saying it’s worth tuning back into? I love TV, it will take minimal effort to convince me. 🙂

    And with regards to Labor Day, my parents have a condo in Rehoboth, so I will definitely be taking advantage of the change of scenery for a the cost of tank of gas. I’m very familiar with Dewey Beach (it’s our preferred beach for surfing because it’s usually less crowded than Rehoboth), and I don’t think I would rent a place down there over Labor Day. It’s the last busy (and usually expensive) weekend of the summer season. I would say find a group of friends with whom to celebrate here in the city and then take advantage of off-season sales on hotels/restaurants. Whatever you decide, I hope you have fun!

  5. Hmmm. I’d say stay at home and use the money for a nice meal out! That way there’s no stress about getting stuff together to go away and then the stress of sorting stuff out when you get back. And you get to spend time with Jack as well. But it’s up to you! I’m such a home person.
    PC all the way. I can’t work on a Mac. I much prefer Windows and all the Microsoft products. The Mac’s do look cool though and I do have an Ipad but it’s more the cool factor than productivity factor.
    I seriously need to get into Breaking Bad. I’ve heard so much good stuff about it. Ben and me are slowly making our way through the entire Friends boxset. So so good and each episode is only 20 minutes so it’s nice to have bitesize chunks every now and again.

  6. A lot to comment on, Chelsea!

    1) You stop it right now with that Stitchfix! I clicked on just one of the links and I’m sold. I will be signing up later today. Dammit. hahaha.

    2) The Mac vs. PC debate rages in my household as my boyfriend thinks I’m nutty for spending so much money for my Mac. Like you, I’m comfortable with it, I use iMovie and iPhoto all. the. time. and I just prefer its aesthetic to a PC. However, my boyfriend recently bought a PC for about $300 and it works perfectly fine. So you really can’t go wrong with a PC but if you’re willing to splurge for a bit, I’d say do the Mac.

    3) I watch too much TV too. I started “Orange is the New Black” (it’s good) in addition to keeping up with like, 5 other shows. I’m so screwed when fall TV starts up again.

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