Aug 182015

Hello there! Today I am working from home which is quite a nice change of pace. Our apartment building recently got purchased by a new management company and the new staff wants to come in to each unit to do some “general inspections.” The notice said if we have pets we should put them in a “safe location” during the visits, and since that bit of information was pretty vague I just decided to work remotely so I could be home during the visit. Works for me!

I’m supposed to start working in a few minutes, so I’ll keep things short today. Here’s a quick look at my morning so far!

I got to sleep in a bit later than usual for a weekday, and it was glorious waking up and not having to rush around.

Then Jack and I went out for our morning walk and I took him a bit farther than usual since we had some extra time.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but my walks with Jack are often my favorite part of the morning. Having some time to walk around outdoors helps me settle my mind and get ready for the day. I almost always listen to some type of podcast and I really love taking this time to just zone out. Plus Jack is always super happy on our walks, which makes me happy too.

When I came back inside I said goodbye to Fabio and got ready for my workout!

So just a quick update on the workout front: I actually put my ClassPass account on hold for the month of August since I will be traveling to Europe for almost two weeks later this month. As much as I love ClassPass, it is pretty expensive and I’m trying to save money to pay for my trip and for my Invisalign. Putting ClassPass on hold for a month costs $19 and you can still take one class during that month. To me it was worth pausing since every penny counts! I also think I was wearing myself a bit thin with three or more 6:00 am classes every week. I started noticing I was permanently tired and was just having a hard time bouncing back. I think having this month off from early morning classes will help me rest up and get my ClassPass mojo back up.

In the meantime, I’m turning back to my favorite Kayla Itsines workouts! (For those of you who don’t remember when I did those workouts last spring/summer, you can read more about my experience here.) In addition to Kayla’s workouts, I’m sure I’ll continue running outside and incorporating a few other workouts into my schedule, but I definitely want to keep myself on track with fitness and the Kayla Itsines schedule has worked well for me in the past.

Today I did the Legs & Cardio workout and it was just as tough as I remembered. I was nice and sweaty by the end!


P.S. Have I mentioned lately how nice it is to have a fully equipped gym in my building? Because it’s amazing!

After working out I drank a glass of fresh juice with spinach, kale, ginger, celery, a cucumber (from my mom’s garden!), an apple, and some carrots. Delish!


How cute is that NoMa watercolor print above our sink BTW? It was a housewarming gift from our friends James and Shelley!

Then I showered up and made myself a protein-heavy breakfast of a “double protein” English muffin with a piece of breakfast sausage from the freezer and a fried egg. I added a little homemade blackberry jam for some sweetness and it was so tasty!


Sweet and salty is definitely my favorite flavor combo. Plus look at that drippy egg yolk. Yum!


And now we’re all caught up and I’ve got to get to work. I’ll catch ‘ya later!

Question of the day: How do you eat your eggs?

For some reason I really don’t like eggs on their own. If I’m going to have eggs, then I almost always need some type of carb or meat to go with them. Hardboiled eggs are really the only kind I can eat on their own.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of eggs but I wish I was! I’ve mostly just tried them on their own but maybe I should try it on a breakfast sandwich 🙂

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