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Helloooooo! I am in quite the chipper mood today because 1) it’s absolutely gorgeous outside and 2) it’s the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend!! Of course I wish it was the Friday before MDW, especially since I’m not taking off tomorrow like I have in year’s past, but I’m still not upset that we are one day away from a 3 day weekend. Woohoo!

I recently started following Running With Spoons, a new-to-me blog that I first read about on my friend Sam’s blog. It’s a fun, light-hearted food/healthy living blog run by the lovely Amanda. On Thursdays Amanda has a linkup called “Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud,” and after reading along on my own for a couple weeks, I decided it was time to jump in and play along! Plus I’m not planning to post a Favorite Things Friday tomorrow since I figure a lot of people will be out of town and/or hurrying to get out the door for the long weekend. Hopefully this post will be a good combination of the two!


That said, let’s jump right in! Here are my random thoughts on this beautiful Thursday.

1. I have been needing a new everyday purse for months and months now, but the only ones I really like are Kate Spade bags that are way out of my price range. For the last 4 months or so, I have been patiently checking my email alerts waiting for Kate to have a big sale, but for so long there was nothing! Zip, zero, zilch.

On Tuesday morning I was getting tired of waiting so I told myself that as soon as there was any sale at Kate Spade, even if it was only 15 or 20%, I was going to buy the dang purse. A girl can only wait so long! Imagine my euphoria when I opened up my email and saw this.


Hallelujah! I instantly hopped on to the sale site and although they didn’t have the exact purse I wanted, I was able to find something pretty close. Isn’t she lovely?




This purse was originally $278 but was on sale for $129. Great deal! It’s already shipped and I can’t wait for it to come! 🙂

2. I’m thinking about getting a Roomba or some type of robot vacuum, but I can’t tell if they are worth the expensive price tag. In our apartment, Fabio’s main chore is to vacuum, and I do literally everything else. Since Jack has so much black hair and unfortunately sheds quite a bit, the vacuuming is really important and needs to be done at least once a week, if not more.

I feel like I am constantly nagging Fabio to vacuum and he’s always getting annoyed with me about it, but our carpet looks gross when it’s not vacuumed every week. Obviously I could give in and vacuum myself, but I already clean the rest of the apartment by myself (including the tub and toilet thankyouverymuch) so I really want him to help out. I think a Roomba could really help both of us with this problem, but they are so expensive and don’t always work perfectly (according to this and this, anyway). Does anyone have any experience with robot vacuums? What do you think, worth it or not?

3. As soon as the weather gets warm, I pretty much stop doing anything to my hair. In the winter I blow dry my hair just so it doesn’t freeze on my walk to the metro (true story; it’s happened) but when it’s warm out I forgo the hair dryer and just let it air dry! I don’t love how my hair looks when it air dries (what is that?? It’s not straight or wavy?! And those baby hairs!! Gahh!!) but it shaves a couple minutes off my morning routine and is probably way better for my hair. Hey, whatever works!


4. My phone has been doing some really quirky things lately, including not receiving texts or connecting to the internet (basically the only thing it would do is make calls). This has left me in quite a pickle on a number of occasions (not being able to text, use navigation, or search online interrupts your normal life a lot more than you would think) so I finally took my phone into the Apple store yesterday. My sleep/wake button was also not working, and luckily my phone was one of the lucky ones that was eligible for Apple’s loan & repair program, so they shipped it off to be fixed. Woohoo! Today I am all set with my loaner phone and things are working great. It’s so nice to be able to text and use the internet again!

5. We just got this green tea variety pack at work, and it is de-licious. It comes with a bunch of different flavors and so far I have tried Green With Mango, Green With Peach, and “Constant Comment” Green, which is my favorite of the bunch and has hints of orange and cinnamony spices. Yum!

Obviously I always drink this tea in my Kate Spade mug that Claire got me, since it’s my fav.


6. Fabio recently  set up a budget for us each to follow which has really helped me keep track of my finances (that’s a lie- he actually set up the budget for us about a year ago but I only recently decided to start following/monitoring it. Oops!) He calculated how much I should be saving each month, and how much I should have in my checking account as my “ok-to-spend money” during each pay period. He also has a pretty good method for when I should be using my debit card and when the credit card is a better option, so I feel pretty sound in my monetary decisions lately, even when they include a new Kate Spade bag 😉 If anyone is interested in hearing his tips let me know and I’ll have him help me pull a post together!

7. We saw another apartment last night! It was another one in Eastern Market/Capitol Hill and we really, really liked it. This was the first one we saw where we actually started imagining where we would put our furniture, which I think says a lot. The apartment was a little pricier than the other ones we’ve looked at, but it was also the nicest by far. I don’t think we’ve come to any conclusions yet and will probably keep looking around until we see something that is perfect (in our price range AND nice), especially since we do really like where we are now in Arlington, but this one got me all excited 🙂

Ok so that’s all I have for you today! Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you have a great long weekend!

Questions of the day: Would you buy a robot vacuum? How do you split chores in your house? Do you watch your budget? Are you as obsessed with Kate Spade as I am? 😉

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  1. Yeah I pretty much do most of the housework and Ben deals with the garden, car and ‘electrical’ bits and pieces. I don’t really mind if I’m honest and when I’m tired or really busy Ben will take over like a trooper. I’m such a perfectionist that I probably wouldn’t trust a robot hoover… I barely trust Ben to hoover!

  2. I feel you on the dog hair problem! I HATE vacuuming, but we did invest in a good quality vacuum from Costco last year which has made all the difference. While I still dont love it, having to only vacuum for like 3 minutes versus the 10-15 minutes it used to take makes all the difference! Also, I’d love to hear Fabio’s tips! I feel like money management is something that they should probably teach you before you reach adulthood, but no one ever does! So I’m always interested to hear more tips or tools that people use!!

    • Yeah one problem is definitely our current vacuum…it’s one of those two-parters where you have to lug the base around and then use the attached hose to actually vacuum. I hate it but Fabio says apparently it was really, really expensive at one point in time, which is why I have designated it as “his” chore. Haha!

  3. I think your hair looks gorgeous that way! And I definitely know what you mean about being able to appreciate not having to take the extra time to style it. Sometimes I get so fed up with my locks thatI wish I could just chop them all off… except I would never do that because my hair is basically my security blanket. And girl! That bag is GORGEOUS! I have a serious soft spot in my heart for Kate Spade bags.

    • Thanks, Amanda!! And thanks for stopping by 🙂 Kate Spade is dangerous lol I only allow myself to look when I know there’s a sale!!

  4. What a great deal on your Kate Spade! Sadly i’m not as in to handbags as I once was!
    I have a Dyson vaccume and I like it very much. I don’t know about the robot vaccume. I have one of those for my swimming pool and I always have to keep an eye on it. It does some areas over and over ND then misses others! Have a great weekend!

    Ps i’m visiting from the Thursday link up ( my first one)

  5. Kate Spade has the cutest sun glasses and purses! I always try to avoid going to the store or looking at their website because I’m sure I’ll find something that I like! lol

    Your hair looks gorgeous, btw!

  6. I try to watch my money but just recently I graduated with my MA and I have accumulated a lot of loans because my first year I was considered out of state and had no choice but to take out the max amount of loans possible in order to feed myself. I would love any recommendations and tips for keeping track of spending habits! For me, I have been in school and broke for so long that now that I have a real paycheck coming I need to make sure I am smart about my spending.

    I just moved to the Arlington area, but work in the city and a co-worker of mine lives in the Capitol Hill area and seems to really really love it. I think we always have a set price of how much we want to spend in rent but it always seems to be more — hey, that’s what your savings plan is for 🙂

    • Ugh student loans are the WORST. They make everything so much more difficult. Where do you live in Arlington? Fabio and I live in Courthouse/Rosslyn. I used to work on 20th and L which was a really convenient commute, but now I have to go all the way to Silver Spring! That’s one of the main reason we are thinking of moving.

      • I live in crystal city. I had randomly emailed you a couple months ago asking about suggestions! I really liked the courthouse and Clarendon area, thought about living in DC but ended up with a great deal (and close to the metro) here in crystal city 🙂 only been here about 2 weeks but I love it. Really easy commute on the blue line to Farragut west for work. I’ve realized how a commute can really impact you’re entire day! So I definitely would consider morning for commuting reasons! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect apartment soon

  7. UGH! Phone problems drive me insane!!! It’s sad how we are all just so connected to our phones, but at the same time.. THEY ARE NECESSARY!!

  8. That would be great to see a “living on a budget” post – thanks Fabio! I have always been good about watching my spending. But going back to school has taught me to be very tight with my money. So far so good but would love to hear any other tips!

    Cleaning is no fun, but after it is done I feel solo good. Only problem is a few days later it is dirty again. Sometimes when I do a really intense cleaning session I feel like it is a workout!

  9. Please do share some of those tips! Need to really get serious with my finances and appreciate any help.

  10. I love your hair natural! Getting a killer deal on something you already need is magical.

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