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Hi friends! Happy Thursday to ‘ya. I feel like I have a whole bunch of random updates to share with you all, and since it’s Thursday I thought I’d put them all together in one post, thinking-out-loud style. Thanks to Amanda for hosting the linkup!


Here are some of my random thoughts today!

1. Have you guys seen this article in the New York Times about ClassPass? My friend and fellow-ClassPasser Jojo shared it with me earlier this week, and it basically explains some of the pros and cons of ClassPass (in NYC specifically), and discusses why some customers and business owners are unhappy with the service (customers can’t get into classes they want and business owners have issues with ClassPass members paying a lot less than regular studio-goers). I thought it was really interesting, but truthfully I don’t feel too affected by these problems. I know DC’s ClassPass is not as evolved as NYC’s, so maybe that will change over time? We’ll have to see. Are any of you ClassPassers out there unhappy with the service? 

2. I tried a couple of new-to-me workouts this week, and I was impressed by both! On Monday I took a spin class at Wired Cycling, which is about a 10 minute walk from my apartment. I actually didn’t have very high expectations for this workout (not sure why – maybe from the pictures on the website?) but I wound up being pleasantly surprised! All of the bikes were outfitted with the latest technology and two screens at the front of the room showed how your cycling performance compared with the other people in class (similar to FlyWheel). As usual, this brought out my competitive side and I got a fantastic workout! I wound up getting the highest “score” in the class, but there were only five people so it’s not like that was some crazy accomplishment. Still, I was happy! There’s nothing better than literally dripping in sweat before 7:00 am.


The other workout I tried earlier this week was  a boxing class at From the Core Studios. This class was in Columbia Heights so I wound up taking my bike over there for the 6:15 class. The bike ride took me about 13 minutes (I think it was about 2.2 miles) and took me through some cute DC neighborhoods and Howard University. When I arrived I found a spacious studio space with plenty of early morning light.


The boxing class was a lot of fun, and I totally smoked my upper body. By the end of class I could barely hit anything! I liked this class a lot and am planning to head back to this studio to check out some of their other classes (the aerial classes look awesome!).

IMG_2756Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, these classes mean I’m still totally loving ClassPass. 🙂 No surprises there.

3. The hydrangea bushes around my new neighborhood are so beautiful.


Every time I see them I try to take a minute to appreciate how pretty they are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many huge hydrangeas – they line my whole building! Now I just have to get Jack to stop trying to pee on them. Sigh.

4. So apparently there’s this new craze where guys wear funny socks with their business atire; have you guys heard of this? Fabio mentioned to me that he needed some “fun socks” that he could wear to work with his suits. I thought maybe this was just a thing with his coworkers, but then a guy from my work started wearing funny socks too! So weird!

Anyway, the other day I spotted a pack of various lime green socks at Marshall’s for $3 so I picked them up. The pack included one pair that is solid lime green (ha!) but the rest are striped. Fabio seems to like them, so I just wanted to pass along this tip to anyone else out there whose significant other is dealing with this weird craze.


5. This what happens when I try to make dinner and Jack just wants me to play with him.


How can I resist?? Play time > cooking dinner.

6. I recently discovered the podcast A Cast of Kings, which reviews the latest episodes of Game of Thrones. Its too bad I discovered this podcast so late in the season because it’s so fun listening to the hosts discuss each episode! One of the hosts has read the books and the other hasn’t, so they do a good job of giving you a little extra knowledge about the show without spoiling anything.


It’s really great and I can’t wait to listen to it again next season! A new episode came out on Tuesday that discusses the GoT season finale, and it’s so good. Ah!

Psst – find more of my podcast recommendations here

7. Well guys, I am now officially recognized  as a DC resident. Last Tuesday I headed over to the DMV to switch out my Virginia licence plates and driver’s license for DC ones, and my new driver’s license arrived in the mail the other day.


Goodbye, Virginia!

8. I recently received a water bottle from the folks at Bay Alarm Medical and Clean Bottle, who have partnered this summer to bring awareness to dehydration. Staying hydrated is really important, especially during the summer.


These Clean Bottles are dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and guaranteed for life. The best part is that the bottle opens at both ends, making it easy to clean (great for protein shakes!) and easy to add items like large ice cubes and fruit/citrus to your water.


And now it’s giveaway time! Four lucky CET readers will win a free Clean Bottle. Just leave me a comment telling me how you stay hydrated in the summer, and I will pick the winners on Tuesday.

Question of the day: How do you stay hydrated in summer?

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way, and all opinions are my own. I did receive a free water bottle in exchange for this review, and I am always on the lookout for giveaways to offer you, my readers. Thanks, as always, for your support.*

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  1. I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, adding nuun to it when needed and watermelon! Also, you get to smile in your license photo’s?? Yours looks so nice! We can’t 🙁 I always look so grumpy and unnatural in license/health card/passport pics!

  2. I love staying hydrated by drinking as much water as I can during the day at the office. I also like to keep a bottle with me when I am outside.

  3. I stay hydrated by always keeping a bottle of water with me throughtout the day. It reminds me to take sips and refill it when needed.

  4. Jealous you got to ditch the serious-face Virginia license! I refuse to show that picture to anyone haha.

    I stay hydrated by keeping a full water bottle with me at all times. It has been particularly helpful in the DMV lately. HOLY HEAT!

  5. I stay hydrated by eating a lot of watermelon and infusing water with fruit/herbs to make me drink more. My current favorite is watermelon and mint! That water bottle looks amazing!

  6. love fabio’s socks! that’s awesome. i want to get anthony a pair now.

  7. I like to keep some sort of water bottle on me at all times 🙂 If it’s staring at me, I’ll keep drinking it!

  8. I’ve just been refilling my water bottle constantly these days! I try to set goal times to finish each bottle to make sure I’m properly hydrated

  9. I can always use a new water bottle! I’m staying hydrated by drinking Walmart’s affordable, but oh so yummy, calorie-free, sugar-free and everything “free” carbonated pink lemonade and cherry lemonade “sodas.” They are in the pop/soda section and are pink. I buy like 11 every time I go grocery shopping and drink about 1.5 a day (they come in liters). That may sound like a lot, but living in Phoenix, AZ, you have to drink a lot of fluids daily!

  10. What a great water bottle! I’ve been drinking lots of seltzer/sparkling water lately and got a new Nathan bottle for running that has been clutch on these hot days!

  11. I always crave tons of fruit in the summer..especially watermelon! Oh and I chug water, but the fruit is so much more fun!

  12. I too was pleasantly surprised when I checked out wired cycling! I grow mint on my patio to add that to my water — it’s easy since mint grows like crazy and adds an extra kick!

  13. Drinking lots of water and eating fruit with high water content.

  14. I add fruit to my water to give it some flavor!

  15. I love the funky socks trend! I went to school with a guy who always wore funky socks, and I remember him to this day whereas I forgot most of my other classmates. It’s definitely a fun way to stand out a little 🙂

  16. I love drinking sparkling water!

  17. I always carry a camelbak. For some reason I drink more from it than from a cup.

  18. What a cool water bottle! I stay hydrated during the summer by keeping a water bottle with me all day and refilling throughout the day 🙂

  19. That’s hilarious about the socks. Nothing that I’m aware of like that here!!

  20. I stay hydrated by drinking as much water and hot tea as possible!

  21. I used to hate drinking water and all I drank was diet soda but since I started working at a large corporation where they really promote water for all their employees everyone has a cup of ice water with them and I now do too and I am loving it! 🙂

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