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Hi there! I didn’t have anything specific to chat with you about today, so I thought it would be a good time to link up with Amanda for some thinking out loud!

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts and I always like being able to share random tidbits with you, so let’s jump right in!

1. Yesterday I tried a class at a new-to-me studio in Shaw/Mt. Vernon Square called Reformation FitnessI took their Studio Metabolic Conditioning HIIT class at 6:15 pm, and overall I thought it went really well! A warning for those of you who have never been to the studio and are thinking of trying it out: you’ll want to enter from the side door on N St. next to Table, not the door on 9th (shown below).


I learned this hard way and walked right into a Pilates reformer class where literally everyone turned to stare at me. At first I thought maybe I just signed up for a Pilates class by accident and I started putting my stuff away, and then the instructor came over to me and told me that if I was there for the HIIT class I had to go around the corner. Whoops! So embarrassing.

Once I got to the right place I felt much better – the studio was on the small side but had plenty of dumbells, kettle bells, ab mats, etc. for us to “play” with. Nice! The class was structured similarly to a CrossFit class:

  • Warm-up: quick jog around the block
  • Warm-up part two: Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes – 5 kettle bell swings, 3 kettle bell single arm lifts (each side), 5 kettle bell deadlifts
  • Core work: Squats with overhead kettle bell holds (one minute for each arm), one minute plank. Repeated five times (I think?)
  • Workout of the day (WOD): 10 burpees, walk 100 meters with overhead dumbbell extensions, 200 meter sprints. Repeated three times (again, I think?)
  • Tabata abs and stretching to wrap up

For  the WOD we actually left the studio and completed the exercises outside. I always love working out outside!

Overall I would say that I didn’t love this class as much as my favorite Urban Athletic Club classes or even CrossFit Key Bridge classes, but it’s pretty close to my apartment so I’m sure I’ll be back. Maybe I just need to find an instructor with a little more energy? TBD.

2. Fabio and I are on a lucky streak when it comes to finding stuff. This is totally random, but the other day Fabio was coming home from work and he spotted what looked to be a David Yurman bracelet on the sidewalk. He looked online to see if anyone had reported it missing, and even posted something on CraigsList saying he had found it, but no one ever responded. I did some research online and it looks to be the real thing! I’ve also had a few fake and real David Yurmans in my life, and this one feels real to me.


Fabio and my dad bought me the clasp one a few years ago, but the one with the diamonds is the one Fabio recently found. 

Fabio toyed with the idea of selling the bracelet since it’s very expensive and would probably get him a decent amount of money, but after begging him to pleeeeease let me keep it he agreed. 🙂 Hooray!

Then yesterday I was walking to work and I spotted an earring on the sidewalk! It looked like a diamond but I couldn’t really tell so I popped over to a nearby jewelry store on my lunch break to get it checked out. Sadly it wasn’t the real deal (the jeweler’s machine lit up with a red light and made a sad little “womp womp” noise for me, haha) but it was still fun hoping it was real for part of the day. 🙂 I’m not sure why we are randomly finding all this jewelry lately; maybe we just walk with our heads down?? That’s probably not good, haha!

3. I finally remembered to take a better picture of my travel wall collage. Of course then I realized that with the daylight there’s a glare from the windows! Ugh. I don’t know which is worse – TV glare or window glare? Either way, hopefully now you get a better idea of what it looks like on our wall. I’m still loving it!


In fact I look closely at our collage almost every day and I can’t help but feel appreciative for all the cool places we’ve been. We are so lucky!

4. Speaking of travel, I’m getting so excited for our trip to Europe in a couple of weeks! We’ve now planned just about everything (flights, train tickets, Air BnB places to stay, etc.) and my Type A planning self is just itching to update our travel itinerary with every single detail for every single day. I’m so excited! If you have any recommendations for things we must do in Amsterdam, Ghent, Brugges, Brussels, Reims or Paris please share! One thing that’s worrying me is how we’re going to pack everything – we’ll be gone for 11 days and don’t want too much luggage since we’ll be traveling a lot from city to city on the train, so we’re going to try to just bring a couple carry on bags. Yikes! That’s going to be a tough one for me. :-/

5. I bought a new Kindle and I love it. I love reading on a Kindle since it’s small and I can keep it in my purse to read on the metro, in the car, while I’m waiting for someone, or just whenever! Of course I love reading actual books too (there is something so nice about holding a book in your hands and turning a real page) but I read a lot of really long books and it just doesn’t make sense for me to carry them around with me all the time and try to read them with one hand while standing up on the metro. Nope – for me I am all about the Kindle. Anyway, I had my old Kindle (pictured here) for about 4 years and it was just really driving me crazy. Half the buttons stopped working so I could only turn the page on one side and I couldn’t ever use the Kindle store on my actual Kindle because the keyboard was all messed up. Finally about a month ago I caved and bought myself a new one.


I got the Kindle paperwhite with a built-in light and Wifi and it is everything I could have wanted. I LOVE it!

By the way, you can see a list of my favorite books here!

6. I went to CorePower Yoga’s Sculpt class with Anne again on Tuesday, and I was a super sweaty mess when I left.


Each time I go to that class I think to myself, “Surely I didn’t sweat that much last time, did I??” But yes, I seriously do sweat that much during every single class. It’s the best! Clearly I’m still loving it.

7. I saw two adorable pit-bull puppies while walking Jack the other day. They were so tiny and adorable!


I wanted to take one home. Jack didn’t even notice them. Haha!

8. ProCompression is having an amazing sale right now. Use coupon code 60LEGS to get 60% off and free shipping on all compression tights and leggings.


With the code, you can get women’s leggings and tights for $20! Plus free shipping! It’s an amazing deal but they’re already running out of sizes so act fast if you want some!

9. Fabio and I are meeting some of our favorite married friends for dinner tonight. 


Megan and JR just got back from their honeymoon a couple weeks ago and we’ve all been really busy this summer, so I can’t wait to catch up with them! Woohoo!

Question(s) of the day: Do you prefer an e-reader or real books? Also, how often do you read?

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  1. I love my kindle!! I’m the same, I read a lot and whenever I used to go on a trip my case would be half filled with just books! All about the kindle. Also, that Big Little Lies book is really good! Also The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriaty is good too!

  2. Definitely go to Singel 404 in Amsterdam for an awesome, massive open face sandwich. You should also go to the Anne Frank house. I would get there early in the morning because the line gets super long right away (I waited for about 1.5 hours and we arrived at ~8:30). Then grab an incredible pancake afterwards at the Pancake Bakery, which is just a short walk away (Amsterdam is known for pancakes, and a bunch of celebrities have gone to this restaurant!). Also, consider taking a red light district tour at night. I did all my abroad city tours through Sandeman’s – free, funny, and informative. The red light district is alarming and a bit disturbing, but having a tour really educates you on why those women do what they do. If I think of any more recs I will definitely let you know 🙂 So jealous of your European adventure! I miss being abroad so much, but I can’t wait to live vicariously through you when I read all about it on your blog!

  3. So- I’ve never commented before- but just wanted to give you maybe a couple travel tips. They’re pretty standard, so you may know them already, but just in case…
    1. Don’t pack cute shoes. They’re uncomfortable to walk all over Europe in (seriously- the cobblestone streets will hurt) and bulky. Wear your most comfy tennis shoes or flats on the plane and plan on wearing them most of time.
    2. Pack a pillowcase. You never know how clean your airbnb place will be and it’s just nice to have something you know is clean:)
    3. I did 12 days in Europe with one pair of pants, two skirts and a pair of shorts (in a carry on). The skirts roll up so small, wear the pants to travel and shorts don’t take up much room. That gives you plenty of space for shirts to keep your wardrobe interesting.
    4. Wear your jacket on the plane. It’ll get cold anyway, you can use it as a pillow and then you don’t have to pack it.
    5. Use a medium-sized tote bag for your purse. You can keep all your important documents in it, plus a water bottle, your kindle, camera (if you’re not using your phone) and touch-up make-up. It won’t be too bulky, but you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.
    6. I don’t know what type of bag you have, but if you can choose, I’d pick a carry-on duffle. Roll bags are nice- but if you’re walking all over Europe to catch trains, find your lodging etc, their streets are not really conducive to wheels and you’ll have to carry it anyway. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want something that has a shoulder strap.
    7. Take a grocery bag to put your dirty clothes in so they don’t mix with the clean clothes you haven’t worn yet.

    Hope you have a great time!

  4. I seriously love your travel collage! What an amazing way to keep track of all the places you’ve been. And I’m huge on books, but I have yet to buy an actual e-reader. I know they’re super convenient, but I can’t give up the feel of having an actual book in my hands.

  5. I love that Travel Wall collage! What a creative way to capture memorable trips! I still prefer to hold a book in my hand and feel the pages!

  6. i used to go to reformation fitness all the time when I lived in logan circle. such good workouts!

  7. I couldnt live without my Kindle. Take my phone, take the tv, take my computer – leave a fully stocked Kindle and I’d be good.

    If you need more ideas on where to go/what to do while you’re in Europe, check out this blog:

    She’s a master traveller, and does a lot of cool things during her life abroad.

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