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Ever since I had surgery on my foot and was bound to crutches almost two weeks ago, I have been struggling to figure out my workout routine. As I mentioned, I have a Pilates DVD that I’ve been able to do, but that’s gotten old quickly. After searching – and failing – to find something more stimulating that would work for me, I decided to create my own workouts!

All of these workouts can be done lying down or sitting up without putting weight on your feet. Granted these workouts are pretty limited and won’t exactly leave you dripping in sweat, but when you can’t put weight on your legs you’re pretty limited anyway.

I’ve found these workouts to be really helpful in allowing me to feel like I’m still getting some sort of exercise in, and I hope that by posting them here I can help other fitness fanatics with lower leg injuries get a good workout too!

About the Workouts

There are three workouts total: one arms and abs, one legs and abs, and one full body. I would plan on doing each workout once a week and using your other days as rest days, since you’re supposed to let your body rest and recover when you’re injured.

I should note that these workouts aren’t exactly perfect; you’re not going to be working your legs and your full body as much as you’d probably like, but it’s the best solution I could come up with for working out without putting any weight on your feet.

All of these workouts include two circuits with about four exercises each. When completing them, I set a timer for 7 minutes and try to complete as many rounds of the circuit as possible in that amount of time (usually about two rounds). Once the 7 minutes is up, I take a minute or two to rest before moving on to the next circuit. I repeat this whole process again until I’ve done each circuit two times for a total of 28 minutes (not including rest time). For those of you who have completed a workout from Kayla Itsines, you will notice these are structured the same way.

Workout 1: Arms & Abs. Hooray for muscles I can actually work on! To be totally honest, I usually neglect my abs and arms in favor of my legs, which are naturally stronger for me. This injury to my foot has really given me the opportunity to focus on my arms and abs, which will hopefully be a lot stronger by the time I’m recovered.

Arms and Abs workout for lower leg injuries - from ChelseaEatsTreats.com

Below are video demonstrations of some of the moves:

Workout 2: Legs & Abs. Ok, so most of these moves are not really going to work your legs too much, but considering I can’t even put any weight on my right leg right now, this was the best alternative I could come up with. Some of the Pilates moves (side leg lefts and inner thigh lifts) will definitely work your legs a bit, but many of the others are just ab moves that happen to use your legs. It’s really, really hard to work out your legs with an injury like this, but at least these circuits get them moving.

Legs and Abs workout for lower leg injuries - from ChelseaEatsTreats.com

Below are video demonstrations of some of the moves:

Workout 3: Full Body. This is my favorite workout of the three, since it combines moves from the other two workouts to work your entire body. It might not get you dripping in sweat, but it will definitely make those muscles burn!

Full body workout for lower leg injuries - from ChelseaEatsTreats.com

Below are video demonstrations of some of the moves:

Other demonstrations can be found under the other two workouts above.

Important Notes

It’s important to remember that each injury is different, and what works for me might not work for everyone. For example, although I can’t walk on my foot I can gently rest it on the ground, making some of these moves possible for me that wouldn’t be possible for others. I can also bend my foot since this isn’t an ankle injury, which makes it possible to do some of the moves that require a flexed vs. pointed toe, and vice versa. Basically I just have to point out that these workouts worked for me, but you have to do what’s best for you and your body. Talk to your doctor first if you have any concerns.

When completing these workouts you should also be very careful to pay attention to your form or you could wind up hurting yourself even worse.

Always take it easy, especially when dealing with an injury, and remember to listen to your body. If you need to rest, rest!

I hope you find these helpful!

Question of the day: What exercises can you think of that you can do lying down or sitting up? List them below!

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  1. That’s tough! I’ve (*knock on wood*) never had an injury like this, but it sounds like you’re making the best of it! Have you looked into any barre-type workouts? A lot of the classes I’ve been to have a lot of moves where you are on the floor working small muscles in your legs. You could probably do some of the arm moves sitting instead of standing too. Also, check out some blogilates videos (on youtube). A lot of her ab and arm moves can be done sitting/laying down.

  2. Im glad you are able to offer workout adaptations for people who may be in a similar situation. It’s also cool to be able to think outside the box and it’s great that you’ve still managed to keep active. Hope your healing is progressing as planned!

  3. You should do some planks on your knees!! Still the same muscles just no weight through the foot… also side planks from your knee with a clam shall added in (burn those abductors! great move for runners 🙂 and make sure to keep your tummy tight with those) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mczCZugigs8

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