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Hello, hello! Is everyone excited for the weekend? I have a few fun holiday activities on the agenda, so I’m obviously pumped! Is today over yet?

Before we can get to the weekend fun, let’s take a look back at my workouts this week. I had some really good ones, and I am feeling the effects of them today. I’m actually pretty sore!


I worked from home on Monday since Jack had an appointment with the vet, so I slept in later than usual and then took Jack on a short (2ish mile) run. It was nothing crazy, but it got me moving which was nice! I haven’t been running much at all lately – I’ve been trying to make the most out of ClassPass since it’s so expensive – so whenever I can hit the pavement with my furry little guy it makes me happy.


Tuesday morning kicked off with a 6:00 am spin class at FlyWheel!


I’m so happy that FlyWheel classes are on ClassPass because I absolutely love them! There is nothing better than sweating my butt off while zoning out to awesome music. I get so much energy and a surge of happy endorphins when a song with a great beat comes on, and we’re told to sprint our fastest. It’s the best!

I also love that the room is really dark so I don’t have to worry about how my sleepy eyes and messy hair looks at 6:00 am. It’s definitely a perk.

Tuesday’s class was with Richard, and although I’ve taken his class before, I found this one to be really challenging for some reason. Phew! It was a tough one.


On Wednesday morning I actually went back to FlyWheel, but this time for their FlyBarre class with my favorite instructor, Stephen!


Stephen is just the best and I love his fun playlist and awesome energy. Of course, he kills me with his tough barre movements, but that’s what he’s supposed to do, right? He wound up pushing us through some really intensive inner and outer thigh work – ugh – but he had a great “Let it Go” remix from Frozen playing with a fast beat, so I was happy.

His arm sequence was also really tough, and I was proud of myself for sticking with my heavier set of weights for the whole thing and not dropping down. BTW, it’s crazy that the “heavier” weights were only three pounds, and my lighter set was only two! Barre weight training is just so different from any other type, and all those micro-movements really get you in the end!


On Thursday, I joined my friends Anne, Kathleen, and Karen for a fun workout at our favorite spot, Urban Athletic Club!


This week Graham taught our class, which was nice since I hadn’t taken one of his classes in months. I feel like his classes are a little more strength-focused, whereas our other favorite instructor, Teisha, tends to incorporate a little more cardio. Both instructors are awesome, and it’s good to switch things up. 🙂


For Thursday’s workout, Graham had us moving from station to station and completing exercises like shuttle runs, push-ups, pull-ups, pistol squats, frog jumps, bear crawls, tricep work, goblet squats and more. Phew! It was a tough one!

For our “half time” exercise, Graham taught us how to do “Turkish get-ups,” which I had never tried before. They were pretty tough and I’m not sure I got the hang of them 100%, but it was good to practice! We wound up recreating part of the move in our group picture above. 🙂

As for today, I was originally planning to take another 6:00 am spin class – this time at Zengo – but last night I was feeling pretty sore and tired so I decided to make today an impromptu rest day. Waking up super early every day takes a lot out of you, and sleep is important too!

I’m thinking I’ll try to squeeze in another workout of some sort – either a run or a class – sometime this weekend, but we will see what happens. 🙂

Question of the day: Do you like taking structured classes or are you more of a do-your-own thing person?

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