Jul 162014

Hi friends! Like most of our generation, I appreciate the humor of a good animated GIF now and then. I’ve seen a few other bloggers post their favorite animated GIFs, and then come up with clever captions/scenarios to match (love this one!). Because I love reading these posts so much, I thought I’d take a shot at writing my own. Enjoy!

*All GIFs come from here and here*

This is how I feel…

When I follow someone’s directions at work, and then they’re wrong and I get in trouble.


When I can’t find the remote/phone/keys/shoes, etc.


When my two selves battle (the healthy side vs. the chocoholic side) and the chocoholic side wins.


When I thought a 4 mile run was on my training plan for the day, but it’s really 7.


When my friend ran 20 miles before 10:00 am on Saturday, and then biked to the bar where we were drinking.


When I’m asked to be a bridesmaid.


When something happens that’s great for the company/client, but really means 100 times more work for me.


When my computer decides it hates me and freezes.


When it’s time for bed and I want to snuggle with Jack.


When Fabio surprises me with food.


That’s all!

Question of the day: Did you like this post? If so, I will try to make it a regular feature here on CET 🙂

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  8 Responses to “This is How I Feel When…”

  1. Haha these were so fun! I usually am not a huge fan of gifs in posts because they make my brain hurt a little bit (too much movement when I’m trying to read!), but I like a dedicated post like this! And I’m 100% with you on the GoT ones!

  2. Hilarious! My favorites were the Chocoholic and Excessive ones!

  3. Love these! You got a few LOL’s from me. Love the: When something happens that’s great for the company/client, but really means 100 times more work for me.

    So so true!

  4. Ha ha..totally funny. I like the one about the 4/7 mile run!

  5. Hehe I can relate to so many of these!!
    I do enjoy a good gif but sometimes they can be a bit tedious if there are a lot of them in a post as my computer just goes crazy.

  6. I love gifs because they usually make me laugh. I try and find really absurd ones sometimes. I totally support this post!

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