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Three and a half months after getting bunion surgery on my foot, my doctor has finally cleared me to resume all high impact exercises, including running. I have been dreaming about this day for months, and at times when I was hopping around my apartment on one foot and wearing the peg-leg, I thought it would never come.

This Tuesday was my very last appointment with my foot doctor, and he said everything healed up great! For some reason my scar healed a little funny and is more noticeable than he would like (he thinks I must have sensitive skin or may have had some type of allergic reaction) but other than that my foot is perfect! Of course a big scar on my foot is less than ideal, but I decided to get this surgery to relieve the pain I was feeling, not because of how it would look afterword. Right now I am so happy that I got this surgery out of the way, and I’m planning to write up a post  with all my thoughts soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let me tell you about my first run!

To prepare for this day, I decided to treat myself to a new pair of running shoes. All of my old shoes are broken in to fit my bunion, and my foot isn’t shaped like that anymore! Plus I wanted to reward myself for going through this whole process, so I thought new running shoes were the perfect post-surgery treat.

Over the last few weeks I did some research and ultimately decided to purchase the Brooks Glycerin 12s after reading many positive reviews online. I wound up trying them on at Dick’s Sporting Goods a few weeks ago, and after feeling how comfortable they were on my feet I decided to pull the trigger!


All of my past running shoes have been Asics that I got for much cheaper, so investing in such an expensive pair of running shoes was a big deal for me. However, I figured that if there was ever a time to splurge on good shoes, this was it!


At my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, my doctor actually suggested I purchase a new pair of running shoes before I hit the pavement to fit the new shape of my foot. Don’t worry Doc, I told him, I took care of that a long time ago. 😉 Haha!

Then yesterday morning, it was time to run!


The Brooks Glycerins felt great on my feet (they’re light-weight and cushy), and I love the bright colors too.


My doctor initially told me to spend a day or two speed walking and then slowly work my way up to running, but honestly I didn’t really think that was necessary. I’ve been speed walking for the last three weeks or so (I walk really fast when I’m getting to and from the metro) and I haven’t had any issues. I’ve also accidentally run a few times while trying to cross the street before a light turns or when trying to hop on a metro that’s about to leave, and none of that has been painful at all (in fact, most times I didn’t even realize I had done it until it had already happened).

Yesterday morning I decided to start speed walking for a block, and then once I was feeling good I started jogging a little bit. Nothing hurt or felt uncomfortable at all, so I just kept going.

My very first run was a casual (and slow!) one mile jog with Jack in the morning. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and I was so happy to be back out there.


Then yesterday afternoon Fabio joined me for another slow one mile jog up to the dog park. It was so pretty out!


Everything still felt really good, and I didn’t have any pain or swelling at all. If anything I guess I would say my right foot just felt a little stiff, but that’s honestly it.


These two runs made me feel like my foot is finally fully healed, and I could NOT be happier. Now it’s time to ease back into running longer distances, and getting some high impact cardio back in my routine! Woohoo!

Question of the day: Do you always follow your doctor’s advice?

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  1. I have always gone to a running store to get a running analysis and fitted for shoes every time I need to replace them. I learned the hard way when I was running in shoes that weren’t good for my gait and ended up injuring myself. Now I make sure to have someone else help me when I get new ones haha.

    Funny, I’ve always run in Brooks but this time went w the Asics and am having a hard time adjusting to them. Maybe it’s a sign…

    Congrats on getting back into running!

  2. When it comes to running I do tend to follow the advice given to me because I know I’ll be stupid otherwise. The trainers look really nice – love the colour. Glad you’re back into running – how exciting 🙂

  3. YAY!! I’m sure it feels so amazing to be back to running. I am getting a bit antsy myself since running stopped being comfortable about 4 months into my pregnancy, and I cant wait to get back to it. It sounds like you’re being smart about it, even if you’re not following the doctor’s advice exactly. Take it slow and easy for awhile, and let your foot get comfortable! The last thing you need is to get injured again!

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