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Hellooooooo, and happy Monday! ūüėČ

All in all we had a pretty nice weekend over here, and we were granted with some beautiful weather both days. Can’t complain about that! Here’s a peek at what I was¬†up to.


As seems to be tradition around here lately, I made one of my homemade cast iron skillet pizzas on Friday. I let the dough rise for longer than normal (I typically get too impatient and just want pizza RIGHT NOW) so it came out extra delicious. I also made sure to use the pizza seasonings that Hana got for me, so the crust was nice and garlicky. Yum!


Here’s another view so you can see the skillet better. Jack was hungry too!


Fabio and I spent the rest of the evening watching Vice, which is a super crazy news show on HBO. Basically they send their reporters to the most dangerous/obscure/conflicted areas of the world and report on what’s going on there without hiding any of the facts. You can watch the trailer here, and if you have HBO (which you should, hello GoT) I definitely recommend watching it.


Fabio and I had a lot of plans for Saturday, so I was up at 7:30 am for a run. I honestly think there is no better way to kick off a weekend than with a long, relaxing run. Since we had so much going on on Saturday I limited my run to a little more than 4 miles, which was just enough to get sweating and still feel like I accomplished something.

It was a little cloudy early in the morning, but it was still beautiful!


I took Jack with me too, of course ūüėČ


Once again the tulips were looking mighty fine over by Iwo Jima! I hadn’t seen those since last year!


As soon as I got home I quickly showered and changed because Fabio and I had plans to view two¬†apartments over in Captiol Hill/Eastern Market, one at 10:00 am and another at 11:00 am. We are still poking around at apartments in that area trying to figure out if we really want to move (we love our apartment in Arlington but want to try city living too) so it was really helpful for us to see some new spaces. We didn’t really like the first apartment we saw on Saturday (even though it did have a nice little patio!) but we really liked the second one we saw. It wasn’t absolutely perfect (it was an English basement apartment with not quite enough windows) so we will keep looking, but it gave us hope!

In between the two apartment showings we had just enough time for a quick breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien.


Coincidentally I had¬†just¬†been looking up this restaurant last week for something else, so when I spotted it with its adorable outdoor tables I was sold. I wound up getting a croissant with “Paris ham” and gruyere cheese, along with a small side salad and fresh squeezed orange juice. Everything was phenomenal! If we wind up moving to this neighborhood I would¬†not be upset with the food choices. There are so many cute places!!


After breakfast and apartment hunting we shopped around Eastern Market for a little while. I was looking for a hat to wear to a Kentucky Derby-themed Drink the District later in the day, and I had a lot of fun trying on some ridiculous options. This one was impossible to see under! It was so floppy that I could only see if I held completely still with my head at just the right angle. Ha!


I wound up buying a more simple hat, which you see below! At around 1:00 pm Fabio and I met a bunch of our friends for the Drink the District event. Here I am with my former coworker/sorority sister/roommate Lauren!


Love her!


Fabio and I had a lot of fun dressing up for this event. We both had everything on hand already with the exception of my newly-purchased hat and a bow-tie that Fabio also picked up at Eastern Market. It took us both about 20 minutes to figure out how to tie his tie, but we got it in the end!


Here we are with some more of the group- these are more of my sorority sisters plus some friends ūüôā


I also ran into my old coworker Diane and her friend! This was such an awesome surprise since I haven’t seen her in about two weeks. I miss being able to chat with her every day! Luckily we will probably meet up again this week for another barre3 class.


We spent the remainder of our day at the Drink the District event, and when we got home I immediately crashed. Drinking all day will do that to you!

Later in the evening my friend Bianca stopped by and convinced us to come over to her apartment for a little while, and we accepted even though I was still pooped. We hung out there for a little while and considered going to the bar with them, but I was too sleepy! I dragged us home (but not before taking a picture with these ladies!!) which was an excellent choice.



It was fun to see Bianca and her friends and I am so, so glad we didn’t try to go out.


Sunday was a rest day on all accounts! I made some smoothies for breakfast since I figured all that alcohol probably drained any nutrients we had left in our bodies.


It was another gorgeous day so I spent some time outside reading and relaxing, and Fabio and I took Jack to the dog park in the afternoon. We also got some laundry done and did some chores around the apartment, so it was nice to catch up on life. Phew!

I also felt pretty gross with myself for all the alcohol and crappy food I consumed over the weekend (sadly a 4 mile run does not erase everything bad I put into my body) so I did some research and have come up with a new plan to reset my nutrition and exercise routines. Details to come!

Question of the day: Did you celebrate the Kentucky Derby?


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  1. Looks like a fun weekend!! Your dress from the Derby event is so cute! But I completely understand the crappy feeling – I feel like the more I eat well, the crappier I feel when I actually DO eat like crap! It’s amazing how that happens! In college I could live off of greasy pizza and not feel any worse for the wear. Also, I really need to try this whole skillet pizza thing. It looks amazing every time you make it!

    • Totally- eating healthfully 80% of the time makes you feel horrible the other 20%. Bleh. It’s worth it for that pizza though, haha!

  2. Love that you guys got all dressed up in hats and bow ties. How cool! My mum is off to the Royal Scot Racing thing and she has to wear a hat to that – it’s all very fancy and posh.

  3. Such cute derby outfits! I saw so many derby parties around the city of Chicago but sadly, I didn’t participate. It seems like you and Fabio pack your weekends full of activities, which I think is so fun. Here’s a potential blog post topic for you: how you plan out your week and weekend! I’m curious how you guys are able to see and do so much in 48 hours!

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