May 202016

Hey friends! Happy FriYAY! I woke up in an excellent mood today. The sun is shining (even if it’s going to be short-lived again) and I’m really excited for this weekend!

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and although the weather is calling for 100% chance of rain and chilly temperatures, I know we’re still going to have a great time. A little rain can’t stop us!

Before we get to all the fun of the weekend though, let’s take a look at some other highlights from my week!

Favorite Breakfast

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love when Fabio cooks me breakfast. I think there’s just something about having someone else cook for you that seems to makes the food taste better. Is it just me?

I was especially loving his toast + sriracha + avocado + egg this week, but he also made me an arepa with cheese and an egg on another day. Delicious!


Favorite Dinners

We also had some really tasty (and easy) dinners this week! One night I made this egg white pizza bake complete with lots of veggies, pepperoni, sausage, and cheese. It’s all about balance! 😉 I strayed from the recipe a bit by spooning some tomato sauce over the top before I added the cheese, and it turned out great! There were tons of leftovers too, which is always nice for packing for lunch. I will definitely be making this again.


Jack is such a creeper.

We also are still loving our salmon!


The brown sugar salmon with avocado crema recipe from Eating in the Middle continues to be a favorite in our house, especially when it’s served with asparagus and couscous on the side. Yum!

Favorite Sight

Spring!! I just love this time of year when all the trees are bright green and everything looks so fresh. My apartment complex has a lot of really nice landscaping around it, and I especially love the rose bushes that are in bloom right now next to the dog park. So pretty!


Favorite Sweat

Like usual, I took a bootcamp class with my friends Anne and Kathleen this week, and we had a great time catching up while getting our sweat on! This time we took our fitness adventure over to the Metabolic Resistance Training class at  Definitions in Georgetown, which continues to be one of our favorite bootcamps. It’s a tough one!


Speaking of friends and fitness, this was the second week in a row where I’ve bumped into a few friends at FlyWheel during the 6:00 am spin class. While I always enjoy bumping into old friends, sometimes 6:00 am is too early for small talk with someone you haven’t seen in five years. I don’t think my brain is awake that early, haha!

Also since the sun was finally out toward the later half of the week, I was able to go for a run with my favorite four-legged running buddy. 🙂


Running with Jack always puts a smile on my face.

Favorite Weeknight Activity

This week we got to see Megan and JR for happy hour! Once I got out from work, the cloudy skies were starting to clear up, and I was more than ready for a drink.


Fabio and I wound up walking to happy hour, which was at Biergarten Haus on H Street. We are still thinking we might want to buy a row home in this area if we can find one in our price range, so we had fun taking a leisurely stroll to check out all the houses we’ve ogled on RedFin.

During our walk we passed this cute community garden, which is available to all the people who live in that neighborhood. I love this idea!


When we arrived, we had fun trying to pronounce the German beers on the menu. Weihenstephaner Kristall-Weiss…how do you say that?!


Then we ordered our giant beers, and enjoyed a mini date on the roof until Megan and JR arrived a little later.




Once Megan and JR got there, I was too busy chatting and having fun to take any more pictures. It’s always so fun getting together with them!

Favorite Trip

Next week we are traveling to Colombia for vacation!! We leave Wednesday morning and I am so excited. Our friends Jojo and Jadd are meeting us down there, and pretty much all of Fabio’s family will be there too! We have lots of fun activities planned including touring Medellin and Cartagena, boat rides, horse back riding, spending time with family by the pool, and more. It should be a blast!


[Medellin, Source]


[Cartagena, Source]

I’m going to try to get a few posts scheduled for you guys while I’m away, but I’m pretty busy between now and when we leave so I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to write. Is there anything in particular you guys want to hear about?

Let me know!

Question of the day: What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled?

You can see some of my recaps from other trips here!

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May 082015

When I woke up this morning, the first thought that popped into my head was literally, “Thank God it’s Friday.” I guess that’s why people say TGIF all the time, right?

This week was a busy one for me at work, but luckily I had a lot of fun activities to keep me going. Here were some of the highlights from my week!

Favorite Purchase

Ever since I joined the VIP membership of Fabletics back in February, I have been treating myself to new workout gear at the beginning of each month. For the last two months I haven’t been buying full outfits from Fabletics, but instead have just been replenishing my workout top supply (I have plenty of pants at the moment, but can always use more tops).

Last month I bought the  Taho Tank in bright pink for $34 (which I love!) and this month I ordered the Norwalk tank in the Cucumber/Animal Impressions Print, also for $34.

Fabletics Norwalk Tank CucumberAnimal Impressions Print

These tops have been great to wear to all the yoga and barre classes I’ve been going to lately, but they also work great for more sweaty exercises like spin and bootcamps. So far I am loving my VIP membership with Fabletics, but am also happy that I can skip any month I want. If you haven’t signed up yet (<– affiliate link, FYI), but are thinking about doing it, I definitely recommend it!

Favorite Dinner

Fabio and I have a bunch of stuff in our freezer we are trying to use up before we move to DC next month (eeek! Details coming next week!), one of which was some smoked salmon Fabio’s dad gave us a while ago. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever really eaten smoked salmon without an everything bagel underneath it (yum) so I really didn’t know what we were going to make with it. Luckily when I turned to Google, I found this recipe for corn pancakes with smoked salmon and lemon-chive cream.


All I can say is wow! I loved the sweet and spicy corn pancakes, and definitely want to start incorporating them into more meals (they would be great with some kind of spicy slaw!). The smoked salmon on top was the perfect salty/briny compliment, and the lemon/chive cream (I subbed Greek yogurt for sour cream, FYI) was a fun finish! If you’re ever stuck with some random smoked salmon, you absolutely have to try this dish!

Favorite Aww

The other night Fabio and Jack headed into the bedroom while I finished up some work on the blog, and when I came in to join them I was greeted with this scene.


Umm…Jack? Where am I supposed to sleep?


This little furball is just too cute (and maybe thinks he is a human?), and I couldn’t resist making him move. Instead I scooted him over a bit, and curled up to him to take my pace as little spoon. Sigh. The life of a dog owner.

Favorite Sweat Sessions

I am continuing to enjoy my membership with ClassPass, and this week I got some excellent workouts in. On Monday I hit up CorePower Yoga’s 6:00 am sculpt class, which is always super sweaty and fantastic. Then on Tuesday morning I joined my good friend Jojo for a spin class at FlyWheel Dupont. (Note: Flywheel is not on ClassPass – yet? – but if you sign up and make an account your first class is free!)


I absolutely loved the class, and am planning to write a full review of the studio next week. Stay tuned!

Then on Wednesday I joined Fabio and my friend Anne for a 7:00 am class at one of my favorite gyms, Urban Athletic Club!


This was my first time back at UAC post-foot surgery where I didn’t have to modify any of the moves, and I felt great. I was so happy to be back!

It was nice to have Fabio there with us too – he’s trying to get in better shape before his sister’s wedding in Jamaica in a few weeks. 🙂

Tomorrow the three of us are planning to join UAC for their OutRun, a fun three mile(ish) run with short bootcamp-style workouts thrown into the mix. I can’t wait! (You can read about my past experiences with OutRun here and here.)

Oh and just as a random side note, I was pretty hungry after Tuesday morning’s UAC class, so in addition to my breakfast I ate half of a chocolate peanut butter Premier Protein bar I had in my snack drawer at work.


The company kindly sent me a few samples to try out (including some of their protein shakes, which I hope to try this weekend!) and I was so happy to have this snack on hand! It was really tasty and with 30g of protein per bar, it definitely helped my muscles recover after the tough workout.

Favorite Weather

You guys – the weather this week has been absolutely perfect! Each day has been not too hot and not too cold, and you can bet I’ve spent as much time outside as possible. A couple of days this week I was able to take my lunch and my kindle out to our office’s fourth floor courtyard, and enjoyed some serious sunshine while eating my lunch.


We’ve also been letting Jack run around off-leash for longer than usual in the evenings, which has been really nice since he has so much fun and Fabio and I love being outside in the beautiful weather. This week he made a new friend too; I think his name was Milo!


May is definitely my favorite month! 😀

Favorite Celebration

Speaking of May…we had a pretty fun little Cinco de Mayo celebration at casa Chelsea and Fabio on Tuesday!


Fabio made us a pair of delicious margaritas, and served them in our favorite festive margarita glasses that my grandma gave me (if you can’t see, they have chili peppers painted on them). These glasses are the best!

While we sipped our drinks, I turned on a Songza playlist for Cinco de Mayo and helped Fabio cook dinner. While we cooked, I danced around with Jack a bit in the living room and tried to get him to salsa with me. Haha! Note: Dogs do not understand salsa. He pretty much just tried to chase my feet the whole time. 😉

Once dinner was ready, I enjoyed two delicious steak tostadas with homemade quacamole, brown rice and Colombian cheese sprinkled on top.



Favorite Girls Night

Last night I met up with three of my former-coworkers-turned-friends, Jojo (lucky me – I saw her twice in one week!), Claire and Brittany, for a happy hour at Mio in downtown DC. It was a gorgeous night, and luckily we were able to snag a table outside.


I got myself a delicious mojito, and then we shared a bunch of fried, cheesy delicious appetizers.


We wound up talking for a few hours, and it was so much fun to catch up them! I miss seeing these ladies every day, but I am so thankful we are all really good at keeping in touch. 🙂


And with that, I’ll wrap up this super long post. A long Favorite Things Friday post just means I had an awesome week, right? 😉

Question of the day: What’s your favorite month?

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Mar 132015

Hi friends! Happy Friday to ‘ya. It’s a great day over here because I have the day off from work. Woohoo! This week I celebrated my one year anniversary with my job, and as part of the company policy I got one extra vacation day that I had to use this week. Nice, right? Who doesn’t want an extra day off from work? I’m planning to spend the day shopping with my mom, so it should be a lot of fun. 🙂

As always, I wanted to share some other things that have been making me smile this week in today’s Favorite Things Friday post!

Favorite Sip

Last night Fabio and I headed over to a new bar in Crystal City, Highline, to meet our friend Brian for happy hour. Brian is one of my oldest friends (we went to elementary school – high school together) and by some weird coincidence he recently started working for the same company as Fabio. We decided to schedule a happy hour to catch up and talk about their new jobs, which was definitely overdue since we hadn’t seen him in about a year.

Highline was a really fun spot (it’s owned by the same people as Penn Social) and we had a great time hanging out at the bar ordering different beers and appetizers.


My favorite drink of the evening was the Smuttynose Winter Ale, which I actually tried for the first time about a month ago when we went out in Capitol Hill after brunch. It was delicious! Definitely a new favorite!

Overall the evening was such a blast, and it was really nice to catch up with such a good friend.

Favorite Weather

I think a lot of you will probably agree with me when I say that the change from snow to sunshine this week has been so nice!


I don’t know what it’s been like where you are, but each day this week has had highs in the 50s and 60s. WOOHOO! With the added sunshine from daylight savings time in the evening, and lots of birds chirping in the mornings, it has finally felt like spring. Thank goodness!

This weather really puts me in the best mood, and I sort of feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I walk in the warm sunshine. Is that weird? I know seasonal depression is a real thing, so I guess it makes sense that this warmer weather is making me insanely happy. Keep it coming, Mother Nature!

Favorite Change

This afternoon I’m planning to get my hair cut, and am thinking of doing something new. I’ve worn my hair long with side swept bangs for the longest time (scroll up and take a look at my main picture on the right to see how I usually get it cut – that picture was taken the day after one of my last hair cuts), but now I’m thinking about switching things up.

Since it’s spring I was thinking I would go a little shorter – maybe something like this?



I also like the look of this next cut, but would want it to be a bit longer since I’m in two weddings this summer and want to make sure it won’t be too short to have a cute wedding hairstyle. My hair grows relatively quickly so I don’t think this would be too much of an issue, but I just want to make sure I don’t get something crazy short in length.



We will see!

Favorite Growth

I know I told you guys last week about my orchid plant from last May that randomly decided to bloom, but I just have to show you more pictures of how it’s looking this week.


Right now there are five flowers, and six more buds getting ready to open. Isn’t that crazy?


I just think it’s so odd that nothing happened with this plant for so long and I just kept watering it for kicks, and now I’m getting all these beautiful flowers.


My friends say I must have a green thumb, but I still like thinking that these flowers were a little gift from my grandpa in Heaven to show he’s looking over me. 🙂

Favorite Replacement

A few weeks ago I told you guys how much I loved my spiralizer, and then after using it just two times it randomly broke! It got to the point where you would turn the handle but the little circle that was supposed to spin just wouldn’t move. Honestly I was pretty annoyed about this (what the heck?!) and asked Fabio if he could fix it, but after tinkering around with his toolbox for quite some time he couldn’t. Boo.

I wound up emailing the company and told them about my problem, and instead of just replacing the the part they sent me a whole new one!


The one they sent me is even a slightly newer model, so it’s even better than the old one!


I love when companies take their customer service seriously and make nice gestures like this. Thank you, Spiralizer!

(Side note: When typing that last sentence I initially wrote “cereously” lol…I must have cereal on the brain!)

Favorite Sight

When I come into the bedroom and see this…


What a goober.

All right my friends, that’s all I have for you today!

For those of you running Rock ‘n’ Roll tomorrow, keep an eye out for me near the split for the marathon and half! Once I found out I wouldn’t be able to run the race anymore because of my foot, I decided to sell my bib and volunteer instead. Fabio will be joining me too! I’ll be wearing my black and white lulu rain jacket (ugh – stupid weather) so keep an eye out and say hi so I can cheer you on! And GOOD LUCK!

Question of the day: How should I get my hair cut??

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Feb 132015

Hi friends! Who’s happy it’s Friday? I know I am! I had a pretty great week, and I’m excited to tell you about it with another edition of Favorite Things Friday. 🙂 Here are some things that made me smile this week!

Favorite Ladies Night

Last night I joined a bunch of my old coworkers for happy hour at Agora in Dupont Circle.

IMG_9612 (1)

Of this group, I was the first one to leave our huge PR agency in search of more fulfilling communications work (you can read more about that here), and now three of these ladies have followed suit. It was so nice to catch up with them and hear about their new jobs, and then of course gossip about all the craziness at our old agency. So much fun!

This was my first time at Agora, and I was really impressed with their happy hour specials: cheap wine, yummy pita, delicious hummus and cheese – how can you go wrong!


After chatting with the ladies for a few hours, Fabio stopped by (he was at happy hour with his friends nearby) and a couple of us wound up staying at the bar chatting until past 10:00 pm. Yikes! That’s pretty late for this old lady. Even if I did miss out on some sleep, it was such a fun night with my girl friends. 🙂

Favorite “Jackism”

Working from home this past month and a half has been really nice, and even though I’ll be happy to get back to the office to see my coworkers, I sure am going to miss being with this guy all day.


During the day he lays on the floor right by my desk chair, and every now and then he’ll bring me a toy for a quick game of fetch. It’s been really nice spending all this time with my favorite furry friend, and I’m going to miss him when I head back into the office. BTW, I’m going to try heading back into work next week. We’ll see how my commute it goes!

Favorite Purchase

I recently ran out of my favorite eyeliner, Stila stay all day waterproof eyeliner, and after trying out a few cheaper brands from CVS, I caved and decided to get the good stuff.


I have definitely tried my fair share of liquid eyeliners over the years, and I haven’t found any that I like as much as this one. Of course using a liquid eyeliner takes some getting used to, but with a bit of practice it’s pretty easy to use. Ahh…I feel so much better now that I’m reconnected with my old favorite!

Favorite Morning Treat

One day this week Fabio had some extra time in the morning, so he whipped us up a couple of cappuccinos.


I have to say he has really nailed this process down, because it was absolutely delicious. Perfectly frothy and sweet, it was a great way to warm me up from the inside out. I don’t usually drink coffee in the morning, so this was an especially nice treat. Yum!

Favorite Lunch Date

Later today I’m having lunch with Anne at my favorite sushi place, Sushi Rock!

Sushi Rock has some of the best sushi around, and it’s right across the street so I should be able to hobble over there with no problems. I can’t wait! It will also be really nice to see Anne, since it’s been a few weeks since we’ve caught up. I’m so excited to be able to join her for workouts again soon!

Favorite Milestone

You guys – my walking has gotten so much better! It’s been a week since I was allowed to put any weight on my foot, and I’m happy to report that I won’t need the crutches much longer!


Last week I was still using two crutches, and just putting a little weight on my foot at a time. This week I went back to the doctor, and he cleared me to switch to one crutch and then none (!!) when I’m ready. Today I am doing great with one crutch, and am even able to walk short distances with no crutches at all. Hooray!! After four long weeks with no weight on my foot at all, I thought this day would never come. It looks like I’ll be mobile in no time!

The doc also said my foot is looking great, and I’m able to start physical therapy next week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you have a great weekend!

Question of the day: Do you wear eyeliner? If so, liquid or pencil?

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Oct 242014

*Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter my gummy bear giveaway! Details available here.*

Hey friends! Happy Friday! I’ve had a few fun things going on in the last couple of days, so let’s catch up shall we?

Revolve DC

Yesterday morning I went to a 6:00 am Body Ride class at Revolve DC. Have I mentioned lately how much I am loving trying out new studios as part of my free month of ClassPass? Well, I’m saying it now. It’s awesome! I could get used to this for sure.

Although there are tons of classes available through ClassPass, I constantly find myself drawn to ones with morning classes (you know me) that are about 10-15 minutes from my apartment. So far, I’m pleasantly surprised at the variety of options!

This week there was a morning spot available at Revolve DC, and since I had heard about Revolve from a lot of friends and fellow bloggers, I decided to check it out.

Before heading over to Revolve, I did some quick research on The Fit Crasher to see what I was in for (I learned my lesson after not researching reformer pilates) and I’m so glad I did! Once I read Meaghan’s review I realized there was plenty of street parking available near the studio, so I decided to drive instead of run there. This decision allowed to me to sleep in for an extra 5 minutes which was oh-so necessary. 😉

When I arrived at the studio about 5 minutes before class started, I was greeted to pumping music and a flurry of activity. By the time I arrived, I was one of the last ones to get settled! You definitely want to arrive early for this class; they start right away.


After signing in and filling out a quick waiver, I paid the $2 rental fee for a pair of spin shoes. Then I dropped off my bag in one of the combination lockers (love!), filled up my water bottle from their filtered water fill station (love!), and headed into the class.

Mara was my instructor for the day, and she was nice enough to come over and help me clip into my bike pedals since I am a newbie to clip-in bikes and had zero clue how to do it. Whoops. I’m so glad she was there to help!

Then as the music was pumping, the lights turned down low and the class began. I really enjoyed the darkness of the spin room – it helped you focus on your form and speed instead of worrying about how much the person next to you is turning up her bike resistance or staring at your reflection in the mirror and thinking about how you look like a sweaty sleepwalker, since it is 6:00 am after all.

For the duration of each song, Mara would guide us through different exercises. From one minute sprints with 30 second rests, to gradually “climbing” a hill for a whole song until you could barely pedal by the end, there was a lot of variety.

About mid-way through the class we brought out the weights that were hanging by the bottom of our bikes, and completed a great upper body circuit. I don’t know if it’s just been a while since I’ve worked out my arms in a new way or what, but my shoulders were burning! In the best way, of course.

After this we did a bit more sprinting in and out of the saddle, and then the class was over. Just like that, 45 minutes later, I was dripping in sweat and feeling like I just had a really great workout.

photo (1)Such a fun way to switch up my morning routine!

Fit Crasher Happy Hour

Then last night after work, I met up with my fellow DC Fit Crashers!

photo (3)

We’ve been blogging together for a couple of months now, and although I’ve met a couple of the crashers at fitness events here and there, and had met them all via Google hangout, it was nice to get us all together for a happy hour. Unfortunately Maggie got sick and wasn’t able to join us (feel better, Maggie!) and Meaghan was in New York so she obviously couldn’t join us, but it was great to get the rest of the group together.

We wound up meeting at Bar Charley, a nice bar in the middle of the DuPont Circle and U Street neighborhoods, which had some delicious food and hand-crafted drinks.

I wound up ordering a “shoulder to the wheel” for my cocktail, which was made up of  tequila, allspice, lemon, egg white, and whole bunch of other things that I couldn’t name. It was sweet and fruity – but not so much as to give me a headache – and I adored the frothy egg white on top. Yum.

As far as food goes, we decided to go with two of the “poutines and fries,” which were essentially french fries with delicious gourmet toppings. We got the Chesapeake (fries with Old Bay gravy (!), blue crab, and ricotta salata) and the Catalin (fries with avocado and some kind of chorizo, topped with a fried egg). The Catalin was really tasty, but the Cheapeake? Wow. As someone who was born and raised in Maryland, you better believe I was all over that. Yum.

Overall the food and drinks were great, and it was so nice to put faces to names and get to know this crew a little better 🙂

Run with Anne

This morning I met up with Anne for our weekly run! We decided to skip the track today since she’s running the Marine Corps 10K this weekend and wants to save her legs. Works for me!

We met in Courthouse at 6:00 am and decided to run into Georgetown, which is one of my favorite routes. It was a good one for today too since it was so dark and all the sidewalks are pretty well-lit (compared to some of our other favorite running trails which would have been pitch black).

It had been a little while since I’d seen her (we skipped last week due to thunderstorms) and we had so much to catch up on! We had so much fun chatting along the way.
photo (4)

I always love running through Georgetown, even when it’s this dark out!

photo (2)

After two miles we turned around and headed back up to Courthouse. Our pace was a little slower than usual (around 9:15 overall), but we stayed steady up through the mile-long hill of death home, which was really great. Once we were back, the sun was finally starting to rise, but we were too far from the water to see the sunrise. Boo. photo (1)

After our run we spent about 15 minutes walking for our cool down, which was so nice. It’s always so fun running and chatting with Anne!


Good luck to anyone running the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend!

Questions of the day: How do you feel about spin classes? Do you have a signature cocktail?

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Sep 262014

Helloooo, friends! I am in a fantastic mood today because tomorrow is my 25th birthday, and I have so many fun plans on the agenda! Tonight I will be having a nice birthday dinner with my family, and then tomorrow Fabio has some sort of surprise adventure planned for us! I have no idea what to expect, but it should be a lot of fun!

There were a lot of other fun things happening this week, and I thought I’d share them with you today in another edition of Favorite Things Friday. Here are some things that made me smile this week!

Favorite Impulse Buy

Earlier this week I was browsing through Rue La La (<– affiliate link!) without any real plans to buy anything, which is always a bad idea. It was then that I spotted these cute black riding boots from Sperry that were initially $197 and on sale for $99 (note: they’re on sale at too, but just not as cheap! Link is included above!).

My current favorite black boots from J. Crew are getting a little worn out, and I love that these ones from Sperry are also waterproof. I don’t have any rain boots at the moment, and I do a lot of walking to and from the metro which can be really annoying in inclement weather. I thought these boots would be a perfect compromise – new black boots to kick off the fall season (get it? kick off?), and waterproof boots that I can wear in the rain. It’s a win win, right?



Even though I really liked these boots and thought I could totally use them, I’m sort of cautious when it comes to making expensive purchases like this, and I normally wouldn’t have just jumped into buying them.

Then that blasted Rue La La site totally got me by having the little icon that says “Only 2 Left!” next to the boots, and after clicking on the link, I saw that one of those two pairs just happened to be in my size. Then as I was looking at the sizes, the icon changed to “Only 1 Left!” and there was another button next to it that said “Quick! Buy Now!” so I clicked it and the rest was history.

Apparently Rue La La had all my credit card and shipping info saved, so once I clicked the button it was a done deal! I am pretty happy with my purchase, but sort of in shock about how quickly I got suckered in, haha. Oh well, now I just can’t wait for them to arrive! And I will be a little more careful when “browsing” on Rue La La haha. That site is dangerous!

Favorite Office Surprise

In celebration of my birthday, my boss left me a sweet surprise on my desk! She’s out of the office today, so when I came into work yesterday I saw a sweet card, a Starbucks gift card, and the most amazing Starbucks cake pop on my desk. Seriously, have you guys tried their cake pops yet? I don’t know how the rest of them taste but this chocolate one was phe-nomenal. Now I’m going to be tempted to buy one every single time I go in there. So good!!!


Favorite Weather

Well guys, it officially feels like fall in my neck of the woods! The other day I wore my favorite Burberry jacket to work, and I forgot how much I love this weather. It’s not freezing cold but not super hot either, and I love having the windows open in my apartment at night and snuggling up in a blanket. Fall is awesome!


Also, this coat was one of the best purchases I ever made. Yes it’s super expensive, but I bought it years ago and it still brings me so much joy when I put it on. If you’ve been wanting a coat like this but have been putting off buying it because of the price, I say just do it!

Favorite Mail

Have I ever mentioned before that I have the greatest aunt in the whole world? If you guys have been reading for a little while then you’ve probably heard about how fun my aunt CC is, but it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned how truly sweet and thoughtful she is. Last night when I got home I saw a FedEx package waiting for me, and when I opened it up I saw a beautiful card from her, along with a lululemon bag. Who wouldn’t get excited about a lululemon bag???


Inside I found a red running headband and two pairs of red and white striped socks, which will be SO PERFECT for my upcoming holiday half marathon in December. There was also a really, really nice gift card (like, way too much money) that I am so excited to take to the store.

Thank you, CC, for being the best aunt in the world!!!!

Now….what should I go buy? 😀

Favorite Celebration

Last night a bunch of my local DC friends met me at the new Sauf Haus beer garden in DuPont Circle for another birthday celebration.


Although I celebrated my birthday with a lot of my girlfriends last weekend in NYC, I wanted to do something casual with my DC friends too, so a happy hour seemed like a perfect choice. (After having 30+ of my friends come into town for my birthday last year for a huge concert and tailgate, I knew I couldn’t top that this year, so I didn’t even try. Happy hour and dinner is good enough for me!!)

A bunch of my good friends came for the celebration, including my old coworkers, high school friends, and new DC friends.



The new beer garden was awesome, and everyone agreed that the outdoorsy atmosphere in the middle of crowded DC was really nice. The beer was delicious, and they sell giant pretzels the size of my torso which fed our whole table of about 10 people easily as an appetizer.


After the beer garden a few of us headed back to Arlington to watch the Redskins/Giants game and eat a real dinner, which was a fun way to end the evening (by the way, this game is always a nail biter for me since I’m a Redskins fan and Fabio roots for the Giants!).

It was such a fun night and I am so glad I had so many friends there to celebrate my special day.




Writing posts like this just makes me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends, and I feel so incredibly blessed. Thank you, everyone!

Before I go, I just have to give a shout out to my birthday twin Emily, who will also be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Happy early birthday, Emily!

Question of the day: How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

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Aug 272014

Hey friends! Happy huuuuump day! I don’t know about you, but this week is just dragging by for me. Yesterday when I woke up I had to remind myself that it was Tuesday, and then I was like, how can it only be Tuesday? Sigh. Oh well, at least Wednesday brings one of my favorite blogging traditions, what I ate Wednesday, of course!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the fun linkup each week 🙂 Let’s take a look at my eats from Monday.


Breakfasts lately have featured two-ingredient (egg + banana) pancakes, oatmeal with a banana, or Greek yogurt with granola, a banana, and fresh berries when we have them. Obviously there’s a lot of banana going on here, which I don’t mind one bit!

Monday’s breakfast was another two ingredient pancake, which I slathered with peanut butter post-picture. Clearly I had some trouble getting this guy out of the pan, but it still tasted great!



It’s pretty much all salads, all the time over here lately. I’ve been buying big bags of both spinach and “power greens” from Costco, and I’ve been eating a ton of huge salads in order to use up all the greens before they go bad. It’s sort of like a game for myself- can I eat all the greens before they go bad? Haha. This week I think I will succeed, but that’s not always the case 😉 Stupid spinach.

Monday’s salad included the greens mentioned above, plus a kale/brussels sprouts mix, shredded carrots, chicken, feta, and craisins. Plus a homemade dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and some herbs. It’s random, but it works!


I’ll also usually throw in some leftovers from the night before when I have them, which either makes a totally delicious salad or a really awkward combination of flavors. Oh well, you gotta’ do what you can!


On the way back from my grandparents’ house over the weekend, we stopped by a produce stand where I loaded up on fruits and veggies for the week. While we were there I picked up a container of peaches, which are SO ripe and delicious right now. Yum. This one made a perfect snack on Monday.


Pre-dinner beverage

After work on Monday, Fabio and I met up with our friend James at Cantina Marina for “yappy hour.” Each Monday in summer, dogs are invited to Cantina Marina to enjoy the “bottomless milkbone bar” while their human owners get awesome drink specials.


We aren’t sure if Cantina Marina is going to continue holding their yappy hours after Labor Day (depends on when they consider summer officially over, I suppose) so we didn’t want to miss this fun opportunity.

Although Jack had fun sniffing a few of the other dogs, and he certainly enjoyed the free treats, I think it’s safe to say the humans had more fun.

I ordered a margarita, which was delicious.


I enjoyed it alongside this lovely lady, who we seem to stand next to every time we go to Cantina. I think she needs a name. Shall we call her Veronica? She looks like a Veronica to me.


Since Fabio and I are trying to save money and make smarter food choices after our big trip out west, we only stayed at the bar for one drink, and then headed home. What responsible adults we’ve become!


As soon as we got home I immediately got started on dinner, which was a veggie pasta skillet with cherry tomatoes, yellow & green squash, and corn on the cob, loosely based on this Iowa Girl Eats recipe (I wound up using Laughing Cow cheese and skim milk for the sauce, along with some pasta water, and it turned out great).


The pasta came out salty, sweet, and spicy, which is definitely my favorite combination. It was another winning recipe from Kristin!


On Monday morning I completed one of the arms & abs workouts in the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Program, and it was another killer. My triceps are still sore, two days later. Ouch.

The best part is that I made Fabio do the workout with me, and he was like “man, this is tough!” Haha! He’s sore too, FYI 😉 I think he’s going to get back into working out with me in the morning, which I’ve really missed. I’m always so much more motivated to get out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:30 am when I know someone else will be working out with me. Hooray!

Alright folks, that’s all I have for you today. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Questions of the day: Have you ever been to a yappy hour? Who do you work out with?

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Jun 282013

Hello! I am currently enjoying my first full day in Italy! Of course, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so here are a few of my favorite things from the last two weeks! I didn’t have much time to write descriptions, so you may have to use your imagination for some of them 😉 Enjoy!

Date night with Fabio at Sushi Rock


Festive glasses for us to wear in Rome on July 4…

shadesAwesome veggie flatbread from Arlington Rooftop…

rooftop2Not a bad view either…

rooftop1New pink jeans (bought on sale! Woohoo!)

pantsMy snuggle buddy early in the morning

jack2And goofing around before bed.

jackMy new favorite road trip beverage. Best iced tea EVER!


Happy hours with coworkers 🙂

happyhourPretty flowers in my neighborhood




My new desktop at workdesktop

Wild Monday nights when friends visit from Argentinabar

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Question of the day: What are you loving this week?

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May 172013

Hey there friends! Happy Friday!!! [Insert Chelsea doing the Friday dance here].

Edited to add this awesome Friday BuzzFeed article.

I had a lot of fun things going on this week, so let’s get to today’s Favorite Things Friday post!

Favorite Viral

One of my male coworkers is going to a wedding this weekend, and his fellow groomsmen’s date bailed on him at the last minute. Instead of flying solo or going with a girl he already knew, he decided to take to the internet to find a new date. Check out his Craigslist post, below.

One Man Needs Date to a Wedding – 28 (Northwest DC)

For your reference (and in case you didn’t click over to the real post), his attached pictures included a photo of him “tearing it up” on the dance floor, jumping into the water (i.e., “flying”), and riding a lion that is riding a horse (photoshopped, obviously). It’s a pretty funny post, and I had a good laugh when I saw it earlier this week.

However instead of just being a quick laugh and then disappearing into the internet archives forever, it sorta went viral. We’re talking DCist, Reddit, and then Gawker. It was also on Elliot in the Morning (a local DC/Baltimore radio morning show) and NPR. Crazy, right?!? I felt pretty cool that I got to see it happen from the beginning 😉 I think he’s already chosen a date, but I heard he did get a ton of responses! I would have loved to see who sent him selfies haha.

Favorite Free (part I)

Earlier this week, my favorite coffee shop by my office was offering free coffee and coupons to King’s Dominion (random, I know). They had Charlie Brown stuff everywhere (I guess there is a Charlie Brown/Snoopy exhibit at King’s Dominion?) and all of the workers were sporting yellow shirts with black chevron, à la Charlie Brown.


Ah yes, there he is 😉

Anyway, it was fun to see our favorite coffee guys dressed as good ole’ Charlie Brown (I love those coffee guys; they always remember my order) and it was even better to get a free coffee out of it. Woohoo!

Favorite Free (part II)

On Tuesday I received a text from Fabio saying it was free ice cream day at Häagen-Dazs. Free ice cream? Sign me up! Luckily there is a Häagen-Dazs right in Georgetown, which we were planning to run to on Tuesday anyway. We wound up running 1.5 miles to Häagen-Dazs, grabbing a free cone (dulce de leche for Fabio, cookie dough for me) and then running back home 🙂 It felt weird to be eating ice cream before dinner, but it was really fun. What a great weekday treat!

Favorite Happy Hour

Two of Fabio’s coworkers are moving on to work at other places (Yay! So happy for them!) and there was a going away happy hour for them on Wednesday evening. They are two of my favorite people at Fabio’s company (Hi Keith! Hi Rebecca!) and I’m going to miss them so much when they’re gone. Even though I don’t actually work with either of them, I join Fabio for enough of his work happy hours that I’ve become great friends with all of them (from playing kickball with some of them on Wednesdays, to attending double dates, to even going to a wedding!). They’ve been great friends to me and I’ll be sad to see them go. Hopefully they won’t roam too far and we can all keep in touch!!

Favorite Food Truck

On my walk to the metro on Thursday morning, I happened to see this lovely donut food truck parked on the side of the road. I had seen it there a few times before (apparently it comes every Thursday morning) but after an evening of too many drinks at happy hour (see above), I was feeling like it was donut day.

I really didn’t know what to expect from the truck, but when I approached it I saw you could buy a dozen “donut bites” for only $5. I planned to share the treats with my coworkers, so a dozen bites sounded perfect! The flavor of the day was dutch chocolate (apparently the flavor of the bites changes daily) and they were made fresh to order.

The donut bites were piping hot when I got them, and I couldn’t wait to dig in! Eventually I arrived at work and enjoyed the donut bites with a couple friends. Man, were they good!! It’s going to be hard not to stop by the donut food truck every Thursday now that I know how good they are 😉 YUMM!

Favorite Beauty Product

A couple of weekends ago, I mentioned that I stopped by a professional nail store to pick up a few discounted Essie nail polishes (for $4 each! Woot!!). It’s a weird little place, and I’m pretty sure it’s only supposed to be for people who actually work at nail salons, since they have all the stuff you would see in a salon (e.g., fake nails, scrubbers, nail-drying machines, gel polishes, and every color of Essie and OPI nail polish you would ever want). In short: it’s awesome for people like me who love having the newest nail colors, but don’t feel like paying out the wazoo to get them.

Anyway, last time I was there I bought a professional base coat and top coat, and let me just say, it has made such a difference! I painted my nails this fun coral color more than a week ago, and there’s still not a single chip to be seen.

Awesome, right? With this top coat, my nails look and feel like I got them done professionally. Plus it dried really  quickly. Awesome. I totally recommend buying this stuff if you can! (Looks like you can get it for only about $3 here). Woohoo!! BUY IT! Haha.

Favorite Event

Days until my half marathon: zero.

Ahhhh!! (Note: this ticker is a little off; my half marathon starts at 7:30 am tomorrow, not at midnight, so I have a few more hours to prepare). But seriously, my half marathon is tomorrow. AHHH!! Excuse me while I go freak out. Who did I think I was? I can’t really run 13.1 miles, can I? CAN I? Omg. I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. Please keep Fabio and me in your thoughts tomorrow morning!!

And don’t worry- he started “carbo building” three days ago.

Yep. That’s my guy.

Question of the day: Do you get nervous before a big race? What should I eat for dinner tonight/tomorrow morning before the run? Any last minute tips for me?????


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May 182012

Gooooooood morning people!! How is everyone today? I am one happy camper because it’s a beautiful day, it’s Friday, and I have some fun plans in my future! Woohoo! Anyway, let’s get right into the Fashion Friday!

Today’s ensemble is fun and springy in recognition of this beautiful May weather!

Floral skirt: Urban Outfitters

Ruffled tank: J. Crew

Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack

Flats: Nordstrom Rack

Obviously I have an obsession with Nordstrom Rack. It’s probably my favorite store ever. Where else can you find your favorite name brands at a discounted price? Oh yeah, TJ Maxx, Loehmann’s, and Ross? I like those too 🙂

For breakfast this morning I had my Friday usual- a scooped out whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese. It was delicious, as always!

While I was walking to work this morning and dreaming about my bagel, I spotted this little guy.

Well, technically, it’s a girl. And she was making her nest right in the middle of a flower bed in DC. When I first saw her I was thinking what the heck is a duck doing in downtown DC? Then I looked and saw her nest! The poor thing is at least a mile (maybe two) from any water source, and I just couldn’t figure out how she got herself stuck downtown. I mean we are talking Farragut Square area, which is a huge working district with taxis and cars rumbling by and a million pedestrians milling around….and a duck. I felt bad for her, especially once I saw the landscaping guy spraying all the flower beds a few feet away. I have a feeling yours is next, little duck! Hopefully he had a heart and avoided her nest. Poor thing!

In other news…I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about the fun I’ve been having recently with my friends! Last night we went to a rooftop bar for happy hour and enjoyed sipping on cheap blue moons while basking in the gorgeous sunshine. Then once it got chilly out, we headed to another bar where a live band was playing 90’s music. It was great! Tonight we are going to Top Golf, which is a bar/driving range. The boys are pretty excited, and I actually am too. I’m sure I’ll be terrible at golf, but it will be fun to try!

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well and I think Fabio and I are going on a hike. Then on Sunday we are going to the Nationals baseball game against the Oriole’s. It should be a fun weekend so I’ll provide a full recap on Sunday! Yayyyyy HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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