May 092014

Hey kids. It’s that time again.friday

It’s Friday! Woot woot! This week absolutely flew by for me. Anyone else?

There were a lot of great things happening over here this week, so we have a lot to cover in today’s Favorite Things Friday post. Here are some of the things I was loving this week!

Favorite Day Out of the Office

On Tuesday I spent the morning on Capitol Hill at a congressional briefing to stop obesity. It was pretty cool and I learned a lot. Afterwords I went out to lunch with my manager, where I ordered the most amazing arugula salad. It had arugula (obviously), shrimp, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, orange segments (!!),  blue cheese, some kind of vinaigrette, and bacon. So delish. I ate every last bite.


After lunch I went home to finish up my work from there. I got to work on a fun project, jam out to my Spotify without headphones, and have this little guy by my side. Yep, not a bad day at outside the office if you ask me!workfromhome Favorite Card

After I wrote about the new Potbelly flats a couple weeks ago,  the nice people at Potbelly sent me a few coupons for free flats, milkshakes, and cookies. Talk about generous! I can’t wait to put these to use! 🙂


Favorite Meet & Greet

Fabio’s second cousins were visiting DC this week from Colombia, and since he had never met them he didn’t want to waste the opportunity. We wound up getting coffee after work on Tuesday and then walked around the mall a bit. They were all very nice, and they said we could stay with them if we ever visit Colombia. We are planning to visit Colombia in a couple years (specifically this amazing island) so I’m sure we will see them again! fabiouscousins

Favorite Fiesta

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo at my office with a big potluck lunch. There were festive decorations all over the office and we had the Shakira Pandora station playing in the conference room. People brought in everything needed for a Mexican fiesta including tortillas, chicken, beef, rice & beans, salsa, cheese, guacamole, etc. I wound up making a big salad with all the fixings and had a great time hanging out with my coworkers for a while. It was a nice little celebration. 🙂


Favorite Gift

When I had lunch with my dad on Monday, he brought a couple little gifts for me! He and my stepmom are so sweet because whenever they are out shopping they always keep their eyes open for things they think I might like or really good bargains. He wound up getting me the dress below from J. Crew which was originally $75 but he found for 50% off. I wore it yesterday with a pink belt and I loved it! They are so thoughtful!

jcrewdress Favorite Date Night

Last night Fabio took me out on a date 🙂 We went to Me Jana, and Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant near our apartment that we have been meaning to try for a while. It was a beautiful evening so we snagged a cute little table outside. It was perfect! All the food we ordered was delicious (especially the fresh warm naan) and we will definitely be back here. It’s a perfect place to bring out of town friends or relatives for a nice meal! (BTW I counted this as my weekly “cheat meal” on the Kayla Itsines meal plan).



Favorite Face

This one.comfycouchdog

Favorite Fashion

The PR reps at Warby Parker contacted me last week to see if I would mind sharing their new summer line of eyewear. I’m a big fan of their glasses already (three of my really good friends have Warby Parker glasses and they look so good in them! If I didn’t already have my Ray Ban glasses I would definitely go for Warby Parker) so I had no qualms about sharing their new styles with you. I wasn’t paid or given any samples or anything, I just genuinely like these styles! Here are some of my favorites from the collection:

WarbyParkerCliffStipedOlive WarbyParkerDaleWhiskeyTortoise WarbyParkerHaskellBurntLemonTortoise WarbyParkerLyleHTortoise

How fun are those bottom ones?? I’m not sure if they’re practical for everyday wear, but I bet they would bring out the green in my eyes! If I were to pick a pair I’d probably get the Haskell Burnt Lemon Tortoise ones. They seem very versatile.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today’s Favorite Things Friday post. Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Questions of the day: Do you wear glasses? Do you know your second cousins?

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May 062012

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was really fun and was filled with a lot of drinks, ducks, and dogs. Confused? Read on!


Friday after work I met up with some friends at a Mexican restaurant in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Of course, being the group of girls that we are, it took a while for everyone to get ready and we didn’t arrive until around 8 p.m., by which time the wait at the restaurant was really long. We didn’t mind though, because they had really great drink specials and even had “Jumbo Margaritas” for about $10, which we all happily ordered. Once they arrived we were shocked by how huge they were; the glasses were bigger than my head!!

We hung out at the bar sipping out giant margs for about an hour, and by the time we were seated we were all feeling a little tipsy. I spilt a crab quesadilla and some fish tacos with my friend Britt, and we munched on some chips and salsa while we waited for our entrees to arrive.

I had a really great time chatting with my friends and I caught up on some girl talk, including everyone’s most recent obsession- 50 Shades of Grey! All of my friends could not stop talking about it and although I had heard about it before and made a mental note to read it, they convinced me that I had to start reading it ASAP. So, as soon as I walked home from dinner I immediately downloaded it to my kindle and dug in. So far it’s pretty much what I expected, but I’ll give everyone a full book review when I’m finished. Let me know if you’ve read it and what your thoughts were!


Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and after walking Jack, I immediately drank a Shakeology shake for breakfast and then jumped into an Insanity workout. This time I did Plyometric Circuit and enjoyed the challenging moves. During my workout I decided to wear my Katy Smith ankle and wrist weights:

photo (4)

I bought these at Ross ages ago for about $4 a piece. The wrist weights are only 1 lb. each so I use them every single time I work out. It’s just so easy to slip them on your wrists and add some extra resistance to your workout! The ankle weights, however, weigh 5 lbs. each and I only wear them when I’m feeling really motivated because I’m usually pretty sore after I wear them. I definitely recommend these weights because they’re so convenient and are a great way to kick up my regular workout routine!

Later in the day I went with Jack to my Dad’s house while Fabio spent the day with some friends. While I was there, I sat by the pool reading 50 Shades of Grey. Meanwhile, my sister played with Jack on the trampoline.

photo (2)photo (3)

Later on we took Jack and Max (my dad’s dog) on a quick hike through the woods. It was probably about a mile loop altogether.

photo (3)

After our walk we all went to dinner at another Mexican restaurant (everyone was feeling the Cinco de Mayo love) and after dinner we walked around a lake.

My dad gave me my grandpa’s old camera (yay!!) and I was testing it out on some baby ducks that we saw.



Aren’t they adorable???

Then my dad snapped some pictures of me with my sister.


After dinner we watched a movie and then Jack and I headed back home. It was definitely a fun day!


Sunday morning was kind of cloudy out so Fabio and I lounged around a bit. Eventually we got our butts out of bed and I had another Shakeology shake and took Jack for our mile jog. After our run we showered and took Jack over to the dog park. I had fun testing out my new camera at the park.


Jack, of course, had more fun retrieving the ball! At one point there were two tennis balls in the water and he couldn’t decide which one to get. Eventually he picked one up in his mouth and then circled around the other one over and over again trying to figure out how to bring both of them back to shore. It was hilarious!

After the dog park Fabio and I grabbed some lunch and I got some frozen yogurt for dessert! Yum!!

Then we ran some errands and came back home to relax and watch Game of Thrones (best show ever).

Now it’s time to do a little more reading and then get to sleep so I can start the week off right. Good night!

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