Jul 102017

Hello there! Did you have a nice weekend? Fabio was out of town for his grandfather’s funeral all weekend, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take Jack with me for some quality time with my family.

On Friday after work, I packed up our stuff and drove over to my mom’s house. She and my stepdad have been working really hard on their garden this year, and it really is coming along nicely! Apparently they hardly ever need to go to the grocery store anymore. #LifeGoals

This also means they’ve been cooking up lots of delicious veggie-based meals, one of which is the always delicious squash blossoms! I first tried squash blossoms on a trip with my mom and stepdad to Italy, and I think we’ve all been hooked ever since.

This time my mom showed me how to make the blossoms in case I ever want to try making them myself. Not likely, but hey, I like learning to cook new things! To start, you first have to pick the blossoms from the squash plant early in the morning (they close up if you pick them later in the afternoon).

You also have to make sure to pick the male flowers instead of the female ones, since the female ones produce the squash.

Once you have the flowers, you stuff them with about a tablespoon of cheese. (Oh yes.) I know my mom uses ricotta and I think some mozzarella, but you could get creative with it. Then you make a batter that’s equal parts flower and seltzer water, batter them up, and fry them!

Again, this is probably more work than I would ever feel like doing (and deep frying is not really my thing anyway) but I will definitely not complain whenever my mom feels like making these – they’re delicious! We had the squash blossoms with a salad made with other produce fresh from the garden. 🙂

My mom also made my favorite cake for dessert – hot milk cake with the most decadent, amazing chocolate icing. Ahhh!! It was worth going over to my mom’s just for this. 🙂

On Saturday, I slept in a little and then parked myself pool-side for the day! My mom and I spent hours soaking up the sun with a mix of chatting, book-reading (I’m reading Beneath A Scarlet Sky and it’s really good!), and lounging on the pool floaties. In other words, all my favorite summer activities!

Eventually we broke for lunch, and my mom made us another delicious meal: fried green tomatoes with homemade basil mayo (the mayo was even homemade!) and corn salad. YUM! Having all these fresh veggies is such a luxury for me.

Later in the afternoon, my stepdad made me a refreshingly cold mint julep cocktail. 🙂

Eventually I hopped in the shower, said goodbye to my mom and stepdad, and headed over to my dad’s house for a cookout. We sat outside enjoying the perfect evening and enjoyed a meal of burgers, salad, macaroni, and baked beans. Plus some of my dad’s sangria!

I sat around talking with my family for a while, before heading home around 10:00 p.m. I made it home 45 minutes later and instantly fell asleep. A fun day in the sun will do that to you!

Sunday was a much more productive day: I meal-planned, went to the grocery store, cleaned the whole house, did a ton of laundry, and put away lots of wedding-related decorations and gifts. I hadn’t done a big house cleaning since before the wedding, and it definitely needed it. I was happy to see a full fridge again too!

At around 8:00 p.m. I was debating whether or not to head upstairs to watch TV in bed and fall asleep early, but I decided it was too nice out and I wanted to get outside. I wound up leashing up Jack and taking him for an extra evening walk, and we had a fun time hanging out in the park and playing with a big stick he found. I guess neither one of us was ready to say goodbye to such a beautiful summer weekend!

And now I’m typing up this post and looking forward to midnight tonight when Fabio will get home! I’m sure I’ll be fast asleep by then, but I can’t wait to see him!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite kind of cake?

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  1. I’ve never tried squash blossoms before but I’ve been seeing them all over! Dying to try them out!

  2. So much amazing produce! Yum! Adding cake to the mix is a nice balance too. 😉 I LOVE cake. Love. All kinds. But I will say that I can never turn down chocolate cake with chocolate icing or Whole Foods Berry Chantilly. Yum x 1000.

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