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Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend – mine was perfectly relaxing which was so nice. 🙂 Here’s a peek at what I was up to.


Initially Fabio and I were planning to head to happy hour with some friends on Friday night, but then our plans sort of fell through and it was freeeezing out, so we opted to stay in and order pizza instead. Great choice.


We ordered a chicken, tomato and spinach pizza on a whole wheat crust from Lost Dog Cafe, and it was awesome! We enjoyed it while snuggling on the couch watching marathon episodes of Treehouse Master and Pool Master. I honestly don’t know how we got started watching these silly shows, but once we started it was practically impossible to stop. I’ve now decided that I need to visit this treehouse community in Costa Rica and also live someplace where I can have the most awesome pool with fountains and an attached koi pond. #realworldproblems

It’s an exciting life I lead, let me tell ‘ya.


We had heard that it was going to snow around noon on Saturday, so Fabio and I headed out in the morning to run some errands before it started. Well, the snow wound up falling much earlier than expected, and even though we were only out of the house for about half an hour, we almost got stuck coming out of the grocery store garage because the snow was already sticking to the ramp so much.

I played it cool while Fabio was driving us and the wheels kept spinning, but inside I was having a mini panic attack (or a mini pani, for you JTB podcast listeners).


This is my “OMG-we-almost-just-died-but-somehow-we’re-alive” face.

Thankfully Fabio was able to get us home safely, but I really couldn’t believe how fast the snow came down. Seriously, we were gone for about 45 minutes!


Once we made it inside, we declared the rest of the day a snow day and changed back into our PJs. I put on my warmest fleece pants and fuzzy socks, which felt so cozy and nice. 🙂


Then we proceeded to hang out on the couch and watch movies  for the rest of the day (we had picked up The Giver and Boyhood from Redbox while we were out). It. Was. Glorious.

Eventually we broke for lunch and I reheated some of Friday night’s pizza, along with a side salad.


Then we commenced with more movie watching!


It was such a fun, relaxing day with no obligations, and I know I’m going to miss these kinds of days once our schedule gets busy again in a few weeks.


By Sunday morning the snow had stopped (we got about 5 or 6 inches!) and was mostly starting to melt, so we deemed it safe to venture out again.

Our morning started out with a particularly good batch of green juice made with spinach, kale, lemon, ginger, celery, cucumber, and pineapple.


We actually had a couple of “bad” batches of juice last week (I tried adding leftover leeks into one batch which made it super oniony – ew – and we ran out of apples for one batch so it wasn’t sweet at all) so it was nice to get a good glass again with the sweetness of the pineapple. Yum!

After juice I got busy with meal planning and cleaning the apartment.


We have a couple of new recipes lined up that I’m excited to try this week including kung pao chicken zoodles, orzo with collard greens and Italian meatballs, Thai cauliflower “rice” lettuce cups, and tilapia tostadas. I can’t wait to try them out!

Then it was off to brunch to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday! Around noon we drove over to Annie’s, one of our favorite restaurants on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Annie’s has an awesome brunch buffet, and we always like to gather there as a family for special occasions.

I started my meal off with a mimosa, which was quite tasty and came with a slice of orange and a cherry. 🙂


Then it was time to hit the buffet! I came back with a little bit of all the breakfast items – quiche, sausage, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and a small waffle.


After this plate I went back for a small plate of seafood (they have the most delicious spiced shrimp) and then it was dessert time! Annie’s has one of the best dessert spreads I’ve ever seen with a variety of fresh fruits, cakes, cookies, brownies and ice cream. Yum.

While I opted for a cookie and a piece of a brownie, Fabio chose a giant slice of red velvet cake.


Go big or go home, right? Lucky for me, he offered to share a couple of bites. 😉


Then they brought out more cake for my grandma, and we all sang happy birthday.


Happy birthday, Grandma!!


On our way home we stopped by Whole Foods for a massive produce haul.


While we were there I spotted these adorable black lab greeting cards. I realllllly wanted to get them, but they were $15 and Fabio said I could probably make them myself. True, but they wouldn’t come out as good!


Once we got home, we wrapped up our evening with more cleaning of the apartment and the Oscars.

Such a nice weekend!

Questions of the day: Would you have bought those cards? Did you get any snow this weekend?

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  15 Responses to “Snowy Winter Weekend”

  1. I hope you LOVE the tostadas!! Also, that red velvet cake looks UNREAL!

  2. Wow — I can’t believe how controlled you were with the buffet! My plate would have been overflowing!

    And I’m totally jealous of your snow day! We were supposed to get some winter weather down here in Atlanta this weekend, but it really just ended up being cold, rainy and icky. But, they’re calling for winter weather again tomorrow, so, there’s that…

  3. Yummm, your meal plan this week looks great! I’m amazed you guys got that much snow! We only got about 1.5 inches, and I’m only 45min south of you! Weird!

  4. Wow, your grandma doesn’t even look close to 80!!!

  5. That pizza!! Get at me!! That looks so freaking good 🙂

    Your grandma’s bday breakfast looks awesome too — love that they served mimosas. You look gorgeous in that photo by the way! You look genuinely happy to be holding that mimosa, as would I 😉 Greeting cards like that are always tempting but I usually say no. Lots of self-restraint needed, though!

  6. That pizza looks so delicious!! mmm, now I want pizza instead of the salad I was going to have for dinner!! haha 🙂

    Your grandma is gorgeous!

  7. Leeks in a juice!? You are mental 😉 Sounds grim!
    The red velvet cake looks sooooooo good. I’d definitely have chosen that.
    Did you enjoy the movies? I really liked Boyhood when I saw it but I haven’t seen the Giver yet – though I have read the book. The book is really good but ends so suddenly and on a sort of cliff hanger.

    • Haha I didn’t want to throw away the green parts! I didn’t think they would be as oniony as the white parts! 🙂

      I liked both! Boyhood was cool because of how they filmed it, but it was really long. I loved the Giver (I was a fan of the book too) but the ending is still pretty abrupt. I recommend both of them!

  8. Love those cozy looking pants! They are perfect for a snow day! I have some just like that…except they have coffee cups all over them…they are my fuzzy coffee pants!!

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