May 182015

Hi friends! I had a seriously amazing weekend, and was able to pack a ton of fun into my schedule. Since explaining everything would take forever, here are some of the highlights with a sentence for each picture.

This is chef Marc, an adorable French butcher who showed us how to chop up a lamb at the Lamb Jam DC VIP tasting on Friday. (I’ll talk more about the Lamb Jam in a separate post!)


POV, the rooftop bar at the W hotel in DC, has the most incredible views.


The White House looks even better when this handsome guy is standing in front of it.


In addition to the fun Caribbean-esque atmosphere of Cantina Marina, they also have some pretty stellar fish tacos, which we enjoyed for lunch on Saturday.


Fabio’s sister Diane celebrated her last night out as a “single” lady on Saturday!


Being around Diane and all her other lovely bridesmaids got me so excited for our trip to Jamaica next week for her wedding. (EEEK!)


We celebrated her special night with table service at the Gryphon, a club in DC I had heard of but never been to before. It was really fun! (Ok, that was two sentences…)


One of my best friends from home, Sam, graduated from Marymount University with her degree in physical therapy on Sunday. So proud of you, Sam!


We finished off our weekend with even MORE lamb (seriously, I’ve never had so much lamb in my life). Again, details to come!


The end!

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. Running a half with my brother who flew in from Washington state. I also cut 12 min off my time!

  2. looks like a jam-packed (lamb-packed?) weekend! congrats to all of your friends and family graduating and getting married 🙂

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