Jan 262016

Hi friends! We’ve had quite the snowy weekend over here; blizzard Jonas, aka Snowzilla, really hit us hard!


On Friday night, Fabio and I trekked a few blocks to meet our friends for drinks and dinner at a new bar near us called Wicked Bloom.


The snow had only been falling for an hour or two, but there was already a lot of accumulation. It was also blowing like crazy! Blizzard winds are no joke. Luckily we were pretty bundled up and didn’t have a far walk, so it wasn’t bad. In fact, it was kind of fun!


When we arrived at the bar we saw that it was packed! DC folks really love the bars when it snows, haha. We had a fun time on a triple date with our friends Claire, Kevin, Jojo, and Jadd. It was so nice catching up with them! I love that we are all neighbors. 🙂

On our way home the wind and snow had picked up even more, and when we got back my black scarf looked white.


That’s a black scarf. 

So much snow.

We then took the elevator up to our friends’ apartment two floors above us where we brought Jack with us. It’s so nice having friends in the building!



Saturday morning we woke up to quite the snow storm! Jack was so impatient to get outside and explore.


We bundled ourselves up, and headed out into the tundra!


At first I made fun of Fabio for wearing a ski mask, but after being outside for a few minutes I was wishing I had one too! The snow was blowing around like crazy. Jack loved it, obviously.



After letting him run around the dog park for a while, we took a walk to see how bad things were down the street. There was definitely a lot of snow!


As soon as we turned the corner from our apartment complex, we saw that the streets and sidewalks were completely covered. We saw a few people out shoveling their steps, but for the most part it was about a foot and a half of untouched snow.


Once again, Jack had a blast romping around in it.




What a silly pup. 🙂


Eventually we came inside and sat down to breakfast! I made us a delicious potato hash with bacon (!!) and Fabio made some delicious poached eggs to go on top.




Later we watched Frozen while sipping champagne, because why not?!


Later in the afternoon I whipped up some snow day cookies (I used this recipe) and we got the apartment ready for a party!




We have a bunch of friends who live in our building and in walking distance from us, so we invited everyone over for a snow day party. It wound up being quite a success and I’d guess we had about 15 people here! Two of our friends even took an Uber over from the Southwest Waterfront. Now that’s dedication! Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of our party because I was too busy enjoying the day with my friends. 🙂 It was a blast!


Sunday was bright and sunny, but still quite snowy! Fabio and I took Jack on an extra long walk, and the three of us wound up playing in the snow for quite a while (I bet we were out for about an hour and a half).

While we were out, we were pretty impressed by the amount of snow covering the cars on our street. I have no idea how I will be able dig my own car out…we don’t even own a shovel! That’s a problem for another day though.


Eventually we came back in, had some breakfast (I think we had eggs?) and then later settled in for some hot chocolate.



Later in the day I got in the mood to bake, so I whipped up some banana bread (recipe from a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook)….


and homemade rolls (my mom’s recipe).


It was a fun day, but we were definitely getting a little stir-crazy by the end of the day.

We finished up the evening with a movie; we watched The Water Diviner, which was pretty good. Has anyone else seen it?


Monday was another day snowed in – the government was closed so Fabio and I both got to work from home – and although that was fun for a while we got pretty bored when the work day was over. I wound up pouring myself a glass of wine by about 4:00, because again, why not?


So here we are now on Monday evening as I write this, and we will see if I wind up going into work tomorrow!

Edited to add: Nope – still working from home. Sigh. I’m ready to get outta’ here!

Question of the day: Did you get snow from blizzard Jonas? If so, how much did you get?

I think we got about two feet!

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  1. Hah, I am totally understand your feelings 😉 I live in Russia, so sometimes we don`t go to school or work when it becomes snow and frost. I like play outside with my little siblings, though.

  2. I live just north of Baltimore, so we got slammed too! I did WAY too much shoveling, ugh! But thankfully am out and back to work today!

  3. Holy snow! At least you guys were really able to get out there and enjoy it!

  4. Woah that’s a lot of snow! I’d enjoy a snow day for a day or two but more than that I’d get seriously bored. Alfie would love it though haha. Bless Jack, so cute!

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