May 072012

This week I’m experimenting with a new workout schedule and so far I’m loving it! I’ve decided to start waking up an hour earlier so that not only can I go on my mile-long jog with Jack in the mornings, but now I can also cram in an Insanity workout before I hop in the shower! This way I can get my workout out of the way early and spend the rest of my evening doing things like cooking, blogging, watching TV, etc. Smile So far I am really enjoying it, but I’ll keep you posted if my mood changes.

One of the reasons that I’m trying this new workout schedule is because  Fabio’s friend Max just moved here from NYC and he likes to work out early in the day. I always thought this was a good approach and often tried to wake up early to work out, but sometimes it’s difficult to get up by yourself to go run when your boyfriend is snoozing away for another hour. Anyway, now that Max is here Fabio has been getting up at 6:00 a.m. to go to the gym. This was great for me this morning because I was able to hop out of bed and jump right into an intense workout. It was all going smoothly until my Insanity DVD started skipping after the warm-up and I had to pause the DVD. After this I couldn’t get it to go back on (it was skipping entire repetitions of the circuits and I was getting annoyed) so I switched to my Pilates DVD instead. The moves were really intense and my core was feeling the burn!

After work Fabio and I decided to jog with Jack up to the dog park. Because I had already done Insanity in the morning, I didn’t feel guilty at all about taking my time during the jog. Jack definitely missed our jogs to the park (we have been driving recently) and he was overjoyed when I put on my running shoes for the second time today and grabbed his leash.


We had a great time jogging to the park and chose a route that runs through a pretty residential area near us. It looked so beautiful with everyone’s manicured lawns showing off their immaculate floral displays. On the way back we walked for a few minutes and Fabio and I stopped to enjoy some beautiful roses.

photo - Copyphoto (2)

After our jog we headed home and I whipped up a yummy dinner. Unfortunately after dinner we had to drop off my car at the mechanic so I won’t have time to post the recipe tonight, but here’s a sneak peak of the treat you’re in for tomorrow:


Doesn’t that look yummy?! Any ideas as to what it is?? I’ll give you a hint…it has similar flavors to some of the food I ate this past weekend Winking smile Happy guessing!

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  1. Man, I WISH I could get myself out of bed earlier! I think this summer I’m going to try to work on getting up early to put in at least a short morning workout so I don’t have to spend so much time at the gym in the evening. I hate not getting home until after 8pm – I barely have time to do anything other that eat, shower, and go to bed!

    Also, your dog cracks me up! So cute!

    • I know this morning getting up early was sooo hard!! But honestly I have so much more energy during the day and I’m so happy that when I go home later I can either work out again, or not! It just depends on my mood.

      And it seriously sucks getting home after 8pm. Have you ever seen that commercial where the husband asks his wife if he can quit his job and start a blog? I think it’s for like turkey or something but it makes me laugh because that’s how I feel lol. Think of how much more we could do if it wasn’t for our day jobs!

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