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Goooood morning, blog world! Happy Friday!

Yesterday I met up with Anne for another track workout at o’dark hundred. After about 10 minutes there was at least some light in the sky, but before that it was just the stars and the moon lighting our way. IMG_6535

so wish Washington-Lee High School would turn on its stadium lights for us. That would make everything so much better! A girl can dream…

It’s also starting to get pretty chilly at that hour. Brr!! With the cold temps and the dark sky, I’m always amazed at how crowded the track is at 6:00 am. There were tons of people running yesterday! It’s awesome to see other people getting up and active! 😀

Here’s what we did for yesterday’s run:

  • One mile warm up
  • One mile sprint the straights, jog the curves
  • Two 400s (two fast laps with 1/2 half lap walk in between)
  • One mile sprint the straights, jog the curves
  • Half mile cool down

Getting brighter!

Our pace was pretty good too! Here were our splits:

  • Mile One – 8:54
  • Mile Two – 8:07
  • Mile Three – 7:47
  • Mile Four – 8:16

Our total average pace was 8:16 – not too shabby!

Eventually the sun started to come up, and we were treated to this breath-taking sunrise. Worth waking up for!!


Overall our run was fANNEtastic (I couldn’t help myself, lol) and once again I loved having this standing weekly track workout with Anne. Such a fun way to work out!IMG_6543

Oh and here’s one last picture of that gorgeous sunrise. It’s just so pretty!


In other running news, I got my FEED bag from Women’s Health Magazine for the RUN10 FEED10 10K!


The bag was filled with a ton of health and beauty goodies that I will definitely put to good use. Thanks, Women’s Health!


To wrap up my running updates for the day, I actually have some news to share with you all…it looks like I’ll be running the Army 10 Miler on Sunday. Yes, as in, this Sunday.


On Wednesday my friend Lauren contacted me letting me know that she was planning to run this race, but injured her knee and thus wasn’t going to be able to run. Not one to waste a perfectly good race bib, I’ve decided to run in her place.

[Insert freak out here.]

Although I am totally unprepared for this race and haven’t run that distance since April, I figure I will just make it through as much as I can and set my expectations low. What’s the worst that could happen? (She said naively) 😉

With a 10 miler on my calendar for Sunday and a few other pre-planned fitness activities that I couldn’t reschedule (a ClassPass pilates class this morning – details to come – and a bootcamp tomorrow morning) I will definitely have my fair share of fitness activities going on in the next couple of days.

I was also hoping to go to the Mission Bars yoga + run event (sponsored by my friend Danny who runs the DC November Project!) on Saturday evening, but now that I have to run 10 miles the next day it looks like that’s getting nixed. I decided to donate to their KickStart campaign anyway – they are making all natural bars for athletes, which I think is totally awesome. Go Danny!

But sheesh – when did my fitness calendar totally explode?

Lastly…I just wanted to thank everyone again for the continued outpouring of love and support after the passing of my grandfather on Monday. I know my comments weren’t working that day for whatever reason, but I still received so much love from so many of you. I know I mentioned all this already, but I really just can’t thank you enough.

I also have to thank all of my friends and coworkers who were there for me all week, and sent me so much love. I am truly blessed to have you all in my life!





Thank you!!! 😀

Question of the day: Have you ever run a race at the last minute, totally unprepared?

Fabio and I accidentally ran the Arlington Four Miler one time when we stepped outside our apartment planning to tackle four miles, and runners just happened to be going past us in the same direction we were heading. We decided to run with them in the street instead of running on the sidewalk where spectators were, and before we knew it we had pretty much joined their race.

We decided to run with them for two miles since we didn’t know how far they were going and only wanted to do four miles, but at the two mile mark everyone turned around! It was crazy! We even took some sips of water from the water stations, which I felt a little guilty about, haha. We didn’t have bibs but no one stopped us!

When we got back to our apartment we could see the finish line  ahead of us but we just veered off down our street and went home. I think we had tackled about 3.9 miles with the racers, haha! What a crazy experience.

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  1. Those sunrise pics are amazing!!! It definitely makes running in the morning much better! What a fitness packed week but I am sure you will rock that 10 miler! 🙂

  2. Just take the race as a training run and you’ll be fine! It’s not a crazy scary distance so you should be fine – you’ve done a lot of running recently and probably have a great fitness base. Just go and run it how you fancy! 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I agree with the fitness schedule exploding. With a month of Class Pass I want to take advantage trying out so many new gyms. I have been trying a new class a day! Not complaining because it is so much fun to try out new places and new workouts.

  4. That’s awesome that you randomly joined in on a race! I am sure you will be great in the Army 10 miler!

  5. Holy cow, you do have quite the fitness schedule going on! Looks like you’re in for an awesome (but sore!) Weekend! Haha. I’m sure you’re going to do fine at the Army 10 miler. Just be smart and listen to your body – as long as you’re not gunning for a PR, you’ll be fine! Good luck!

  6. Have you been to November Project? I was wondering about that seeing your track workouts in the AM. And you’ll be great. I’ve done it many times, and since you have the endurance for shorter runs, just don’t take it too hard. Good luck! I’m running Chicago this weekend.

  7. That’s exciting that you are doing that race! I’m sure you will do fine. You’ve at least been keeping active and it’s not like you’re starting from 0. Just remember to take it one mile at a time!!

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