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Hey there and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Mine was really nice and not too crazy, which was just what I wanted. Here’s my recap. 🙂


Neither one of us felt like cooking on Friday night, but we also wanted something a little healthier than our usual take-out favorites of pizza or Chinese food. Instead we decided to go pick up sandwiches from Taylor Gourmet! Fabio and I are both huge fans of Taylor Gourmet and their fresh ingredients and unique flavors always hit the spot. Fabio got a chicken cutlet sandwich with pesto, prosciutto and parmesan on white bread (totally a man’s sandwich) and I got spicy chicken salad with grilled pineapple (!!) and kale on whole wheat (yep, a more lady-like sandwich). It was delicious and exactly what I was craving. Sweet + savory gets me every time!


While we ate, we powered through no less than three episodes of House of Cards before I called it quits and made us watch something else. Even after pulling the plug on our binge, I wound up having dreams about politics all night long. Sigh. This show is messing up my sleep schedule. We can’t stop watching!


Fabio and I were up relatively early on Saturday morning to spectate the Rock ‘n’ Roll race!


The runners ran right down North Capitol Street which is only three blocks away from our apartment, and we had a bunch of friends running the race this year, so we decided to walk over with Jack to cheer them on.

It was a perfect day for the race – much better than the freezing rain from last year. We were situated on North Capitol and Quincy, which was right near one of the live bands and a rowdy group of November Project spectators. It was such a fun and lively spot to cheer from! Plus it was nice that it was less than a five minute walk from our apartment. 😉


It actually wound up being much harder to spot our friends than we anticipated; I almost missed Anne run right past us. Luckily Fabio is taller so he saw her and was able to point her out! We were able to call her name and wave hi, but this was the best picture I could get of her (she’s circled in red below). Fail! Haha!


Up next we saw my friend Sokphal (we waved hi but didn’t get a picture) and then Fabio’s coworker/our friend Annie! Annie didn’t know we would be spectating and was so surprised when she saw us. It was really cute! 🙂 Sadly this is the best picture I got of her too, haha. She’s circled in red again!


Then a little bit later on we saw our friend Ciro and waved/cheered for him. Fabio actually almost didn’t see him at all, so it’s a good thing I did. It probably doesn’t look like it in these pictures, but it was really hard to spot specific people since groups of runners were often dense and they were going pretty fast down the hill.

Right before we left we spotted a guy in a chewbacca costume; please explain to me how you run 13.1 miles in that!!


All in all we had a great time spectating, and I’m so glad we were able to go out and support the runners!

After about an hour we headed back home to breakfast: half an arepa with salsa, an egg, and some cheese. Plus a latte on the side. Yum!


After breakfast we drove over to Mt. Vernon square area to look at a potential condo! It’s new construction and the building won’t be finished until around July, so we had to wear hard-soled shoes and hard hats. It definitely made the tour kind of fun!


So far we really, really like this condo and are trying to decide what to do – it’s a lot of money and pretty small but in a great location and with all the gorgeous finishes of a brand new building. Sigh. Decisions are hard.

Later in the afternoon we headed over to Toro Toro for brunch! We met up with a bunch of friends there – including Ciro and his friend Kelly who had run the race earlier in the day – and we had a great time celebrating with them. I had a little bit of everything from the buffet: macaroni and cheese, eggs, potatoes, brussels sprouts, chicken, bacon, plus salad with beets and quinoa for balance. 😉


Toro Toro had a really good brunch deal and along with the buffet we wound up enjoying a fair share of mango and passion fruit mimosas. Yum!

The rest of the evening was spent – you guessed it – watching House of Cards! All in all a perfect Saturday.


Sunday morning began with a run!


I took Jack out for about three miles over to Union Station, which is quickly becoming our (my?) favorite short run route. Can you see the Capitol dome in the distance above?

There’s a small grassy area in front of Union Station where I usually let Jack sniff around, and while we were there I spotted one of the lion monuments from the House of Cards opening theme song. Of course I had to document it via Snapchat! #obsessed


The rest of the day was spent cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, meal planning, hitting up two grocery stores, and meal prepping. Phew! It was a busy afternoon. I feel great though knowing we will be all set for the week ahead.


By the way, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before on CET but one of my favorite parts about juicing is looking at all the pretty colors in the “pulp bag” after. Eat Drink the rainbow!


Oh yeah, and the handsome guy in the background making us old fashioned cocktails isn’t bad either. 😉

Alright friends, I’m signing off so I can continue our HOC binge! (It’s Sunday night as I write this, so I should be able to squeeze in another episode or two 😉 Haha!) Have a good one!

Question of the day: Are you watching this season of House of Cards? Have you spectated a race before?

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  1. We have a guy at our running club who runs a lot of races in a full Cookie Monster costume. His father died of ALS so he’s always running for charity and constantly raising money. He’s ridiculous fast as well! But yeah he says he gets super hot.

  2. I love a new season of House of Cards! Fun fact: I read your blog for year now, and when I watch House of Cards I think: “Washington… This is where “Chelsea eats treats” lives…” 😀

  3. I’m watching House of Cards too, but I’m a little late to the game and only in season 2. Trying to catch up quickly so I don’t hear any spoilers so I completely understand the 3 straight episodes problem! As I was reading through the post I wondered if it must be crazy to live so close to the locations of the show. Then again, I’m sure its not that strange since so many shows are set in D.C.

  4. I saw you all cheering as I ran Rock ‘n’ Roll! Thanks so much for coming out (SUCH better weather!) Also, I think Chewbacca ran the marathon (!!) or at least he was wearing the red Marathon bib when I saw him 🙂 We just bought a new condo and went to visit it today wearing hard hats – small world!

  5. Thank you again for cheering us on!!! I can’t believe that Chewy costume – insane. And we are HOC obsessed too! SO GOOD!

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