Aug 272015

Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing today? I for one am just bursting with excitement because Fabio and I leave for Europe later this afternoon. Eeek!!

This week has been a little sad on the food front since we have been trying to use up the food in our fridge before we leave. Eventually we ran out of food for me to take for lunch, so I was pretty thankful to have a SweetGreen near my office for my lunch time meal yesterday.


Has anyone tried their August salad with local peaches and goat cheese? It’s amazing! I got mine with chicken for added protein. Delicious.

As for our trip, we are pretty much ready to go! I got most of my packing done last night and now I just have to add my list minute items.


We are flying with WOW airlines (an Iceland airline) and they have some pretty funky rules for luggage. A “normal” size carry-on has to be checked with this airline, and passengers are only allowed to bring one personal item on board. The checked bags are also fairly expensive, so Fabio and I are each bringing one carry-on size rolling bag and a small personal bag. I’m usually a heavy packer so taking such small bags for 11 days is going to be tough! Right now I am able to fit everything I want to bring in my bag, but I might wind up having to take some stuff out later. Sigh.

One thing we will definitely be bringing with us is snacks! Although we are planning to eat something at the airport before we leave, our flight is a long one and I have a feeling we may get hungry again later on. We’re also going to be doing a lot of exploring and walking around while we’re there, so I wanted to have some snacks to have with me then too. Luckily the kind folks at WB Kitchen sent me a bunch of their cookies and ONA bars to sample.


I love the ingredients on these gluten free and certified paleo products: only natural ingredients that I can fully understand and pronounce. Yes.


So far I’ve tried the peanut ginger bar (which I was expecting to be my least favorite of the bunch) and it was so delicious! It sort of reminded me of a Larabar or a CLIF bar in texture, and the flavor was great. Yum! I can’t wait to dig into this stash (especially the brownies and peanut butter cookies, obviously) while we wander the streets of Europe! Thanks, WB Kitchen!

So let me see, what else is going on around here? Well we dropped off Jack with our friends last night who have graciously offered to watch him for us while we’re gone. It was so sad to say goodbye to him, but we know he’ll have a great time with our friends.

Last night I also got my nails done, and I was especially happy with how they turned out. I chose a really light pink color and after two coats I was worried about how they’d look since they were still looking a little sheer. Without me having to say anything, my nail technician added a third coat. Phew! I loved the end result. BTW, I got a gel mani so it will last throughout my trip. 🙂 Remind me of this happy feeling when I struggle to take them off in two week.


I also got my eyebrows waxed and then had to walk to the metro with bright red strips around my eyebrows (it’s a little hard to see in this picture, but they were pretty red). So that was cute. Not.


Then this morning I made another breakfast sandwich on a double protein English muffin with sausage, an egg, and my stepdad’s homemade blackberry jam for Fabio and me. SO good! We love these breakfasts.


Now I have to get some work done from home before it’s time to jet outta’ here!

I’ll catch you cool cats later! Stay tuned for a couple of fun updates while I’m gone. 🙂

Question of the day: What’s the one thing you always do before leaving for vacation?

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  1. Your nails (and your eyebrows) look pretty cute! Well, before leaving for vacation I ALWAYS clean my house 😉 I am afraid of bugs so I like things to be very clean 😀

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