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Hello there! Happy Monday to you 🙂 I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend filled with a lot of fun!

Bootcamp Update

Now that I have started Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, I’ll be posting daily updates on my progress. Day one started off not so hot. I kept checking my email all weekend for the assigned Phase One workouts, but didn’t see anything in my inbox as of late last night. I woke up this morning and ran with Jack for about 30 minutes, figuring I could add whatever other bootcamp exercises I needed later in the day when I received the email. When I came into work this morning and started catching up on my regular blogs, I saw that other people had already gotten started on the bootcamp while I was still missing my email! What the heck was going on?

I emailed Tina and she promptly alerted me that her emails went to a lot of people’s spam since she sent it to so many participants at once. I checked my spam folder and yep- there it was- my assigned Phase One workouts. Although I was annoyed that I missed out this morning, I’m planning to work out this afternoon instead. Wish me luck!

Also, as part of the boot camp you have to make two personal goals for yourself. Here are mine:

  • Only eat dessert (or anything sweet) once a day: I made this goal because often times at work I will find myself munching absent-mindedly on sweet snacks that I know I don’t need. Free cookies in the kitchen? Check. A couple of hershey kissed after lunch? Check, check. Not anymore though, unless I was to eliminate something sweet after dinner, which is unlikely. I think this will be tough enough that I’ll have to work at it but easy enough that I am not setting myself up for failure. Sounds good to me!


  • Eat at least three different fruits or veggies a day: Again, this should be a goal that I can easily accomplish. I’d say that most days I eat a lot more than three different fruits or veggies a day, but there are days where this can be difficult such as Thursdays – Sundays when I often go to happy hour or eat out for dinner. I need to be more careful when I’m out and avoid eating too much junk over the weekend. This goal should help me with this process.

So there you have it! My bootcamp plans! Wish my luck and like I said, I’ll be posting daily updates on my progress.

Weekend Recap

So, now that I’ve bored you all with my bootcamp plans, let’s recap this weekend (where there were plenty of sweets and very few veggies on my plates. Ugh!)

The weekend started off on Friday evening when I met my mom, stepdad, stepsister, and her boyfriend for dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s, a new restaurant in Gaithersburg, Md. The restaurant just opened up a couple of weeks ago and it prides itself on serving only local ingredients.

I started off with a delicious beverage made of sparkling strawberry wine, st. germain elderflower liqueur (don’t ask me what this is…), absolut citron, muddled strawberries and chilled house-made lemonade. It was called “berry me in bubbles” and it was delicious! I definitely recommend it.

Next Fabio and I split some tomato basil soup and enjoyed dipping the amazing bread into it. OMG it was so good. Sorry I didn’t take a picture, I was too busy stuffing my face. Woops!

For my entree I ordered pecan-crusted chicken with sweet potato wedges. It was fantastic!

Unfortunately because of all the bread I ate, I was pretty full for my entree and wound up taking most of it home. I will say the leftovers made an excellent lunch today 😉

For dessert I almost got this little baby:

Peanut butter “thing”?? It sounded amazing! But I soon saw that chocolate molten cake was on the menu and it happens to be my Favorite Dessert Ever (so much so that it deserves capitol letters. Watch out people). Of course I had to get it.

Fabio split it with me, which means that he had two bites and I ate the rest. Ha! Oh well, you only live once!

It was a great evening and I had so much fun with my family 🙂

On Saturday morning, Fabio had a surprise date planned for me and he told me to put on my bathing suit under some comfortable clothes and to wear my sneakers. I was so excited!! I had no idea where we were going and couldn’t wait to start our day.

However, when we actually got up and looked outside, we saw that it was raining. Noooo! Fabio reluctantly told me that the surprise involved a trip to King’s Dominion and he asked me if I wanted to still go despite the rain. I thought that it might actually be better in the rain because there wouldn’t be any lines. After calling KD to confirm that rides would remain open despite the weather, we hastily left for what was supposed to be a fun day at the amusement park.

Only problem? Because of traffic, our estimated 1.5 hour drive quickly turned into an estimated 3 hour drive. Womp womp. We wanted to stick it out anyway and try going to the park, but after sitting in completely stopped traffic for about an hour we gave up and got off the highway at Potomac Mills, a huge mall in Woodbridge, Va. At this point it was raining pretty hard and was pretty chilly out, so we didn’t mind the change in plans too much.

I had been to Potomac Mills before but not in a while, so I was happy to discover that they still had a J. Crew and Banana Republic outlet. Awesome! I bought a few things (and so did Fabio) and we had a nice day wandering around the mall. Eventually we came home and had steak & quinoa salads for dinner.

Yum! These salads were awesome.

Later that night a few friends came over for way too much beer and wine, and we eventually headed out to Dupont Circle in DC for the night. Jack was not so hot on the party 😉

Guys….let me sleep!

At the bar we danced, drank, and had a great time!

Sunday was a lot more relaxing, and despite a brief 2-mile walk with Jack and Fabio, we mostly lounged around the apartment.

I did munch on a bunch of snacks though including:

  • A smoothie with tons of fruit and spinach (I told myself this was cleansing out the alcohol from the night before- unlikely lol)

[yes, I wear my sorority sweatshirt on weekends. I’m lame]

  • English muffin mini pizzas (tomato slices, Italian spices, mozz. cheese, and basil on an English muffin)

  • An apple with almond butter

Oh and I watched Titanic. Obviously. Because what relaxing Sunday would be complete without a few tears shed when Jack dies in the freezing ocean?


Lol. So anyway, what did you guys do this weekend? Anyone else’s plans get spoiled from the rain? Any fun dates-turned-shopping trips to report on? Or maybe you indulged in your favorite dessert and didn’t even regret it because it was so good. Come on, do tell!

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  13 Responses to “Rainy Day Weekend”

  1. I don’t wear my sorority sweatshirts any more (don’t think they fit), but I don’t have the heart to give them away.
    I love your first goal. I am really working on cutting down on sweats too.

  2. Ugh, I know how you feel with the whole fruits and veggies thing! I feel like for the past few weeks I always start out the week saying “Ok, THIS week is the week I clean up my eats!” and then I can’t stick to it! Case in point? Yesterday when I enjoyed about five s’mores after a sushi dinner…and then tonight when I ate Coldstone ice cream after going out to dinner. Oy.

    One of my goals for the boot camp is to fit in five servings of fruits/veggies a day so I’m right there with ya when it comes to motivating myself to stick to it! 🙂

    • Ok good! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. For me I always do pretty well at the beginning of the week and then it all falls to shambles. Hopefully this goal will really help though!

  3. Ugh, I hate traffic around that area. Joshua and I were always meaning to stop by Kings Dominion on our trips from NC (when he was stationed there) to PA whenever we visited our family. How is it? I’m glad you guys were able to make the best outta your day. A little bit of shopping never hurts anyone 🙂 Ohh and I love your dress you had wore to dinner. So friggen adorable!

    • That King’s Dominion is really fun! I used to go with friends all the time in high school but haven’t been in a while. We are going to try again this weekend I think…

  4. There was totally room for jack on the raft!!!
    Your weekend looks like tonnes of fun!!!
    Good luck with your goals. I too am trying to stick to one treat a day 🙂

    Xo Emilie at Hungry Delights

  5. Love your goals! If you didn’t get yesterdays workout done just switch it with Fridays of your choice workout and push the rest back a day. That is what I had to do! Also love that you were in a sorority! I was too! (:

    • Luckily I was able to work out last night instead, even though it was super late when I finally got home, made dinner, and went to bed. I forgot how much better it is to just work out in the morning!!

  6. Bummer about that email going to your spam but it sounds like you still got a good workout in and can do the strength training later. Those are great goals! I really need to work on that too- lately too many sweets and indulgences have been creeping into my diet and I need to cut back and bring back the healthier foods! Sounds like you had such a fun weekend! That restaurant looks great and that drink looks delicious and so summery! And pecan crusted chicken and molten cake? Yum and yum!

  7. I was totally on the 95S on Saturday stuck in traffic too! We were probably right next to each other! haha. We got off just after Potomac Mills and took a bunch of random detours until we got home. It was insane! But I’m sorry you missed out on KD. Chris and I have season passes and we LOVE it!

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