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Well, another weekend has come and gone. We had a pretty relaxing one around here, which was really nice. It seems like that’s becoming a trend in January, and I don’t hate it one bit! Here’s a peek at what we were up to.


Fabio had some work to do on Friday night, so we spent a quiet evening at home. I’m still hobbling around on my peg-leg, so going anywhere just didn’t sound appealing. While Fabio worked, I snuggled with Jack on the couch and caught up on some reading.


Since I’ve been working from home for a couple weeks now, I’ve really missed all the time I used to spend reading on the metro. It was really nice to just sit in the quiet and read under a blanket with my boys next to me and a glass of wine (or three) on the table. Perfect Friday evening!


Saturday morning started out with banana oat Greek yogurt muffins!


The last time I made these they came out a lot puffier (and included more chocolate chips, but we were running low this time around) so I’m not sure what happened this time. Either way, they came out delicious and will be great for breakfasts and snacks throughout the week!

After enjoying the muffins, Fabio and I binge-watched Sons of Anarchy for a while (we are on Season 3 already!!) before heading out to the store for a very important purchase – a juicer!


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Fabio and I decided to get into juicing. We did a bit of research online, and after a recommendation from my friend Megan, we decided to go with the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus.

When Fabio’s dad heard about our decision to start juicing, he offered to buy us the juicer as a late Christmas present! This was so incredibly thoughtful of him, and I’m so thankful for his kind offer. 🙂

After a quick stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond to confirm our decision, we made our purchase! (Tip: We used a BBB 20% off coupon to save about $30!) 


So far the juicer seems great, but I’ll put together a post with my overall thoughts once we’ve had some time to really break it in.


Hooray for juicing!

A little while later, Fabio and I headed out for a date night at one of our favorite Bolivian restaurants, Sibarita. Recently Groupon featured a great deal for Sibarita, and when Fabio saw it he knew it was too good to pass it up.

I started my meal off with a margarita, which was perfectly delicious.


For my entree I got pique macho, a dish with a variety of meats and a yummy sauce that comes with potatoes, tomatoes, and onions (plus jalapeños, which I picked off).


Fabio got his favorite dish – silpancho –  which is a thin, breaded meat served over rice and potatoes topped with an egg and fresh salsa.


Both dishes were quite tasty, and made us think back to our trip to Bolivia last March. I wish we could go back!

Later Saturday night, Fabio had plans to go out to the bars for our friend James’ birthday. Obviously going to the bar in crutches or my peg-leg was not happening, so I enjoyed another quiet evening at home with Jack.


At first I was pretty bummed when Fabio left to go out, but as soon as I saw Grease was on TV I changed my mind.

Like my Grandpa always says, if you can’t change the facts, change your attitude! I can thank ABC Family for helping me out with that one.

Grease is one of those movies I know every word to, and Fabio would never let us watch it if he were home. Watching it was a great way to indulge in my girly movie guilty pleasure.


Fabio left for the bars around 9:00 pm, and by the time I watched Grease and some other girly TV (hello, Khloe and Kourtney take the Hamptons) I was ready for bed by 11:00. I’m getting old!


In between episodes of Sons of Anarchy (I’m telling you, we’re obsessed), Sunday included lots of meal planning and prepping. I had fun selecting some new-to-me recipes this week, and also made a big batch of brown rice and roasted sweet potatoes to add to salads during the week.


Fabio is going to take care of the grocery shopping tonight, since last week’s adventure on the scooter was such a disaster.

Later in the afternoon we headed over to James’ house for his birthday celebration. There were tons of yummy snacks set out, and we had a fun afternoon playing endless games of Cards Against Humanity.


James’ girlfriend brought her golden doodle Reiley to the party, so we brought Jack along as well. The two were great playmates and got along so well!


Soon it was time for cake!


It’s hard to beat an afternoon of cake and Cards Against Humanity with friends, that’s for sure.


We wound up coming home from James’ with just enough time for me to work on this post before heading off to watch the newest episode of Shameless. I love that show!

Question of the day: Are you currently binge watching any shows?

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  1. Congrats on your juicer! I like to use my Vitamix every morning so that I don’t waste any of the pulp, but a refreshing juice is always delicious! Looking forward to your recap 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about your juicing experience. We have a juicer that we borrowed from someone, but I’m embarrassed to admit that we’ve never actually used it! So I can’t wait to hear more!

    Also, I’m totally binge watching Gilmore Girls right now. It’s like reliving the best parts of my teenage years all over again (without the angst and Myspace pages).

  3. I am so excited for you to be watching SOA. I wish I’d never watched it so that I could watch it all from the beginning!! Enjoy 😀

  4. I like to skip a few weeks of Walking Dead so I can binge watch them all at once. WD always leaves off on such an intense cliffhanger that I can’t wait a week for the resolution!

  5. Ahh this is cool as I watched Grease too when I was in Dallas last week!! We had a lazy evening in the hotel room and I saw it was on (Ben’s never seen it so I was like WE WILL WATCH THIS).
    I’m tempted by Sons of Anarchy…but just not sure.

    • Sons of Anarchy is really good, but also pretty violent. Sometimes I’m like “I’m never ever watching this show again” and then the next day I turn it back on again because I need to know what happens. Sigh.

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