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Hello there! When we last left off, I had just finished telling you all about my first day in Punta Cana. Let’s pick right up from there, shall we? #warningitslong #photodump


Friday morning I woke up bright and early before the rest of my friends to get a run in. I think they all thought I was crazy, and I was definitely the only person to bring sneakers, but I didn’t want to totally mess up my half marathon training by skipping my runs for five days.

After looking at the map of the resort and trying to plan a route, I decided simply to run along the beach. I was supposed to run four miles, so I figured that if I ran for about 35-40 minutes it would be close enough.

Once I made it to the beach, I ran along the wet sand which was a bit easier to handle than the dry powdery sand. I ran for 20 minutes in one direction, and then turned back.

It was a beautiful day and I absolutely loved running along the beach. I wish every four mile run could be this good!

So pretty!

After my run, I headed back to the hotel room to take a quick shower and wait for everyone else to wake up. At around 9:30, we all headed down to breakfast (if you want to see what I ate for breakfast – and every other meal- while on vacation, check out my What I Ate Wednesday in Punta Cana post).

After breakfast we made our way to the beach, but found it way too windy. The sand was blowing up into our eyes like crazy! Even with sunglasses on, it was pretty unbearable, so we moved over to the pool.

We spent a fun day lounging by the pool and enjoying each other’s company.

My favorite part about this trip was just being able to sit back and relax with my friends. Senior year in college, we all lived with each other. We knew everything that was going on in everyone’s life and were so incredibly close. We knew when someone had a bad day, when someone was fighting with their boyfriend, and what everyone ate for dinner (as silly as that sounds).

The best part about this trip was just being able to reunite with everyone again and get completely caught up in what was going on in their lives. We were able to talk about serious things like family issues and jobs, but also fun and silly things like awkward dating experiences. It was a blast just to be able to spend five whole days catching up with my best girlfriends.

After a fun day by the pool, we headed back to the room to get changed for dinner. Dinner on Friday night was at the Mexican restaurant!

The food was great and of course we had a fabulous time.

They even had a Dominican band come play the drums at our table!

It was a really fun experience 🙂

After dinner we headed outside of the restaurant where a DJ was guest performing at one of the bars. The hotel had hired some entertainers/dancers to get the guests involved with the DJ, and we had a lot of fun dancing and people watching.

This guy got gold glitter on us everywhere!!

It was a really fun night!!


The next two days were pretty similar to Friday, with the exception that the wind died down and we were able to sit on the beach (thank God!)

On Saturday I was supposed to run 10 miles, but after all the fun from Friday night I decided another four mile run was good enough.

Four miles is better than zero! It was beautiful, once again!

I even saw a pelican.

I wish I had been able to see him catch a fish!

After my run I went back to our room to shower, and then headed to breakfast with everyone else, just like on Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday, we were finally able to sit on the beach, which was absolutely stunning.

It was so beautiful; I could have sat there forever.

Of course, we didn’t ignore the pool either!

Ahhh so beautiful.

One of the days we took a water aerobics class in the pool, which was hysterical. The instructors were hilarious and made the most absurd facial expressions. We were dying of laughter the entire time and were actually able to get a pretty good workout it. Those classes are no joke!

After spending all day by the pool and beach, we would go back to the rooms, get ready for dinner, and head to the lobby for some pre-dinner drinks. This was easily one of my favorite times of the evening.

Drinks/Dinner Pictures From Saturday

Drinks/Dinner Pictures From Sunday

Since Sunday was our last night, we had an extra fun time and took a ton of silly pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Haha I hope you enjoyed those as much as I do!!


Monday morning eventually came and we had to pack up our stuff and leave the beautiful Dominican Republic. Our shuttle came at 10:00 am so we had just enough time for a final breakfast at the hotel before heading to the airport.

Our flight was a bit delayed (about 45 minutes) but we still arrived back in Baltimore by around 6:00 pm. I made it home at around 7:45 and had a very happy puppy and boyfriend to greet me 🙂

It was such a great trip and I am so grateful that I got to travel to such a beautiful place with so many of my best friends. Now I just need to plan our next vacation…

Question of the day: Where do you travel with your friends?



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  1. Running in sand is ROUGH! Nice job, and way to stick with your training :).

  2. This trip looks incredible. I hope my friends and I are able to do that after we graduate. The picture of you guys all in the pool is absolutely adorable, and I want your wardrobe. I bet it was hard to leave that kind of paradise!

  3. Omigosh this looks like such an amazing trip!! You ladies all look so gorgeous in your pics too!

  4. It looks like ya’ll are had a great time!!! You are making me want to go shopping (and to the beach…duh! lol!) I love your running shirt in the last pic and all of the dresses!

  5. I’m still so impressed you ran on your holiday TWICE on the BEACH. Amazing. I love that all your friends were still asleep while you did this hehe.
    Looks so pretty. I really want to go on holiday now!
    I know what you mean about knowing everythingabout you friend’s when you live with them. I lived with four other girls in uni and we literally grew so close it was amazing They’re still my best friends but we all live so far from each other it’s depressing 🙁

  6. Oh man, this reminded me of how much I want a tan. What a blast!

  7. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I haven’t done a girls trip like this in ages! I need to get on that – you reminded me how much fun they are!

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