May 082017
Weekend in NYC

Well hello there! Did you have a good weekend? Ours was spent in New York City! Our good friend Hayden (also Fabio’s best man) recently passed the CPA exam to become a certified accountant, and his parents threw him a party in NYC (where he lives) to celebrate. Obviously, this meant we had to go […]

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May 052017
This Week's Workouts (4/29 - 5/5)

Hi friends! How was your week? I found it a lot harder to post this week – our evenings lately have been taken up with more and more wedding planning so it’s been hard for me to find extra time to sit at the computer to blog. I would imagine this trend will continue for […]

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May 042017
Get Fit Don't Sit Day at Work

Yesterday was the American Diabetes Association’s annual Get Fit Don’t Sit Day, which is an opportunity to encourage Americans to get up and move throughout the day. This year I was actually in charge of planning Get Fit Don’t Sit Day at my office (!!), which means I got to coordinate lots of fun fitness […]

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May 022017
Our Beautiful Bridal Shower BBQ

On Saturday afternoon, my dad and stepmom threw Fabio and me the most amazing (co-ed) bridal shower BBQ. It was so much fun and everything was absolutely perfect! In addition to all the hard work from my dad and stepmom, my cousins and bridesmaids helped to make the day a success, complete with amazing favors […]

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Apr 282017
This Week's Workouts (4/22 - 4/28)

Hi friends! How was your week? Mine was a busy one – work is especially crazy right now and I have a bunch of things going on in my personal life too (like uh, planning a wedding) – so I’m definitely ready for this week to be over. Plus, I have my bridal shower this […]

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Apr 262017
Bringing Back What I Ate Wednesday!

Hi friends! It’s been ages since I’ve posted  What I Ate Wednesday post – essentially a post where I talk about all the things I ate in a day – and I recently decided I miss posting about the random food I’m eating. So today I’m bringing it back! Here’s a look at everything I ate (and my […]

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Apr 242017
Ring Shopping Weekend in Philly!

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Ours super fun, and was spent mostly in Philadelphia! One of Fabio’s good friends/fraternity brothers, Jake, works at his family’s jewelry store called Sydney & Rosen in Philadelphia, which has been in business for more than 70 years! Fabio got my engagement ring from Sydney & Rosen back before he […]

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Apr 212017
This Week's Workouts! (4/15 - 21)

Helloooo! How was your week? Mine was a good one and it went by really fast. Love when that happens! I also got some good workouts in, so let’s take a look back shall we? Sat., April 15 – Before heading over to Baltimore for Diane and Alex’s baby gender reveal on Saturday, I ran three miles […]

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Apr 192017
Diane's Baby Gender Reveal & Easter 2017

On Saturday morning, Fabio and I drove over to his sister Diane’s house for her baby gender reveal party! We were told to wear pink or blue based on our guess, and since Fabio and I knew that most of the family was rooting for a boy, we decided to represent team pink. We even […]

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Apr 172017
Spending Good Friday at Bad Saint

Well we had quite the busy weekend – so much so that I’m going to break my recap up into two posts! I will start with our Friday, which was Good Friday, when we went out to dinner at Bad Saint. I thought it was kind of a funny play on words, right? On Friday, our […]

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