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Hello there! How is everyone doing today? We had a really nice weekend that included lots of family time, fun in the sun, and our last wedding of the season. Fabio also pointed out that this is most likely the last wedding we’re going to before our own next June. Yikes!! How did that happen already? Anyway, here’s a recap of our fun!

Anyway, here’s a recap of our fun!


Jack came to work with me on Friday, which was super fun!


I loved having him there with me and I think everyone else in the office liked having him there too. He was basically like the mayor since he would go from office to office getting love and pets from all of my coworkers. We also went on a really long walk during my lunch break, and then I brought some work to do outside so he could sniff around. It was so fun!


After work, Fabio took the metro over to Silver Spring and then the three of us (Jack included, obviously) drove to my grandparents’ house! We joined them for dinner at their clubhouse where I enjoyed two glasses of wine, delicious warm rolls, and jumbo shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat. Delicious!


Fabio and I always have such a great time with my grandparents, and when we left dinner I was thinking that it was really nice to have a double date with them. Usually we only see my grandparents when my whole family is around, and it was really nice to have dinner with just the four of us.

After dinner, we went back to their house where we were staying for the weekend and then my dad, stepmom, and sister got back from my cousin Niloo’s rehearsal dinner (FYI – Niloo is one of my stepmom’s nieces, so she’s technically a step-cousin). It was  around 11:30 when they arrived back home, so we all headed to bed pretty quickly after that.


Saturday morning started off with a long walk with the dogs! Between my dad’s two black labs, my grandma’s black lab, and Jack, it looked like we owned a labrador farm!


Four dogs really is a lot!


Every time I visit my grandparents, I can’t get over how beautiful their house – and actually the whole neighborhood – is. Fabio and I decided that one day we’re going to live on the water like they do. 🙂


For now we’ll just enjoy visiting and going for long walks along the bay!


A little later on, we all hopped on the boat!


I haven’t been able to ride on the boat much this season, so I was really excited to have some time to enjoy the sunshine and water. Yay!


My happy place <3

Even my sister found it relaxing! 🙂


The water was also super calm on Saturday, and there were hardly any waves at all. Weird! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water this flat.


After boating, it was time to get ready for the wedding! My sister was a junior bridesmaid in the wedding, but for some reason she didn’t want to have her hair done by the professionals. I was happy to do it for her instead!



I also put a tiny bit of makeup on her, which she didn’t love. I guess eye shadow takes some getting used to!

Then my sister, stepmom, and Dad headed to the venue so Nicole could be in the bridal party pictures, while Fabio and I finished getting ready with my grandparents. I loved that my grandparents were invited to the wedding as well; it definitely made the experience more fun! Look how adorable they are. 🙂


The wedding was held at the historic Kent Manor Inn on Kent Island, which is a venue very similar to the one we chose for our wedding in that everyone can stay right on-site and you almost have the whole place to yourself. It was a beautiful location and only about 15 minutes away from my grandparents’ house. Win!

My handsome date. <3


My cousin Niloo made a beautiful bride, and I especially loved the detail on her train and veil. Beautiful!


Nicole did a great job being a junior bridesmaid too. 🙂


The ceremony was outside on the water, and even though it was rather hot out I thought everything was incredibly beautiful.


You may kiss the bride!


Congratulations to Niloo and Jason!



After the ceremony, we took some pictures outside and then headed into the reception area. I had some trouble finding the card with my table number on it until I realized I was listed as Mrs. Echavarria to-be! 🙂


I thought this was so incredibly sweet/thoughtful of my cousins to list my name this way. 🙂

Soon enough, we were joined by the bride and groom!


Then it was dinner time. We enjoyed a delicious buffet and I helped myself to lots of salad, caprese, roasted potatoes, salmon, and chicken. Plus bread for good measure!


My favorite part of this wedding by far though was getting to celebrate it with my amazing family. I love these guys so much!


I also enjoyed getting to sit next to my sister. <3


After dinner, my grandparents shared a special dance!


They have been married for 62 years and set such a wonderful example for the rest of us.


Cheers to you, Grandma and Grandpa!


The rest of the evening was spent on the dance floor! Fabio and I even learned some Iranian dance moves, which reminded us a bit of salsa dancing only with more hand movements. It was a blast!


Fabio and I wound up staying up with my cousins late into the evening, and we didn’t wind up leaving the wedding venue until nearly 3:00 am! We were lucky to even find a cab to take us back to my grandparents’ house at that hour! It was such a fun night, and we made plans to have my cousins come over to our house this fall. 🙂


My dad, grandpa, and Fabio attempted to play golf on Sunday morning, but they got rained out after only four holes. We ladies hung around the house for a while chatting, and when the boys returned we had a quick lunch and then headed home.

Fabio and I were pretty pooped from the weekend, so when we got home we watched one too many episodes of Naked and Afraid. That show is so crazy!

Question of the day: Who are the biggest role models in your life? My grandparents are big ones for me!

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