Jan 192016

Wow – what a weekend! This was a really busy one for us, but a lot of fun too. Here are the highlights!


We had a really exciting Friday night that included some pasta and chicken eaten from the couch, laundry, and about 4 episodes of Marking a Murderer. We are obsessed! We just have a few episodes left now and I can’t wait to see what happens. Is anyone else watching?


On Saturday morning, we drove up to New York! On our way up we stopped by my mom’s house to drop off Jack (she kindly watched him for us over the weekend). While we were there, she made us some delicious egg sandwiches on her homemade rolls for breakfast. Yum!! Thanks, mom!


Before long, we had made it to New York!


Like usual, the views of downtown NYC from Brooklyn were stunning.


From Brooklyn we headed over to Queens to have lunch with Fabio’s dad. We met at Colombian restaurant and enjoyed some delicious beef soup and a skirt steak with rice and beans.


All the food was incredible, and it made me wish we had more Colombian restaurants in DC. It’s always so good!


After lunch, we got changed and then drove out to Long Island for the reason of our trip: the engagement party of our friends Jay and Meg!


Photo borrowed from Meg’s Facebook. 🙂

Jay’s favorite color is orange, and since Meg wouldn’t let him make orange the wedding color (I don’t blame her…) she compromised and let him have an orange themed engagement party. Everyone there wound up wearing something orange, and it was quite festive! We had a fun evening catching up with our friends and getting excited for all of Jay and Meg’s wedding festivities to come.


I can’t wait for their wedding in August!


On Sunday morning, after sleeping in for a while at Fabio’s dad’s house, we drove out to Long Island again, this time for a shiva to honor my friend Megan’s stepfather, David. David unfortunately passed away suddenly last week, and I’m so thankful that we were already planning to be in New York so I could be there for Megan during this time. I also was happy to be able to drop off some cookies that I made for her on Thursday to cheer her up (I used this recipe). I figured even when you’re sad, cookies can make you feel a little better.


Please send your thoughts and prayers over to Megan and her family today if you can; this is a really hard time for her. <3

We wound up driving home on Sunday afternoon, and got back with just enough time to watch one more episode of Making a Murderer before happily hitting the hay. I was exhausted!


Fabio and I had off from work on Monday, so we joined my mom and dad for a site visit of a wedding venue! We wound up visiting Brittland Estates, a beautiful manor home set on 500 acres right on the Chester River.


While it’s sort of in the middle of nowhere, Brittland would be like a mini destination wedding because you can rent out the entire house – which sleeps about 30 people – for the whole weekend.


It also has a pool and we could also bring my dad’s boat up for the weekend, so there would be lots of activities for guests.


While I know this is the first venue we are seeing, I can’t get it out of my head and I feel like it’s going to be very difficult for another one to top this. We shall see!

After our venue tour the four of us stopped for a quick lunch at Luisa’s Cucina Italaiana in Chestertown. Fabio got his favorite thing ever, a chicken Parmesan sub, and I got a pizza with prosciutto.



Everything was delicious, and we had so much fun talking about the wedding venue and next steps for planning. We are looking at another venue next weekend, and I’ll keep you guys posted about how it is!

The rest of the evening included a trip to the grocery store and watching the Bachelor. For those who are watching, what did you think? Personally I can’t stand Olivia, and I can’t believe Lace left! I also don’t really mind Jubilee.

Question of the day: What do you think of this season’s The Bachelor? If you’ve planned a wedding, how many venues did you visit before deciding on one?

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  4 Responses to “New York & Wedding Venue Shopping”

  1. I completely agree with your Bachelor comments! I felt bad for Jubilee when the girls were trying to start drama.
    Funny that you’re friend won’t go with orange as a wedding color. I’m actually considering it for my color…in a very light almost coral type of orange but I think it will be fun to be different than most!

  2. How fun!! I actually LOVED venue hunting, but man did it get a little stressful because so many places were beautiful! I think we saw about 4 or so before deciding on one, but I feel like once we saw “the one”, we just kind of knew and everything else got compared to that one. I guess it was kind of a “follow your gut” sort of decision!

  3. I found wedding planning more stressful than fun. I’m excited to talk to newly engaged friends about wedding planning and give them my advice, but I cringe thinking about planning another wedding myself. Anyway, I only looked at 2 venues. I knew right away that the 2nd one was perfect and my mind was made up. My hubby was on board too, mostly because I think he didn’t want to spend another weekend touring venues.

  4. Oh how exciting!! It sounds dreamy!
    I’ve just re-subscribed to Netflix to watch Making a Murderer as everyone is going on about it. It sounds really good.

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