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As you probably heard, yesterday was National Running Day! To celebrate, I headed over to the new Potomac River Running Store near Chinatown after work for a 5k/fun run hosted by Rock ‘n’ Roll USA.


I got there with just a couple minutes to spare and quickly navigated my way through the crowd so I could drop my work bag off in the back of the store (so nice that they offer bag storage, BTW).


Before we headed out for a run, we heard from a few folks at Rock ‘n’ Roll USA who talked about how much fun Rock ‘n’ Roll races are (after having a ton of friends run them, I believe it) and then we heard from someone from the Nation’s triathlon (I don’t think I need any more information about that race, thank you very much). Then we all dropped a number into the raffle bowl, and hit the pavement!


Fabio was supposed to join me for this 5k (which, although they called this run a 5k, it was really just a 3 mile fun run) but he got caught up on metro delays and wasn’t able to make it to the start. I didn’t mind running alone though- I had just downloaded a new app for running music, and I was excited to try it out!

Please allow me to segue into a talk about the app for a minute, since it’s really cool. The kind folks over at Rock My Run recently contacted me asking me to try out their running music app. They even offered to let me use their premium subscription service for free for one month so I could get the full experience. Awesome.

This app is unique in that it not only allows you to type in the name of an artist or song you like and have a playlist generated for you à la Pandora or Spotify, but it can also customize the beat of the song depending on how fast you are running.

photo (2)

That’s right- Rock My Run has a special new feature called “Match Me” which will speed up or slow down the beat of the song you’re listening to to match your running speed. To use Match Me you simply pick the playlist you want (they have a whole bunch with different genres of music) and then connect to Wifi and download the “My Beat” option for that playlist. Since you have to be connected to Wifi to do this, I would recommend picking the playlist and downloading My Beat before you head out the door.

Once you’re ready to run, you select the playlist and open the My Beat function, where you can then select how you want My Beat to match your pace. You can either use the new Match Me function, which customizes the beat to the pace you’re running, or you can manually set it (this would be great if you know you want to be running at a certain speed and want your music to keep you on pace).


Since I was just going for a 3 mile fun run, I decided to try out the new Match Me option, which worked out great.

You can then select how you want Match Me to track your movement- either in an armband, hand, pocket, sports bra, etc. Pretty cool!

photo (1)

Soon I had my music playing at a steady (slow) pace while I waited for the run to start, and then once we started moving the tempo of the songs sped up. It was pretty cool!


Our group of about 30 people ran through the streets of DC and passed all sorts of pedestrians and tourists who either cheered us on or looked super annoyed that we took up the whole sidewalk, haha.


After just a couple minutes I found this guy, who had run from the metro to catch up with us 🙂 Yay! My running buddy is here!


Our run took us around DC, including the Washington Monument and the White House.


I took a few pics while we were running and got this crazy one of a crooked Washington Monument. It definitely doesn’t look like that in real life, lol.


Here we are at the White House! Good thing I had Fabio there to take this dorky pic of me 😉


We also took a stoplight selfie. Obvs.


We actually wound up having to stop at a bunch of stop lights during this run, which was fine with me since we weren’t running for speed. It did have a funny effect on my music app though, which would slow wayyyy down while we stopped, and then pick up the tempo again super fast once we got moving. It was really accurate which made for some funny sounding songs when my pace would change abruptly. Haha!

Here’s the route we covered! You can see all the little grey pinpoints where we paused to cross the street.


All in all it was a really fun run! I really liked running with the Rock My Run app and thought the Match Me function was pretty nifty. I also liked running a new-to-me route with a bunch of people with similar interests for National Running Day. What a perfect way to celebrate!

After the run we lingered in the store for a little while to sip on some chocolate milk and announce the raffle winners.

You’ll never believe this since I JUST won that free Lululemon yoga starter kit on Saturday, but I won the grand prize which was a free entry to next year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon here in DC.

IMG_3218I could NOT believe my luck and was so ecstatic to win this prize. I had been thinking of buying an entry yesterday anyway since they were having some awesome National Running Day sales, but this was so much better! (Fabio wound up signing up yesterday too so he could get the discount and we can run it together). I must be on some sort of lucky streak right now- maybe I should hit up a casino this weekend?

Anyway, thank you so much to Potomac River Running for hosting the run, Rock ‘n’ Roll for organizing the run/giving me this awesome prize, and Rock My Run for letting me try out their new app! (How fitting that I would use the Rock My Run app for a Rock ‘n’ Roll run, right??). What an awesome day!

Question of the day: How did you celebrate National Running Day?

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  9 Responses to “National Running Day with Rock ‘n’ Roll & PR Running”

  1. Looks like a fun time! And yay for free race entries! Those are clutch!

  2. Soooo nice that you won the entry! I celebrated yesterday by buying an entry to RnR Virginia Beach and running 2 miles with my dog after work. Fun times!

  3. Sounds really cool! And how cool to win again. I desperately want to do a Rock and Roll race. There aren’t many in the UK (maybe one in Scotland and one in Liverpool I think?) but we’re very tempted by a US one. Maybe next year or the year after I think.

  4. Holy cow you DID have an awesome day!! That is so amazing that you won a free entry! Pass some of your luck this way, girl!! I’ve considered that race as my first “DC-based” half because I’ve heard such awesome things, so maybe I’ll see you there! Also, that app sounds really cool – I’ll definitely have to check it out!

    • Omg you should do it!! Then we can meet IRL!! (Obviously I hope we meet IRL before next year, but given our track record it seems unlikely lol)

  5. Nice! That’s awesome! I have a problem with running w music bc I always forget that I need to put new songs on until it’s time to run out the door. This looks like a cool app that could give me some variety. I love that it matches your speed too!

    Looks like you had an awesome time and congrats!

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