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*First of all I want to take a moment to remember all the lives that were lost on this day, September 11, 2001. I choose to remember this day as the day that Americans put aside their differences and came together as a nation, rather than a day that terrorists came into this country wreaking havoc and causing destruction. We are a strong country, and I’m proud to be a part of it*

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to run in the National Press Club’s Annual Beat the Deadline 5K.

Based on the success of the tweet up and workout at the National Press Club just a few days before, I was pretty excited for the event! Everyone I met at the National Press Club- from the other bloggers, to the NPC hosts, to the publicity team that works with Tony- was so welcoming and friendly and I was excited to get to work out with them again. I also had a three-mile run on the schedule for my half marathon training anyway, so it was perfect timing!

When the alarm went off at 5:30 on Saturday morning, I groaned for just a couple seconds before climbing out of bed. Sometimes having something exciting on the agenda just makes it a little easier for me to crawl out of bed, even when it’s super early. Anyone else like that?

I planned to ride my bike to the race which would have taken me about 25 minutes (the metro wasn’t open yet and I didn’t want to worry about looking for parking) but it was really dark and I don’t have a light on my bike (note to self: install the bike light that I bought and then never put on). I was just about to call a cab, when a sleepy Fabio asked me how I planned to get to the race and offered to drive me there instead. Well, if you insist!

One benefit of waking up so early: the beautiful sunrise!
sunrise over DC I just love living here 🙂

Once I arrived at the race, I grabbed the free bags provided to us by the National Press Club and Team Chevy, which came with a free long-sleeved race t-shirt (great for fall running!) and my bib.

Thanks, Team Chevy and NPC for sponsoring me for this run!!Team Chevy Soon I met up with a few fellow Team Chevy runners. It was so nice to meet Anne and Heather in person! I’m a big fan of both their blogs. DC Bloggers

My friend Jess joined me for the race as well, since she was the winner of the contest I hosted on the blog a couple weeks ago. I was so glad she could join me again! 2013-09-07 07.04.36

The race was fairly small, and people continued to trickle in as 7:00 approached. It was turning out to be a gorgeous day for a run! Nice and cool 🙂NPC 5K

Here is my little cheering section 🙂 I was so happy Fabio and Jack were there to watch!
fabio and jack

Tony Horton was running the race as well (as part of his partnership with the National Press Club) so some of Team Chevy nabbed him for a photo opp before the race began. Check out those guns! Impressive!Tony Horton and bloggers

[Photo courtesy of Heather!]

Soon it was time to line up for the race!

2013-09-07 07.10.51

Tony led us through a brief warmup to get us all moving, and then we were off! It was a beautiful course that took us past a few of the famous sites in DC.

run DC

For the race I wasn’t trying to go too quickly, but I thought it would be fun to push myself a little more than usual to try to get a good pace. Here were my splits:

  • Mile One: 7:37
  • Mile Two: 8:55
  • Mile Three: 8:36
  • Last tenth of a mile: 7:41

Total time: 25:52

Average pace: 8:22

Not too bad, right? All in all I was pretty proud of myself for this time!

Some of Team Chevy after the race!

Team Chevy

After the race we were offered a free breakfast at the National Press Club, but unfortunately I had to be in Baltimore by about 11:30 am so I didn’t stick around too long. Apparently during breakfast they announced awards, and it turned out Team Chevy won “fastest open team!” Woohoo!

I have to say that the best part about this whole experience of working with Tony Horton and the National Press Club was getting to know some really cool people in the health/fitness arena and really feeling like I was a part of a bigger movement. It just reminded me why I started doing this whole healthy lifestyle blogging thing in the first place, and really reignited my passion 🙂

I just want to thank Tony Horton, the National Press Club, and Team Chevy for allowing me to partake in this awesome opportunity!

Question of the day: What pace do you aim for when you run a 5K?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome opportunity!!! So glad you had a blast and definitely jealous you got to meet some area bloggers!!!

  2. Nice work! Jeeeze, 5.30am on a Saturday! That’s hardcore. Very nice of Fabio to give you a lift as well, bless him. Cool that you got to meet the other bloggers – it’s funny because I read Anne’s blog so it’s weird to see the cross-overs.
    If I’m feeling speedy then I’ll aim for between 6.30-6.45mins a mile – but it is tough, like the whole way round is just a huge effort and concentration to stay that pace. Lately I’ve been enjoying Pakrruns (our local informal ‘races’ every Saturday) at slower speeds to just enjoy the run.

    • I read Anne’s blog too and it was so cool meeting her! It was like meeting a celebrity or something haha. Also you are just so much faster than I am!! I need to work on that haha.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! What a cool race! Sometimes I find that smaller 5Ks are my favorite, because I’m not pushing and shoving my way through the start! GREAT times though!!

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