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Today I’m probably doing this:

419981_10151261521335037_1654325356_n Photo from our last trip to Jamaica in Feb. 2012

Yep, by the time this post goes up, I will likely be on the beach enjoying a delicious frozen cocktail. Lucky me!!!

Thankfully, for all of you who are NOT on the beach and are hoping for a CET post, you’re in luck! Today I’m joining Miss Zippy’s year of running link up. I saw this survey over on Theodora’s blog, and I thought it looked like a fun one. Here we go!


Best race experience?

I would have to say the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. I think 10 milers are my new favorite race distance because it’s far enough that you feel accomplished, but not as far (and exhausting) as a half. This was just a really good for race for me in general – the weather was great, I felt awesome, my pace was on target, the course was fun, my dad was there to cheer me on, and Fabio was by my side. What could be better than that?

Best run?

I don’t think I could really pick just one run, but I can pick my favorite route. This year I spent many early mornings running with Jack across Key Bridge into Georgetown, and I think I will always appreciate those runs more than any other. Georgetown is so beautiful first thing in the morning, and I love taking advantage of the deserted sidewalks that you will not find any other time of day in Georgetown. I also really love seeing the sun come up over the Potomac (or not…thanks, Winter) and spending some time with Jack first thing in the morning. It’s usually just a three or four mile out and back, but I love it.

Best new piece of gear?

My Spring Forward Jacket from lululemon! I bought this jacket for myself for my birthday, and it’s perfect for everything to walking to yoga in chilly/rainy weather to going for a jog in the rain. It’s great for when it doesn’t rain too, since the hood can be zipped away in the collar. Thumb holes are always a bonus too. 🙂

Nope, that’s not me. Here I am!


Photo courtesy of Anne

I just love this jacket!

Best piece of running advice you received?

When completing an 11 mile training run for my Holiday Half Marathon with Anne, we got to talking about mantras. She told me that when the running gets tough she likes to remind herself that there are so many people out there who can’t run, and that you should be grateful for the physical strength you have. You should remember that you are doing something you love and it makes you happy, and that should be enough.

Most inspirational runner?

My friend Catrina!! This year Catrina took up running as a challenge to herself. She has always said that although she generally likes most fitness activities, she hates running. Then she made a decision to jump in, started small, and slowly worked her way to a 10K this fall! She did so well and I am so proud of how she powered through. This is a good reminder that if there’s something you think you don’t like, it’s never too late to try it again!

Questions of the day: Who inspires you as a runner? How was your year in running?

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  1. This is a fun way to sum up your year in running! You had some great races this year! Super jealous of all the sun you are still getting right now.

  2. Thanks Chels!!!!! You’re my motivation to keep running 🙂

  3. I love this running year in review survey!! Sadly my running history was a bit meh after my May half marathon considering it got to be hot as $(*& here in VA (which means that anything over about 5 miles is a no-go for me!), and then I found out I was pregnant and running took a back seat. I’m pretty sure I didn’t run anything over 5 miles in the entire second half of the year! I’m hoping to get back into it next year post-baby, and aim for a fall half marathon (since I know I’ll be starting pretty much from scratch!)

  4. Sounds like you had a great year of running! And I love that jacket. Enjoy Jamaica!

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