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Hi friends! How is everyone doing today? Yesterday I got back from an awesome bachelorette extravaganza in Dewey Beach, Delaware, where 14 of my closest friends celebrated the upcoming wedding of Megan.


It was so much fun and I wound up taking a decent amount of pictures, so let’s dive right into a recap!


My Friday began with a great workout with Anne at Urban Athletic Club and then it was officially vacation time! (Getting in a sweat sesh before a very unhealthy vacation was a great approach, by the way. I highly recommend it!)

I drove over to the airport at 9:00 am to scoop up my friends Catrina and Britt who flew in from San Diego and Boston, respectively. We made it to the beach by around 12:30 pm and had a relaxing afternoon catching up with the other girls on the beach and exploring our beautiful rental house.

Soon enough it was time to head to dinner! Here’s all the girls, minus two who arrived a little later that evening.


We wound up going to a fun restaurant where I enjoyed a crab dip appetizer and a crab cake sandwich entree. Hey, when in Rome, right?

Then we headed to Starboard, a fun bar right by the house we rented. We had a great evening singing and dancing the night away!


On Saturday we were up fairly early in order to head to Seacrets! Seacrets is a fun bar in Ocean City, Maryland (about 20 minutes away) where you can hang out in the sand or in the bay. It always gets pretty crowded, so we made sure to get a head start. It was a good idea too – look at all those people!


From there we quickly grabbed a table in the sand and spent the rest of the day hanging out and celebrating Megan!







As expected, we had an absolute blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was so much fun!

Eventually we headed back to the house, ate some much-needed dinner, and rested a bit to prepare for another evening out. But not before taking about 100 pictures with Megan’s new selfie stick, because why wouldn’t we?



We wound up going to Bottle and Cork, a fun bar down the road that is well known for its live band. The band was fantastic and everyone had fun singing and dancing along!


It was another successful night in Dewey!


After coming home from the bar we stayed up for a little longer just chatting with one another about life. These are always my favorite moments of these trips, and I loved just being able to catch up with so many of my best friends. Snuggle time!



Sunday was a beach day! We had perfect weather and we spent almost the entire day soaking up the sun and jumping into the freezing cold ocean.


After the beach we headed to Starboard for a quick happy hour and early dinner before a few of our friends had to catch a bus back home. IMG_3008

Cheers to Megan!IMG_3010

I wound up splitting a buffalo chicken wrap with Catrina, which was the perfect amount of food since I left feeling not too full but satisfied. Plus it was cheaper than ordering my own meal. Win!

Later back at the house we sat on the back deck enjoying the last bits of sunshine. IMG_3015

We decided to bring out the selfie stick again, and wound up with some really hilarious pictures. For your viewing pleasure:








It was so much fun!

Eventually we got ready for our last night out which was another fun evening at Starboard. They had a live band playing this night who were absolutely amazing, and I wound up singing next to the stage for most of the evening. It was so much fun!



Monday was a sad day because we all had to clean up the house and part ways. I wound up dropping Britt and Catrina off at the airport around 3:00 and then I dove into some laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping etc. Although saying goodbye to everyone was hard, I will get to see them in a few weeks for Megan’s wedding. I cannot wait!! Also my body was definitely not used to all that alcohol and crappy food, so it will be nice to get back into my routine.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite part about spending time with your friends?

Although going out drinking and dancing is always fun, my fondest memories are the times we just sit around talking!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend away! Although I definitely agree – as much fun as drinking and eating the weekend away is, my body always hates me afterwards! haha.

  2. Ohhhhhh Seacrets ha – I went there right after college. The people watching is on point! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  3. This is exactly what I’m looking to do for my best friends bachelorette party! Do you have any idea what property you stayed at?

  4. Hey guys! Booking a bachelorette party in Dewey now and the bride is definitely interested in going to Seacrets! I looked at it said 40 minutes away….was just wondering how you got there? Any specific car service I can call? Thank you!!!


    • We had a couple of designated drivers take us (a pregnant sister-in-law and a couple of parents who lived nearby) but in other years I’ve gone with bigger groups who rented school buses. Otherwise, maybe Uber?

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