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On Saturday, I was lucky enough to participate in the wedding of my good friends Megan and JR. While I debated waiting to write the recap until the professional photos are available (around the end of July) that wound up taking quite a while for the last wedding I was in, so I decided I should just write the recap now. (BTW – I was told those other pictures should be ready later this week. Woohoo!)

Since I was too impatient to wait this time, here’s my recap of the wedding with pictures only from iPhones (mostly mine, but some others from Fabio and my friends). I promise to share the professional photos once they’re in too! Here’s a sneak peak…


Courtesy of Stacey Gillin Photography

Gorgeous, right? Sadly, my pictures are not as pretty. Oh well, let’s get into the recap!

After breakfast, the bridesmaids all drove over to Stone Manor in Middletown, MD, where the ceremony and reception were held. (Fun fact: my mom and stepdad have friends who actually used to live there. Yes, really.)

maryland wedding venue

As soon as we entered the manor house, we saw an adorable picture of Megan and JR on display. JR loves skiing and Megan loves the beach, so this picture of each of them wearing half of the other’s passion cracked me up. This picture is just so them. Loved it.


Then we proceed upstairs to the bridal suite to get ready!

bridesmaid robes

We spent the next few hours sipping mimosas, listening to tunes, and getting our hair and makeup done for the day. Mid-hair session I was looking very Shirley Temple, but luckily that didn’t last long.


There we go, much better!

bridesmaid hair

Soon it was Megan’s turn for hair and makeup and she looked absolutely stunning.


wedding hair

Such a beautiful bride! Before we knew it, it was time for her dress!

IMG_3581Megan was an absolutely breath-taking bride, and I got pretty emotional at this point thinking about how she would soon be walking down the aisle to her husband. I think the look on her face in this picture says it all.


So pretty!


At this point Megan and JR went off to take their first look pictures (we all spied on them out the window) and the rest of us bridesmaids finished getting ready. Here I am with some of my college best friends!!


Then it was time to head down for pictures, and before we knew it, it was go time!

I wound up wearing these nude heels with my dress and although I was a little nervous about walking down the grass aisle in them, everything worked out fine. Here I come!


bridesmaid hair

Then we all lined up for a short and sweet ceremony. It was beautiful, and I think every single bridesmaid teared up at one point.




You may kiss the bride!


(Photo borrowed from Megan’s friend Meriel…oops!)

Once the ceremony was over, it was cocktail time! Finally I got to see my handsome date. 😉IMG_3727

I was also super excited to see the rest of my friends, some of whom flew in from California, Seattle, Boston, and Amsterdam! I missed them, and it was so nice to have all of us in one place.


After munching on some delicious hors d’ouvres (hello, fried mac ‘n cheese balls) and sipping wine, the bridal party headed back inside to get ready for our reception entrance. While we waited, we took some silly pictures. Isn’t that what best friends are supposed to do?


Haha, love them!


Before long it was time to make our debut into the reception. I was a little nervous about doing a silly dance/handshake with my partner, but it all worked out fine.




Shortly after my entrance, the bride and groom arrived in their sunglasses. Of course. 😉


Their first dance was absolutely beautiful, and I once again got emotional. #allthetears




After the dance our dinner was served, and it was phenomenal. I got the Parmesan-crusted chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus and devoured every bite. The fresh basil and tomatoes on top were particularly tasty!


Then it was time to party!!


My group of friends absolutely loves to dance, so we spent every minute we could on the dance floor. We did take a break for ice cream (the bride and groom opted for a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream stand instead of cake, which I fully supported) and for a couple of shots with the “shot ski.” As I mentioned, JR is a big skiier so he turned one of his old racing skis into a shot-delivery device.


It was really cool and you could tell he had put a lot of work into it, so naturally we had to try it out. Bottoms up!


The rest of the night looked a lot like this:


So. Much. Fun.


Like all weddings, this one came to an end much too quickly and I was sad to say goodnight to everyone much later in the evening. I had some serious post-wedding depression the next day which, combined with my headache from the shot ski, was not fun. Megan and JR, can you two please get married every day??

Megan and JR are on their way to Italy right now for their honey moon, and I wish them the best time ever! I love you guys!

Question of the day: Cake or ice cream?

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  1. Such a beautiful bride. And you look great in your dress too!
    So interesting to read the differences between British weddings and American (I’m kind of assuming this is a typical wedding??)… firstly, what’s the “first look”?? And the bride and groom walked down the aisle together before being married? And it’s funny how you have the bridesmaids walking up the aisle BEFORE the bride, rather than after like we do. And the first dance before the meal? (Sorry soo many observations haha!) Looked like a beautiful day!
    Errr ice cream instead of cake – WHAT!?

    • Thanks, Anna! First look is when the bride and groom take pictures when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Traditionally he wouldn’t see her until she comes down the aisle, but more recently brides and grooms have been taking “first look” pictures so they can take some other group pictures before the ceremony and not have to worry about those later. The bride and groom don’t walk down the aisle together, that was actually the bride’s brother in the picture I shared. The groom is waiting for her down at the other end. And yes, bridesmaids come down first!! I didn’t know it was the opposite across the pond. 🙂 Yes, first dance is before the meal. And lastly – yes, ice cream instead of cake!! Most people don’t do this, she just chose to. 🙂

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